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Woman of Substance: Aurelia Demark.

By: Jen Shoop

I met the lovely and talented Aurelia Demark at an event with two other women of substance I’ve featured here in the past, Pam Munson and Laura Gelfand (it was a room full of inspiring female founders), and instantly fell for her gorgeous, heirloom-able line of fine jewelry and charms. I was especially drawn to the way Aurelia spoke about her own collection, which she designs with her mother (!): her eyes alight, eager. Here is a woman deservedly proud of the beautiful wares she has created. Her passion and confidence were electric, and her chops impressive: Aurelia has over 10 years of experience in fashion merchandising and marketing, including roles at Stuart Weitzman and, most recently, Tory Burch.

The back-story behind her brand is beautiful, too: inspired by a bespoke animal charm Aurelia’s mother had designed when Aurelia was born, the two reproduced the design to celebrate the arrival of Aurelia’s own first daughter decades later.

All of her beautiful keepsake pieces are crafted in New York City with solid 18K gold, precious stones, and engraved details. Incidentally, I first learned of this line of pieces, which are — in her words — “meant to mark life’s greatest, most personal moments” from yet another woman of substance I featured in the past, interior designer Jen Hunter, who just recently launched her own design business (and her taste is EXQUISITE). Jen often wears a beautiful charm necklace by Aurelia that I have eyed with envy for some time. It’s just a WOS network around here, eh?

I love her entire collection of whimsical pieces, but am especially smitten with this bracelet (seen above) — a charm for micro and a charm for mini!

Below, her answers to my Proust Questionnaire:

Your favorite qualities in a woman. 

Loyalty, humor, integrity, kindness.

Your favorite heroine. 

My dog, Scout.

Your main fault. 


Your greatest strength. 


Your idea of happiness. 

Sleeping in. Snuggling with my daughters, husband, and dog, Scout. Swimming in warm ocean water where I can see my feet. A French baguette with good butter.

Your idea of misery. 

Having your ski boots hurt on a cold ride up the chairlift. And terrible turbulence on a plane — I have an overactive imagination.

Currently at the top of your shopping lust list. 

I love perfume. My love for perfume started very young, as my grandmother would literally douse herself in Guerlain and my mother wore Chanel #19 throughout my childhood. Smelling a familiar scent always brings back powerful memories. I saw that Carine Roitfeld launched a collection of perfumes — excited to get my nose on them.

Desert island beauty product. 

Oh…I love beauty products! I can’t live without these: Clarins Toning Lotion with Camomile; Origins Tinted Moisturizer; any mascara that makes my lashes look good. I’m not loyal to any particular brand; I wear anything from DiorShow to L’Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradie Mascara, which I’m currently using. Also — I love putting on a good, scented lotion before bed that’s not too overpowering. This is a favorite.

Last thing you bought. 

Tabitha Simmons light pink kitten heels (on sale!!!). Perfect with jeans and dresses. The light pink is really neutral so I’m wearing them with so much!                                      

I feel most empowered wearing

Any sort of blazer and my original duck and elephant pendants, designed by my mother, which are now a part of my fine jewelry line.   

Favorite Magpie post.

Recently, your “Affirmations” post hit home. We live in such a crazy world — it’s important to take time with your loved ones, show your love, comfort them, and teach them to grow confidently. You wrote that “we have already established a baseline of love and affection and admiration that I hope she will carry with her forever.” It’s so true; the love you put into your children you will receive back for the rest of your life.

Aurelia Demark-Inspired Finds.

Below, a couple of pieces inspired by this elegant, driven soul (you’ll note if you follow her on Instagram that she loves a good stripe, just like me):

+Co wool and cashmere stripe sweater (on sale!).

+Monogram applique pillow cover.

+L’Oreal mascara.

+Aurelia Demark bracelet.

+Pam Munson bag.

+Self-Portrait floral dress (on serious sale).

+Santa Maria Novella body milk.

+Aurelia Demark diamond bow pendant.

+Tabitha Simmons heels (on super sale!)

+Linen quatrefoil monogram coasters.

+Theory blazer.

+Doen blouse.

+Benoit Missolin headband.

+La Double J dragonfly plates.

+Clarins Toning Lotion.

+Lake Pajamas.

P.S. I love that Aurelia’s line was founded by a mother-daughter duo. I’ve learned so much from my own mom; beautiful to see these lineages brought to bear in a thoughtful collection.

P.P.S. As a fellow beauty junkie: some recent beauty finds.

P.P.P.S. Another kind of affirmation.

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2 thoughts on “Woman of Substance: Aurelia Demark.

  1. What gorgeous pieces in Aurelia’s line, and her idea of happiness is perfectly aligned with my own … heaven! As an aside, I’ve always loved the name Aurelia … so pretty.

    Love that Dôen top, too!


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