Spring Beauty Buys.

By: Jen Shoop

Compiling this post sparked peculiar joy. I don’t know why, exactly — I suppose I’m particularly enthusiastic about everything I found, some of which I own/ordered and the rest of which I am fiendishly plotting to purchase. So many fun new brands, clever products, and appealing packages.

If you buy only one thing from this post, I hope you will try Merit’s incredible bronzing balm (review below) because it is my favorite beauty product I’ve purchased in the last year. Hands-down. Merit’s blush balm comes in second. I have their cheerful new “Stockholm” color in my cart for spring!

I did want to mention that Sephora started one of its labyrinthine tiered sales today, with 20% off for VIB Rouge members from now through 4/24, 15% off for VIBs starting 4/18, and 10% off for Insider members starting 4/18 as well. This promotion is not as exciting as it used to be for me since I only have Insider status there because I have increasingly found myself purchasing items directly from the brand websites, as they often have better promotions, or at least an inaugural 15% off your first purchase, which tops out the 10% I save at Sephora during these tiered sales. Still, I know some of you are more strategic shoppers and now is a good time to stock up and save on items you know you’ll use, so just thought I’d flag. Below, I’m including wherever possible links to the items at Sephora and elsewhere in case you’re in a similar boat (as sometimes you can get better discounts directly from the beauty brand).

Instant Angel

Linnea candles

01. AQUIS HAIR DRYING TOWEL — Mentioned this earlier this week but very excited for this to arrive in the mail. It apparently cuts hair drying time in half.

02. CARRIERE FRERES CANDLE — They had me at pepper-rose, and of course the packaging is divine.

03. MERIT CREAM BLUSH — One of my absolute favorite, favorite products. Have been using daily for weeks. I am such a Merit stan! Everything they release works exactly as I want it to. I have this happy pink stockholm color in my cart. (Also available at brand’s site here.)

04. MERIT LIP COLOR — I’m really not a lip gloss girl but I’ve been so enamored with everything Merit’s put out there that I’m dying to try this cheerful pink color. (Available at brand’s site here).

05. YOUTH TO THE PEOPLE CLEANSER (OR BUY ON BRAND’S SITE HERE). One of my girlfriends introduced me to the gorgeous Asad sisters of TikTok fame, and we can’t stop talking about how beautiful and intriguing they are. The middle sister uses this cleanser and I have been contemplating finally moving away from my beloved Tata Harper Exfoliating cleanser since I now use one of Biologique Recherche’s liquid exfoliating toners and feel like the combo has been too drying on my skin. (Side note: I feel like people have lost their minds over the Biologique Recherche toners since the 70s, and my mom truly raved about hers once she started using last year, and I’m sort of…in between on it? Like, I do think it has helped lighten a few dark spots and even out my skin but it’s not been a dramatic difference for me. For me, the most marked change I’ve ever seen in my skin took place when I started using Vitamin C drops. I’ve tried a bunch of brands/formulas and my favorite is Biossance’s Rose Vitamin C oil (also available on Biossance’s site here).) Anyhow, I think I’m going to put Tata on the sidelines to try this gentle cleanser recommended by one of the Asad sisters.

06. SISLEY BLACK ROSE CREAM MASK — This pricey mask has been popping up all over the place as a skincare essential among in-the-know women. I’m intimidated by the price but very intrigued. A few Magpies have also recommended this one (also by Sisley) for hydration.

07. AMIKA BUST YOUR BRASS SHAMPOO — I’ve heard these purples shampoos are fantastic for keeping blonde hair non-brassy. (Also available at Sephora and Amazon.)

08. SADDLE STITCHES “STUFF” BAG — I can never have too many cosmetics pouches…this one is so fun.

09. TANGLE TEEZER — My mom gave me one of these in my stocking a few years ago and I use it every time I get out of the shower. Total must for those of us with tangle-prone hair. Not only are the teeth good at unsnarling hair, but I like the way you hold it in your palm for more control.

10. LIBERTY WEEKENDER WASH BAG — I’ve been on the hunt for a generously-sized cosmetics/beauty products travel bag like this ever since seeing Nellie Diamond post about her D. Porthault ones, in which she keeps every possible tincture, remedy, skincare product, etc she could possibly need while traveling. (#Goals.)

11. MAKE CONCEALERBradley Agather has been raving about this buildable concealer. I’m intrigued! She rarely steers me wrong.

12. BOBBI BROWN EXTRA LIP TINT DUO — This is one of the top ten bestselling products I’ve ever featured on Magpie. Such a good deal at Nordstrom; it’s price BOGO. I love these tinted balms — they afford a tiny bit of color but are easy to slick on and deeply hydrating.

13. L’OREAL LUMI GLOTION — This stuff is really quite good for the price. It’s a tad runnier and tackier, but very similar in result to Saie’s highlighter. I’ve been using as a primer and also dabbing on top of my makeup.

14. BEAUTY/MEDICINE CABINET LABELS — This is mildly over the top but of course makes my organization-obsessed heart sing. You can attach the pre-printed labels to bins like these.

15. SAIE GLOWY SUPERSKIN SERUM FOUNDATION — Also have my head turned by this relatively new product. (Buy from brand’s site here.) I love everything it purports to do and have been generally very impressed by this brand.

16. DIEUX INSTANT ANGEL MOISTURIZER — My fellow beauty-lover Nan recommended this moisturizer to me when I was up in NYC. Planning to try next!

17. LINNEA CANDLE — I’d not heard of this scent company, but a Magpie reader raved about them in a comment and I’m about to try a couple of their scents. I love that this small business is female-founded, and she has such fabulous scent options. Cashmere is one of their best-selling ones, but I’m intrigued by this heirloom tomato scent for summer.

18. BRONZE BALM — This is my no. 1 favorite beauty item I’ve purchased in the last year. Bold statement but true. It deposits the perfect sheer, buildable, natural bronze. I swipe across cheeks and nose and along my hair line and then blend with their brush (below) and I swear it looks like I’ve just been sitting outside reading in the sun for an afternoon. Glowy, happy, natural. Cannot recommend enough. Buy at brand’s site here.

19. MERIT BLUSH BRUSH — Another one of my absolute favorite items in my current beauty regimen. This little stubby brush works SO well at blending bronzers and blushes. I even sometimes use for foundation if I’m in a rush. Strongly recommend purchasing if you are getting their cream blush or bronzer stick. You can buy at brand’s site here.

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P.P.P.S. Let’s live today instead of visit with it, yes?

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7 thoughts on “Spring Beauty Buys.

  1. Ooh, fun post — I have also been intrigued by Instant Angel and Dieux in general (love their cheeky branding). I have been using Glossier’s Priming Moisturizer Balance since it was released a few years ago, and I think it might be time for a change. I see that Dieux is coming out with a gel-cream moisturizer later this year, though, so I think I might wait for that!

    The Aquis turban is one of my very favorite products — I have two (so I can always have a dry one to bring when I travel) and I love it so much. I also saw the Liberty travel cosmetic bag when I went to their flagship in London last month and was v. intrigued! I still use an ancient, tiny Hervé Chapelier tote for my travel toiletries — I have seriously had it since I was 14 years old. Might be time for an upgrade!


  2. Cannot wait to try the Merit blush! I ordered the Beverly Hills shade. Just wish Sephora offered the croissant scent in the Overose candle. The best scent and prettiest vessel for Spring.

  3. Re Linnea: you can also get a sampler pack that is so fun! My five year olds LOVE opening and closing all the scents, then picking a favorite. We’ve had a sample pack for about two years, and it’s still fun to pull out and enjoy!

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