A Cold Spring.

By: Jen Shoop

The Friday before last, I ate dinner outside on a flagstone patio underneath twinkle lights with good friends and bare shoulders, and a few days later, it turned cold again. I resented the reversion, and then sat shivering in my studio wearing inappropriately light clothing for much of the week, in feeble and futile protest. Though it eventually climbed up to 70 degrees, I carried a chill with me all week. A neighbor and I went on a walk together on Wednesday and I arrived at her door wearing three layers in spite of the bare noon sun: sometimes, the cold just catches. It took thirty minutes of hilly conversation to shed the top layer, and I kept thinking of Elizabeth Bishop’s wonderful poem, “A Cold Spring,” in my noontime defrost. I had just been listening earlier that morning to a section of the Anne Lamott book in which she talks about the occasional technical problem of representing the passage of time in language. She makes the point that you might be more easily able to represent these transitions visually — leaves turning color, a clock’s hands, etc — but in writing, they can often feel belabored. Anne Lamott would probably love and envy Elizabeth Bishop’s poem, then, which is about as masterful a representation of the flow of time as you’ll find. The stanzas carry themselves unbidden from the first thaw of spring to the fullness of firefly-dotted summer. You can read the crescendoing stanzas in full here, but my favorite couplets are the first:

A cold spring:

the violet was flawed on the lawn.

For two weeks or more the trees hesitated;

the little leaves waited,

carefully indicating their characteristics.

The punctuation, the way it designates a cadence of circumspect hesitancy, is a marvel, but so, too the personifications: I find myself feeling roundly for the little leaf waiting, “carefully indicating [her] characteristics.”

Post Scripts.

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+An ode to the Upper West Side. (New York is still a shock.)

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