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Ask Magpie: Classic Navy Blazers, Baby Baptism Gifts, and Vacation Style.

By: Jen Shoop
Answering your latest burning shopping questions.

*Image via Leal Daccarett. I saw this and immediately wanted to attend a black tie wedding wearing one of her frocks.

Q: Swimsuits for Aruba.

A: You gotta try the Hunza G. Pamela! I’m daydreaming of pairing with either these white beach pants or this well-priced pareo. Two other suits on my lust list: this Marysia and this patchwork Solid and Striped (I have really good luck with the fit of their suits), currently on sale for under $60! Throw on these chic but inexpensive sandals, pack your Naghedi, hair clip, and shades, and don’t forget the SuperGoop! It’s well worth the slightly higher price point. It blends so wonderfully into skin and smells like heaven. This was such a fun challenge, I had to make a little mood board.

aruba packing list

Q: Classic navy blazer.

A: Investments: Smythe or Veronica Beard. You’ll have them forever. More reasonable: Banana. Budget: Lioness. I’ve heard the Lioness is shockingly good for the price, FYI, but if it’s something you’re planning on wearing regularly over the years for work and beyond, I’d make the investment in the Veronica Beard, personally.

Q: Men’s swim trunk for husband.

A: Mr. Magpie loves his ones from Vilbrequin — a shorter inseam. Very European! Their actual site has tons of patterns, too, but I’m pretty choosy about them. I generally prefer their solids, as some of their patterns are a bit…cheesy? Ralph Lauren also has a good shorter inseam pair (5.75″) that comes in great colors and is much less expensive than Vilbrequin. Finally, I discovered the brand O.A.S. last summer and bought him a pair with octopii all over — such great prints.

Q: Baptism gift – I’m godmother.

A: Such an honor! A few gifts I love and have given over the years: a hand-painted, personalized cross; a prayer bowl; Biblical affirmation cards; a personalized cross bracelet; and a bundle of books that includes a keepsake Bible, a child’s Bible, and a child’s book of prayers.

One of my most treasured gifts I received for my daughter’s Baptism is a prayer my MIL printed out for my daughter. We framed it in her room and have said it nightly since:

God in Heaven, hear my prayer; keep me in the loving care; be my guide in all I do; and bless all those who love me, too.

You could have that prayer or another printed by this Etsy shop (so sweet) and then frame yourself.

Finally, I love the idea of these Bible verse cards — they would have been a sweet way to incorporate the Bible into my children’s daily (or weekly) life. I could imagine reading one at dinner, or before bedtime, etc.

baby baptism gifts

Q: Something to boost my confidence after a bad breakup.

A: I’m speaking on behalf of all Magpies — we unite to send you the BEST vibes. I’m so sorry. What I want to say is that this, too, shall pass, but it’s also OK to give yourself time to mourn/grieve/feel upset. You might enjoy following Tinx — the Internet’s big sister — as she always has a lot of good and reassuring advice for women navigating the dating scene.

In terms of confidence boosting. Let me be superficial — have you ever gotten eyelash extensions? I treat myself once a year and for the month or two they last, I feel like a goddess. Roll out of bed, no makeup, and you still look put together. My advice is to ask for the most natural set they offer, with the fewest lashes they can put on. I don’t want mine to look really artificial — just like a little boost. Anyway, I’d do that, or if that’s not your thing, book a few blowouts at DryBar (is there anything better than having a great hair day?!) and then treat yourself to a really fun party dress that sparks joy and go out with girlfriends. A few dresses that would fit the bill for me at the moment: this Amanda Uprichard, this Banjanan, this Sika, and this Alemais. I also always have a little extra self-confidence when I’m wearing pretty undergarments (I love the ones from Cosabella) and a pretty lip color.

Q: Boys easter sweaters.

A: I would do one of the pastel solids from Minnow. He can wear it so much more often than one with a bunny on the front!

Q: Dress for son’s Baptism next month. Nursing friendly and under $100.

A: Congratulations, mama! I think this ruffled white shirtdress (40% off at checkout) would be so chic with pearls. I also love this broderie anglaise-trimmed dress from Mango — so elegant. Finally, this pretty floral is $110 but if you use code YOUROCK, you can get it for 20% off. I’m not sure on the breastfeeding angle, though. I feel like you’d need to go into a private room because you’d have to untie the back and pull down the top — not sure that’s what you’re going for. The first time might be more discreet.

Q: Jeans in this pic!

A: I am wearing the Citizens of Humanity Charlotte crops in the photo you’re referencing. They have a PERFECT daytime wash. I love the fit but when I took them in my true size, I felt like I wouldn’t be comfortable wearing them while working/bopping around because they have no stretch at all. I ended up returning and sizing up per a Magpie’s rec and am currently awaiting their arrival in a size up! We shall see. (A more detailed review of the jeans here.)

Q: Fun summer earrings.

A: I consistently love the ones from Rebecca de Ravenel. Pro tip: you can often find gently used on The Real Real. I also think the ones from Maison Monik and Lizzie Fortunato are FUN.

Q: Fanny pack to wear crossbody.

A: I like a fun color — like this Dagne Dover in seasonal lilac, or this bold stripe — or something with an interesting pattern (Gucci!) or texture (raffia!). I also think size is important. The four I just linked are on the smaller side. I feel like the bigger ones start to look cumbersome/awkward.

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10 thoughts on “Ask Magpie: Classic Navy Blazers, Baby Baptism Gifts, and Vacation Style.

  1. For the fanny pack/belt bag question — I have that Dagne Dover in navy, and it’s really good, though sometimes I wish there was some sort of interior divider so I can separate my keys from my phone (I’ve scratched phone screens by carrying them too close together!) Overall, I love it, though — it’s a great size and the neoprene fabric can withstand a lot of wear & tear, especially in a darker color.

    I am something of a belt bag aficionado and my latest acquisition is from a small company in Atlanta — Glad & Young Studio (I discovered them after seeing one of their bags at a chic store in Brooklyn.) They make a gorgeous natural leather belt bag with a lobster clip on the front. I love how natural leather wears in, and the Big Sister size is perfect without being awkwardly cumbersome. I’m really excited to start wearing it this spring! They also make a few marbled leather options, which look beautiful if you’re looking for something a bit more colorful/interesting.


      1. It’s literally the least I can do, considering the years worth of stellar recommendations you’ve given me!


  2. Any ideas for formal wedding guest attire for a June event on Santorini? My 21-year-old daughter and I are both flummoxed searching for the right attire that will also travel fairly well…Thank you!

  3. A ques for a future Ask Magpie installment. This year I decided to set one personal goal a month for myself, whether big or small. This month my goal was to apply for a passport, which I’ve never had! In about 11 weeks it will arrive and I’d love to find a chic passport holder. Preferably one that I can monogram. 🙂

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