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Our Favorite Undergarments.

By: Jen Shoop

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Inspired by Laura Reilly’s thoughtful post on “building a no-skips underwear drawer,” I’ve been clearing out underwear I routinely avoid wearing until I’m down to my last pair and doubling down on the pieces I love. When I polled Magpies for their favorite undergarments, hands-down, the top vote-getters were Hanky Panky thongs and Natori Feathers bras. I adore both, too.

All my favorites below!

01. Negative Underwear Whipped Boy Shorts and bralettes. Insanely soft and breathable, with edges that never dig in anywhere.

02. Hanky Panky. An oldie but a goodie — my day-in-day-out staple for decades now. I like the low-rise variation. Several Magpies wrote to encourage me to try the retro style, too.

03. Natori Feathers Underwire bra. The only wire bra I can stand for a full day, and beautiful.

04. Kalon Racerback Bralettes. I love to wear these under summer caftans/popover style dresses. Feel like nothing at all, and very inexpensive. I take out the padding.

05. Bolivelan Seamless Thongs. A must for fitted or white items — literally invisible beneath clothing. The sizing is strange so double check the chart. I take a 5.

06. True & Co Convertible Bra. I lived in this for a year straight with no complaints — like wearing nothing at all, never digs in, and does provide some support (versus the other bralettes here). However, I found the look matronly and sometimes difficult to wear with necklines. I eventually found myself wanting to switch back to Natori as it made me feel just the tiniest bit “schlumpy”? Wearing pretty undergarments just does something for my mood.

07. Besides the Negative boyshorts, these Stripe and Stare underwear are my favorite sleeping underwear. Really soft and stretchy. I cannot sleep in a thong (?! am I alone in this?!) so always switch to briefs or boyshorts for bed. These are my favorites when my Negatives are in the laundry, and more affordable.

08. Nippies. If I can avoid wearing a bra, I will. Ha. These are great for strapless dresses, and I also wear underneath suits like my Hunza G.

09. Several Magpies raved about Chantelle briefs! I haven’t tried these yet, but they’re on my radar.

Two other very random, intimate details that I’ll share here: 1) I use this organizer to keep my underwear drawer organized. When they come out of the laundry, I roll my undies and stow them — makes them easy to find and keeps the drawer sorted. N.B.: My sister once said organizing my underwear in this way made me seem like a serial killer. HA. 2) Another gift from my sister, this time one of her best discoveries: this brand of pads comes in so many different and helpful varieties, including one for petites. I hope that’s not TMI but I’m always grateful for real sister talk!

P.S. Molisano midnight.

P.P.S. Sailing solo.

P.P.P.S. Under the radar romantic comedies.

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14 thoughts on “Our Favorite Undergarments.

  1. On the bralette front, I live in these all summer! Size up. I take a L as a 34D. The silk is really temp regulating.

    My best no-show underwear is Uniqlo airism WITH lace panels, I wear them for exercise. I have pairs going strong since my college days when all others have given up! The lace is as nice as ever, the colors don’t fade. Iris & Lilly is Wolford’s diffusion line with amazon, quality is mixed but not bad for basics.

    I like boxers or tap pants for night! I prefer silk if I have the option, or bamboo viscose. For me, “no skip” comes down to feel. I have beautiful matched sets that are scratchy, so I never wear them. It’s a shame Grana stopped making lingerie, I had 2 delicate lace Demi bras that were so comfortable I wore them into the ground. This season of life I’m still breastfeeding, so I mostly wear stretch crop tops from OQQ! Looking forward to some lingerie when I wean.

    The best pregnancy/maternity underwear is Jessica Simpson. So comfy and have lasted me through 3 pregnancies.

  2. What underwear are Magpies wearing for exercise? I’d love something that doesn’t show under leggings but it’s been hard to find something that’s breathable and won’t ride up.

    1. I’m waiting for the answer to this, too! I usually wear Hanky Panky which feels like sacrilege?


    2. I tend to wear thongs while exercising, although some of my friends think this is unhinged (!) – I find they move around less/less potential for bunching. I like lululemon’s athletic thongs (they have a thicker and thinner version) and despite lackluster reviews, I’ve always had great luck with them. I also have some pairs of patagonia’s thong and fuller coverage briefs – they came highly recommended on a few forums when I was researching underpinnings for a rim to rim grand canyon hike a few years back. I wouldn’t have thought of them on my own, but it makes sense that the brand would have solid active gear layers!

  3. Needs recommendations for best undergarments while pregnant and nursing! I’m actually a few months post partum and back to work. Looking for a few bras to add to the rotation that are nicer and prettier while still functional for nursing. Curious if you or other magpies have recs!

    1. The best breastfeeding/pumping bra is the Larken X! I have 3 colors. It’s so comfy I continued wearing it between my pregnancies, and it doesn’t look like a pumping bra, more like a seamless crop top. Navy is my favorite.

      I also like getting a bra from whatever your pump brand is, my spectra one was hideous but felt great and worked well for true hands-free pumping.

  4. Adding another to the list — Uniqlo airism underwear! Seamless and so comfortable. No itchy lace or elastic waistbands. They have nude ones that are invisible under white jeans. Great price too!

  5. ordering that drawer organizer now, thank you! it’s a much better setup than my current plain dividers w/ everything squished together in bigger areas.

    i’m on the hunt for daily nude/no show-ish (aka not too paper thin) non-thong underwear, in case any magpies have recs.. i walk everywhere and find most brands ride up or bunch after sustained movement. intrigued by the chantelle briefs, but hesitant about the one-size-fits-all model. on the other hand, skims high waisted thongs are IT.

    1. Yay! I think you’ll love the organizer — serial murder insults notwithstanding (ha). I’ll leave your question open to the Magpie team – I don’t have a good answer!!


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