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Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 234: On Being Myself.

By: Jen Shoop

My Latest Snag: Haven Well Within Pullover.

I can’t stop thinking ahead to cool weather and just snagged this ribbed button pullover from Talbots’ new sister brand, Haven Well Within. I love the collar, buttons, and texture — it sort of reminds me of those Alice Walk sweaters I’ve been eyeing, but in sweatshirt form. I had a difficult time picking a color but went with the shell pink, though I also loved the camel color. This is the kind of thing you can throw on over some trendy new jeans with clogs and feel pulled together but comfortable for school pick-up/drop-off.

You’re Soooo Popular: Fall Dress.

The most popular items on le blog this week:

+Gorgeous rust-colored dress for fall affairs.

+Statement earrings for $60!

+This everyday dress (Ulla/Mille vibes for under $150).

+Puff sleeved cardigan.

+Chic Manolo-inspired mules.

+This fab $22 turtleneck tunic (orig $78).

+My favorite layering tees.

+OMG this patchwork dress.

+On-trend Target score.

+Cute plaid mini.

+Mask chain for littles.

+Waterproof children’s gear labels.

+Puff sleeve blouse.

+Cute bins for children’s storage.

+Sweet toddler jammies.

+Chic fall cardigan.

Weekend Musings: On Being Myself.

I love this quote from actress Emma Stone:

“I can’t think of any better representation of beauty than someone who is unafraid to be herself.”

Moving home has put unanticipated pressure on this line of thinking. I have been returning to lovely, multi-decades-old friendships and there have been more than a few occasions where I have found myself straining — whether to accommodate older versions of myself that I feel my friends are expecting, or to present myself as I would like to now be presented. It sounds ridiculous, possibly graceless, to write that out, but the delta between me at 25 and me at 37 is nontrivial. I have lived entire lives in that period, undergone tremendous transformations, lost myself and saved face countless times. And there has been a part of me that has felt I “owe” my friends the version of myself at 25, a headspace now entirely foreign to me. It took a few weeks to shake all of that off and remind myself that my only job is to be me. Forget expectations, silence concerns that me-as-I-am-now is not how they would like me to be, and remember that I am not responsible for the reactions of others.

Has anyone else been through similar frictions upon returning to her hometown?

Post-Scripts: Booties!

+These chic booties are 25% off. I have owned them in suede and leather in the last two years — love them in the gray!

+This white top looks like it could be Khaite or some other exclusive high-end label — it’s not inexpensive, but it looks high end designer!

+Basically the only sunglasses I’ve worn for the past few weeks straight. Under $70!

+This gorgeous Julia Amory dress is on sale.

+This floral skirt is stunning, with or without the matching blouse. Etsy gems!

+Looks like we will be wearing masks for awhile now. I like the look of these, though I have to say I’ve been using N95 masks almost exclusively for the past year. I find them to be the most comfortable — they have structure so the fabric is never pressing against your face, and I find the stretchy part that goes behind the ear much less irritating than most others I’ve tried.

+Gold bamboo flatware, and this pretty ice blue flatware is on sale!


+New Balance does such good colors. Love these.

+This bow dress for a little lady!

+Perfect channeled vest to throw on over athletic wear.

+Love this sweet gingham mini — on sale for $118.

+Who doesn’t love a striped pullover?

+I bought Mr. Magpie this just-released wine book — he’s a huge fan of Aldo Sohm!

+These $129 clogs come in such great colors.

+These rib-knit pants look like a dream. More fab fall textures here.

+This dress is also super chic — not usually a black dress gal, but love this one.

+A Patagonia fleece vest lookalike for a little one.

+Love the color of these pants!

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 234: On Being Myself.

  1. Yes, I definitely felt this on our move to where we live now! My family has been in this (very small) town for about sixty years; my grandfather still lives here; my son is the fourth generation of his family to currently live here. While I didn’t grow up here (I grew up in NYC), we were out here almost every weekend and for long stretches of the summer. Multigenerational family friendships means that it’s tough to even go to the deli without seeing people who have known me my whole life. It’s hard to adjust!!

    1. Hi Sarah! Oh wow, that’s an entirely different level! A small town feel has always been appealing to me, but I’m now realizing it’s because it’s always seemed novel/foreign. We lived in a house on the top of a hill, isolated from immediate neighbors, and we weren’t on a street that spontaneously invited the kind of neighborly stop-and-chat or ride-bikes-with-friends moments that I am now finding so lovely in our new home. I’m wondering if I’d grown up in a small town knowing everyone whether I’d find that occasionally difficult? Like, “I just want to get coffee anonymously!”

      Thanks for chiming in here.

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