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Spring Style with Talbots.

By: Jen Shoop

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I keep seasonal items I’m excited to wear on a garment rack in my studio – I find the colors and patterns inspiring and mood-setting, even if only glimpsed out of the corner of my eye as I sit at my writing desk. A 3D mood board of sorts. This spring, my rack is heavy with lilac, and this gorgeous eyelet shirtdress from Talbots is leading the pack. The eyelet pattern reminded me of the cherry and apple blossoms blooming all over the D.C. area at the moment. I took the petite 0 and it’s a perfect fit — I find Talbots runs very TTS in petites. I’m wearing with Talbots’ classic wicker clutch (will go with everything) and their leather Mimi sandals. This is the perfect outfit for Church and brunch on Sunday.

I styled it my own way, rolling up the sleeves and tying the sash in a slightly unexpected, kimono-esque fashion. (Place the middle of the sash against your belly button, wrap around the back, and then bring the ends back in front to tie in a knot.)

Talbots also has a great assortment of more casual and everyday spring pieces right now — I love the crispness of this all-white outfit (top, pants) with the pop of lilac knit. Going monochromatic in all black or all white is one of my key strategies for getting out the door and feeling good about my outfit when I have no idea what to wear. The pants — their “New England chinos,” available in lots of colors — somehow make my legs look much longer than they are (I’m 5’0) — I think the wide hem elongates? (BTW, I love that Talbots offers petite inseams!). I’m wearing here with their Hannah slides. I’d wear this to lunch with a girlfriend, or for dinner at my parents’ house — polished but lowkey.

Thank you to Talbots for sponsoring this post.

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4 thoughts on “Spring Style with Talbots.

  1. My nana, a true petite 00, swears by Talbots! That lilac is so lovely. I may have to snap some up myself!

    1. Yes — they have true petite fittings!! Everything scaled appropriately. I am loving lilac so much — wearing a lilac sweatshirt right now!


  2. Lovely, Jen! That shirtdress is right up my alley. A few years ago I developed this strange sun sensitivity and have had to be in long sleeves/high-necked clothes, and even UPF50 clothes on really intense sunny days. So this is pretty much the only dress style I can wear in the spring/summer. I might see if the non-petite sizes come down to a more midi length (my preference) than below the knee, but wonder if the proportions will be off on top… may have to try both and compare.

    Thank you for putting Talbots on our radar — I rarely (if ever) think to check there, and I’m now seeing several long sleeve shirt dresses on their site!

    1. Hi Mia! I also contemplated ordering this in the regular length because I generally prefer midis, too — let me know what you think if you order! I’ve had good luck doing that with them — especially if you’re planning to roll up sleeves!


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