A Few Fav Recent Orders.

By: Jen Shoop

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A few things I was really excited to order in the past few weeks —

+A new pair of spring pajamas in the most gorgeous wisteria pattern from Lake. The kimono style is rapidly becoming my favorite style. It is a bit more flattering/feminine than the relax set (which I also own in multiple colors) — we had out of town guests over the weekend and I felt chic wearing these in the morning while making waffles and coffee. I was also thinking this would be a great postpartum set — the top is meant for nursing mamas! While we’re talking Lake, they brought back their adorable seersucker nightgown from last summer. This was a staple for me during the peak heat D.C. dog days of summer! (You can see me in it here.) Finally, Lake also launched their gorgeous brunch dress in a spectacular lilac hue. I am so into this color right now!

+I’ve been meaning to mention this for weeks and weeks (months?) but I did get my hand on this Chantecaille bronzing gel, which was sold out everywhere for awhile, and I’m in love with it. It’s almost like a semi-sheer paint. I like to use this flexible bristle brush from Rephr to apply — it’s perfect for blending/painting it on. It’s probably one of the few (the only?) gel products I don’t like to apply with the Merit brush, because I find it erases too much of it. I dab along hairline, on nose, on cheeks. Gives a really great bronzed glow. This works so much better for me than any tanning lotion / cream I’ve ever tried, as you can focus on the areas where your skin would get a little sunkissed versus one color everywhere. I don’t know – tanners just always make me look weird! In the below photo, I’m wearing only the Chantecaille bronzer, no blush or highlighter. Doesn’t it give a great glow? (BTW, yes, more lilac — this is a sweatshirt from Alice Walk.)

+These Dorsey earrings — seen above. I’ll try to take better photos of them this week so you can really see in action. I’ve written a bunch about them, but Emese Gormley really sold me on them. They arrived and I feel like a different woman – someone sophisticated, worldly! Never had a drop earring like this and kind of love the way they make me feel. They make me want to wear head to toe Veronica Beard — grown up earrings!

+New candles from Linnea: I think the Fields scent might be my favorite candle scent from theirs ever?! It is so good. I also love the Rosewater and Rhubarb scents I picked up, but the Fields was a knockout for me. I’m set for spring into summer! (10% off with MAGPIE10). They come in the prettiest packaging for gifts, and include a little box of matches inside.

+My favorite denim jacket right now. The boxiness of it makes it feel so cool over whatever you’re wearing. I have been wearing with everything.

+Charlotte Tilbury’s cheek color in pink pop and lip color in 90s pink, inspired by Emma Stone.

+These Serena and Lily inspired scalloped baskets (under $100)! I’d been eyeing the S&L ones forever, but couldn’t justify the steep price tag. So sweet for a girl’s room. I’m always looking for new storage solutions for all of her treasures and toys.

+I couldn’t resist the citrus siren call of this gorgeous Alemais dress. I have been on a dress buying spree lately (more favorites and a recent try-on here) — I now need to start creating more occasions for wear. (Derby party?!)

+Two new spring tops: this Mille in the embroidered white (looks incredible with light wash jeans) and this Emerson Fry. I find myself looking in my closet for tops along these lines all the time — not too dressy, not too casual. These are perfect for casual dinners with friends, hangouts with neighbors, etc.

+I would be remiss if I did not drive this home one more time: I love these platform sandals. (Wearing below with the happiest mini dress, also Mille! I’m a Mille fanatic!) I will probably be wearing them all spring and summer long (I am noticing they are starting to sell out in certain sizes, FYI!). For a flat sandal, I am obsessed with both these Eleftherias from Ancient Greek and these wrap ones from Margaux.

+This marine cleanser and this deeply hydrating body butter, both from OSEA. Legit legit obsessed.

A few items on my shopping radar:

+A Prada Canapa tote. I’ve been stalking these on TRR. I have no idea where this sudden obsession came from but I was imagining wearing one with a simple black dress this summer and couldn’t unsee it. There are many in fair to good condition available on TRR…just waiting for one to call my name. While we’re talking TRR stalking (my favorite midnight pastime): the Khaite Osa bag (or get the look for less with this Madewell), this Prada bucket bag, this Celine bag.

+These Givenchy sandals in the raffia? Also majorly calling my name, out of the blue. What I learned last summer from these Larroudes is that I am often in my closet looking for a slightly dressier sandal for evenings / outings / etc, and I love a kitten heel option. I feel like the raffia would be at home with everything in my wardrobe…

+I’m swooning over all the separates Julia Amory has been releasing, including her patterned shells, skirts, and pants!

P.S. I updated my promo code list here recently. Let me know if there are brands I frequently feature that you’d like a code from — I am happy to ask if I know someone there!

P.P.S. Who are you when no one’s watching?

P.P.P.S. On learning to pray.

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