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Beach, Please!

By: Jen Shoop

Hahahaha the title of this post.

But guys — partly inspired by my post on what I’d like to wear for our planned trip to the Hampton’s for the Fourth of July, and partly inspired by the discovery of the above babe via Pinterest, I’m now mega into the idea of wearing my new Hermes-lookalike scarf (under $50!!!!) to the beach this summer.  I already own a Missoni turban/headband similar to the style shown below that I absolutely love to pull out during the summer — it’s super boho but I’m into it (though I also like this more elegant Pucci style) — but I’m now dying over a vision of myself wearing a scarf wrapped around my head and knotted in the back.  Will I look like a European princesa floating around on a yacht in the Mediterranean!?

The Fashion Magpie Beach Scarf 2

And speaking of Missoni, I like the idea of wearing my headscarf (or this Gucci…WOW) with this Missoni-esque crochet cover up (under $120!)!  Perfect along with a simple one-piece like this or my tried-and-true Solid + Striped Annemarie one-piece (on sale here!).

While we’re on this topic, am I too young to pull off Jackie O.’s headscarf thing?  Will I look like an old Italian grandma pushing one of those wheeled shopping carts around the city?  Y/N.

The Fashion Magpie Beach Scarf Jackie

Finally, if you’re liking the idea of the scarf situation but not ready to go full-on turban, you can get just a taste with this scarf-inspired headband from Anthro, or this one from H+M (only $10! — and while we’re talking bargain buys, this scarf from H+M is VERY Gucci RN).

And if you like the scarf idea but aren’t into putting it anywhere near your hair, how about these scarf-accented heels (so freaking CHIC!), these Liberty of London scarf sandals, or this scarf-print kimono!  I like the idea of tossing it on over a bathing suit, or wearing it, as in the third color variation, with white skinnies and a black tee.

P.S.  What’s your secret #basic behavior?

P.P.S.  What are your beauty secrets?

P.P.P.S.  Have you read Little Fires Everywhere yet?

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13 thoughts on “Beach, Please!

  1. How is the fit of the Solid & Striped Annemarie suit? I’ve been curious about it and Barneys Warehouse has a few different colorways on sale right now! Eeee! I dislike super cheeky bum cuts (like the one on their Chelsea suit) but the Annemarie looks to provide normal coverage. What do you think?

    Love the scarf-at-the-beach style. Not sure about the Jackie O version … I fear perhaps only she can pull that off! … but I love the headwrap/headband styles.

    1. Hi MK! I love the cut of the S&S Annemarie, and this is coming from someone who is petite but has curves — I do feel that there is enough coverage. The thighs are cut a little higher than I normally wear, but I find that it’s actually a flattering style on most. I think you’ll be pleased with it; I don’t feel as though I’m hanging out everywhere. xox

  2. Question:
    I’ve noticed lately that your blog has writing and then large spaces of white in between. It used to be pictures, but now it’s just white blank space. Is that intentional? Or am I missing the pictures? How am I missing the pictures if that is what it is?
    Just curious?

    1. Joann! Oh no! Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. There should be one picture at the top of this post, but I know that sometimes those don’t appear — there’s some sort of “caching” issue that we’ve been trying to figure out for the better part of a year now. :/ I really need to focus on getting technical support to look into it. Thank you for the reminder, and many apologies for the inconvenience. xo

  3. We are on the same wavelength! I bought that Tuckernuck scarf (in the red!) a few weeks ago and it is so cute and super versatile. Have already worn it twice and the size is amazing. Also, I just finished Little Fires Everywhere and LOVED it. As a new mom, the themes around motherhood really resonated with me and I think it is going to be a book that I will be mentally unpacking for quite some time…

    1. Completely agree. It’s funny — when I finished it, I sort of shrugged. But I’m still contemplating it weeks later. I think it tackles — as you point out — the complex and nuanced topic of how we define motherhood, and “good” motherhood, too. I still have no idea who was the rightful mother to Mirabelle/May, and I think that ambivalence speaks volumes about the quality of the writing, and the author’s empathy towards all models of matrescence.

      Love love love that Tuckernuck scarf!!! I can’t believe its size! xo

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