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Ask Magpie: Summer Date Night Outfits + Wedding Guest Dresses.

By: Jen Shoop

*Image via Veronica Beard and I want to immediately recreate this entire look immediately, from the ivory shades to the white tee-paired-with-ecru-denim and suede flats.

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Q: Summer date night outfits.

A: I’m loving crochet — this feels like a trend most men will appreciate (versus puffy sleeves, which baffled all of them) — as it has an effortless, barefoot vibe but is also sexy and fashionable. This Zara dress with some flat strappy sandals would be perfect, or a crochet tank like this with chic black jeans. Also love a breezy white dress like this Doen or this ASTR. Effortless, sweet, romantic. For something a bit saucier, love this two-piece set, especially in black.

Q: Wedding guest dresses please! I love the Bernadette you shared!

A: A few wedding guest dresses I’ve seen and loved recently:











Q: First week of preschool – for bebe and mama.

A: Aw! The first thing you need — a lot of grace. This transition really snuck up on me when it came to be my son’s turn and I felt twenty ways about it. For outfits, I’m not seeing a lot of BTS pieces from my favorite children’s retailers yet, but I would keep an eye out for TBBC, Little English, and Cecil and Lou if you want something traditional. Something like this or this would be cute! TBBC usually does really sweet but not too-pigeonholed-to-first-day-of-school (e.g., you can have her wear them again) plaid dresses/jumpers and I put mini in those most years (prior to uniform). I also can’t recommend this “first day / last day” flag enough. I have the cutest pictures of my children with them and I love that you only need ONE flag (vs. one flag a year). For backpacks, I would consider State, Apple of My Isla, TRVL, or Paravel. And these tags and stickers from Erin Wallace are the best!

Q: What to wear to nice dinners/BBQs at friends’ houses.

A: I would reach for a sundress like this, this, this, or this.

Q: A 5 PM city summer (80 degree) wedding reception dress.

A: Fun! I think a lot of the dresses from the wedding guest dress roundup above would work, but would specifically consider this Reformation or this Self-Portrait, as they both have a more urban/modern sensibility. I also like the idea of something on the dramatic/fashion-forward for the setting — like this or this.

Q: My twin boys’ first birthday party. F1/race car theme.

A: Meri Meri always does the cutest takes on themes. Love their race car line of party products, and how cute are these for favor bags?

Q: Pool towels for new house!

A: Congrats on the new home! I love these ones from Amazon. We use them all summer long and they come in great classic stripe colors.

Q: Good shampoo and conditioner!

A: My longtime favorite luxury set is Oribe (they have tons of lines that cater to specific needs, but their Signature is a good starting point), and I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t love this line. The products really work as marketed, lather beautifully, and smell wonderful. My salon uses their products and stands by their quality. But lately I have been using Amika’s purple shampoo for blonde hair (I had been feeling like my hair was looking a little brassy) with Davines Oi conditioner, which is absolute heaven. I am absolutely obsessed with the scent and it leaves hair so detangled. I will often alternate between these higher end brands and my tried-and-true Pantene, which I think is excellent. I recently tried Goop’s new shampoo and conditioner and was REALLY impressed for the first few washes but it ended up really weighing my hair down — it has protein in it that was too heavy for my ultra-fine hair. Which brings me to my last point: this Christophe Robin scalp scrub (at time of writing, a Prime Day deal), which is ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. If you have any build-up or need to just get your hair squeaky clean after a summer of beach, sun, etc, this stuff is bananas.

P.S. More shower favorites here.

Q: Boys’ twin bedding for shared room. Ages 3 and 4.

A: I like the patterns and quality of The Company Store’s kids sheeting. We use it in my daughter’s room and on the bunk beds in one of the guest rooms in our home. Specifically love this star pattern (we use in the blush in my daughter’s room), or this one (which we use on the bunks). I like to mix and match patterns, so might do a star sheet with a striped comforter or vice versa. Also love this blue toile and this cabana stripe from S&L.

Q: Maxi skirt for the summer that is casual and gives tailored/chic vibes, not boho.

A: Try Hill House’s Delphine skirt — I own and love it and usually pair it with a white tee or a striped button-down for a little pattern play (see here). Also love the look of this or this!

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2 thoughts on “Ask Magpie: Summer Date Night Outfits + Wedding Guest Dresses.

  1. I like Verb’s purple shampoo. It’s not the most effective brass reducer I’ve tried but it also doesn’t smell bad or dry out my hair so I’ve been able to use it much more consistently than other brands I’ve tried. I also like Verb’s ghost oil shampoo and conditioner line and I really love their hydrating treatment mask. Their products seem to hit the sweet spot for me at for smoothing but not weighing down finer, straight hair and their price point is pretty good compared to ones like Opalex. I think the brand is super underrated if you have the right hair type for it.

    1. Thank you! I’ve heard about this brand but never tried. Going to try when I’m next purchasing hair care thanks to you!


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