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What to Wear with Clogs.

By: Jen Shoop

A few of you have floated interest in the clog trend but added — “What on earth do you wear with them?” My tack is to make sure whatever I’m wearing with them is a tiny bit exaggerated/statement/on-trend so that people know the look is intentional, and on the feminine side of the spectrum to balance out the heaviness of the shoe. Sort of like the Birkenstock trend — if you pair with a breezy, on-trend, feminine dress, as seen above and below with chic peas wearing flower-bedecked Fabrizio Vitis, it becomes part of the panache of the look. To this end, a few feminine dresses I’m considering pairing with my clogs as we head towards fall…








clogs street style

Some more inspo for other looks…

clog street style

I love the way Jessie Randall of Loeffler Randall styled her leopard clogs above, and am inclined to follow suit with a midi skirt like this or this and a sweater in the same color family.

clog street style

Love the breezy late-summer/early-fall vibe above, pairing a linen shirtdress with simple neutral clogs like these or these.

This chic pea looks so effortless in her straight-leg overalls and Bryr clogs. I would probably roll up the hem a bit to show more ankle and pair the overalls with a feminine blouse (also love a flounce or tone-on-tone moment with overalls). Note her chic hoops, too! If overalls are too scary for you, go for wider-leg jeans and pair with a coat or sweater in an interesting silhouette, like this pommed cardi, this pilgrim-chic SEA, or this denim Ganni. (More fabulous coats for early fall here.).


OK, now this moment brought to you by hot label Ciao Lucia is a bit too close to home for me. This is actually exactly what I wore for four years of high school, green kilt and unbrushed hair and all, so it may be a tad too on-the-nose for yours truly. Still, I appreciate the vibe.


Last but not least, for the very adventurous, note how this chic pea styles these clunky rubberized clogs from XOCOI ($115, and it looks strikingly similar to Gucci). All about color paletting and texture. Imagine pairing your own with a Vince slip skirt in ivory (look for less) and this Ciao Lucia sweater. (Side note: someone please buy this ultra-elegant Vince skirt, on sale and only available in one size. So chic for an important fall work moment paired with a coordinating camel sweater.)

Finally, a note on clogs: I have still not made my final decision on which brand to go with, but I am pretty sure they will be No 6 or maybe those statement Vitis now that I’ve seen them styled so chicly. If you’re looking to spend less because you see this footwear as a trend and nothing more, I also found these fabulous ones at Anthro for $115!!! (come in great colors!); these sleek Everlanes; these studded J. Crews; and of course I love these Dillard ones because they come in a chic shade of blue.

P.S. Some of my favorite buys this summer.

P.P.S. Frequently asked questions.

P.P.P.S. “I’m just here to say that if you are also contorting yourself or your evenings to accommodate something that should be fun, or that is elective, or that ranks trivial compared to other responsibilities, you can also give yourself permission to opt out for the time being. It is temporary.”

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10 thoughts on “What to Wear with Clogs.

  1. Oh I may have to unearth my Dansko clogs from 15 years ago! Haha. I wore them everyday when I worked at a hospital — it’s what nearly everyone wore there and I totally understood why! Mine were in this fun sage green felt with a leaf print embroidery πŸ™‚ They are SO sturdy!

    I was looking into Sandgrens clog boots too — anyone have experience with the brand? It’s Swedish and supposedly handmade! I do like the look of the No. 6 shearling boots but then it may not be as versatile as a pair without shearling, for our climate in CA.

    1. Hi Mia! I don’t have experience with Sandgrens, but I *do* have a pair of the classic, non-shearling No. 6 boots (the ones with the buckle on the ankle) and they have been a faithful fall/winter outfit companion for me for 8 years! I think they carry them on no6store dot com. They’re pricey but worth it (IMO) and I think they’d suit a slightly more temperate climate well.


    2. Danskos! I had a pair too and LOVED them. I remember they were such a big deal for me when I bought them — this was maybe my first year of college? I was in love.


  2. Love this clog outfit inspo! I love Jessie’s outfit there, too β€” LR is one of my favorite footwear brands πŸ™‚

    I’m definitely going to buy another pair of No. 6 clogs this season β€” and am eyeballing Svens as well, since they usually have a good Labor Day sale! They have proven their timelessness to me … they may go in & out of fashion but I think for a certain type of look (Brooklyn mom? haha), they’re always in style.


    1. I came running back here to mention that Svens, maker of No.6’s clogs, are currently having a sale with code CLOGS20, in case anyone’s in the market for new clogs! They have a closeout section, too, featuring mostly odd colors, but I figured I’d mention it in case any of the neons & holographic ones float anyone’s boat πŸ™‚ I just bought a pair of rose nubuck clogs for nearly 1/3 the price of a pair of No.6 clogs!


  3. Wow those XOCOI- so fabulous! This is a true first world problemβ€” I love the look but have the hardest time walking in clogs/ keeping them on my feet and staying stable. Any ideas from anyone?

    1. Haha – I’ve also struggled with this in clog-wearing phases. I don’t have any solutions except for that your feet/toes just kind of adjust after time?


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