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What to Wear for the Fourth.

By: Jen Shoop

Mr. Magpie and I are heading to the Hamptons with our best friends for the Fourth, so I am now daydreaming about what to wear — can we pull off the Taylor-Cara-Gigi striped swimsuit picture above?!?!  (They’re wearing Solid + Striped suits.)  Here’s what’s on my radar:

Fourth of July Dress.

+This two-tone lovely by of-the-moment label Staud is understated elegance at its finest.

+A seersucker striped shirtdress won’t do you wrong, regardless of your age!

+This coordinating top and skirt are epic and ladylike.

+This frilly dress ($125)!!

+If you’re headed somewhere formal

Fourth of July Accessories.

+I’m thinking I need this roomy tote with its chic bandana handle for the trip!

+Swooning over these ladylike espadrilles — a collab between Castaner and Manolo!

+These $90 braided slides are an incredible find: well-priced, wearable-with-everything, and comfortable!

+A dramatic wide-brim sunhat for under $20!

+Dying over these heels.

+Oversized floral earrings!

Casual Fourth of July Backyard Festivities.

+I’m obsessed with the eyelet trim on this striped tee!  I might wear it under a pair of white overalls.

+This textured lace blouse would look darling with these striped shorts and those denim slides I was raving about!

+Love the ribbon trim detailing on this unique top — I’d pair with white skinnies.

+This hydrangea blue cabana striped tank with these scalloped shorts.

+Striped knit maxi.

Fourth of July Poolside Style.


+Have had my eye on this dramatic one-piece forever.

+A seersucker Americana bikini!

+A loose-knit sweater.

P.S.  Minimagpie has been very into this book — it’s absolutely beautiful, and so clever!

P.P.S.  I love the scale and style of the monogram on these pillows!

P.P.P.S.  Last day to get a discount on cosmetics!

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14 thoughts on “What to Wear for the Fourth.

  1. Also I took up swimming recently and would love one of those striped one pieces you show where can I find one?

    1. Hi Gilli! The swimsuit Taylor Swift and company are wearing above is Solid & Striped’s Annemarie: — I own this exact suit in blue and white stripe and I’m obsessed with it. I find it’s very flattering but also sort of sexy with the low scoop back. The quality of these suits are wonderful, too. I found the exact style on sale at Barney’s too, in a festive red color:


  2. Gah I totally bought that cabana striped shirt (after I said I wasn’t going to shop for a couple of weeks) – it’s just too perfect for the summer!

    We’re (okay, my husband is) a fan of dressing up for the Fourth of July, and I’m loving your many suggestions as they aren’t too in-your-face patriotic.

    1. I know – that striped top!!! It helps when Banana puts things on 40% off sale every other day of the week, too 🙂

      Your husband sounds fascinating to me — into tutus on your daughter and dressing up for the fourth! (And didn’t you say he also wears kilts, or was that someone else?!) I love it. Love a man who takes an interest in clothing! xo

    2. No kilts, though I’m sure he’d love a good reason to wear one (harder when you’re of Irish descent, as he is, and not Scottish). And he does have two custom-made tutus for himself. A friend’s wife used to make them (for kids), and he got one for St. Patrick’s Day and one for the Fourth of July. (And he indeed wears them every year.) I wish I was kidding but I’m not. She no longer makes them and he’s bummed he doesn’t have some for other holidays also.

      Btw, I’m sure you know this, but just in case – if you have a BR card, you can get an extra 10% off on top of the 40%!

  3. My husband has a beautiful Omega for 20 years that we recenttook to get cleaned and the jeweler told us that it is a great investment watch amd really keeps its value.

    1. Great rec! Thanks, Gilli. I’ll pass this along to Toni via email as well to make sure she sees it! xo

  4. Jen, I ordered that navy one piece with the Rick rack trim during the Shopbop sale! My husband was obsessing over it, but I ended up going with a black Marysia instead. If I could have kept both I absolutely would have.

    1. Both are so chic!!! Quelle statement! A black Marysia is a classic, though – I know you won’t regret that one! xo

  5. I love thematic dressing! My go-to for more casual patriotic festivities is my red, white, and blue striped St. James tee, but I am loving all of the Staud options you have here AND those Castañer flat espadrilles (though I don’t love the price…usually they are much more reasonable. I get that they’re part of a collab with Manolo, but still!)

    1. Right? I don’t get the pricing at all. Espadrilles are meant to be inexpensive…

      Love a classic St. James tee!!

  6. Good morning,
    Although I’m not replying to your current blog, I have followed you for a couple years and appreciate your writing as well as your style! My husband’s 50th birthday is approaching and I would really like to buy him a classic, timeless watch – one that can be passed down to our sons. I admire your sophisticated chic that is timeless and on trend! Is there any way you would be willing to email me some watch ideas? No worry if you’re unable – I completely remember how precious time is when you have a little one.
    Thanks for your fashion magpie blog – you do a wonderful job!
    All the Best,

    1. Hi Toni! Thanks so much for reading. What a thoughtful gift for your husband! I love it. So, not knowing your budget, I’m going to include a whole range of pricepoints:

      +For completely outrageous, off-the-wall: Patek Phillipe. I think this brand is the creme de la creme. My grandfather had one of these watches and it was so elegant and timeless. The prices are staggering, though. You might consider trolling RealReal — a piece like this is still extremely expensive, but far less than you’d pay new: Personally, I like the idea of patina on a leather watch so I’m drawn to the idea of buying “vintage.”

      +For high-end, but not remortgage-your-house material, I like Montblanc’s Heritage collection of watches (I bought Mr. Magpie an alligator leather one a few Christmases ago that he wears with his tuxedo — For something sportier, Tag Heuer is incredible. I also bought Mr. Magpie one of these when we got married — his is the aquaracer:

      +For chic, under $1000 styles, Shinola is a gorgeous newcomer to the scene. Their watches are hand-made in the USA (Detroit, to be exact), and they have a masculine, American feel to them. I love this one with the green face: — the green and leather together feel sort of like a sports car to me — but there are tons of cool options here:

      +Finally – if you’re comfortable with the idea of buying “vintage”/”pre-loved,” spend some time trolling RealReal for some amazing high-end brand finds: — I have seen well-priced Hermes, Chopard, and Cartier watches there, and also found some labels I’d never heard of that looked very classy to me and were under $1000.

      Let me know if this is in the ballpark for you! Happy to run a more thorough search!


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