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Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 228: On Avoiding Danger.

By: Jen Shoop

My Latest Snag: La Ligne Sweater.

I shared this post on where to find La Ligne sweaters on sale last week and was still mulling over a favorite at the time of publication. I ended up with this one, which I think many of you did, too — we sold out some of the sizes! I can’t believe the deal. I am beginning to contemplate a fall wardrobe at the moment, and the main shopping items on my list are new sweaters (so many of mine are several years old) and clogs. A few clogs I’m loving:






For sweaters on my super lust-list, I’ve been drooling over this ladylike peplum Alexander McQueen and cool girl Khaite for a long time. I’m going to be sharing a guide to my favorite sweaters at all price points in the next few weeks, as I’ve been on the hunt for my own shopping list — stay tuned!

You’re Soooo Popular: The Clare V. Crossbody.

The most popular items on le blog this week:

+This Clare Vivier crossbody (perfection for fall — I guess a lot of us are beginning to think ahead to autumn!). I also love this discounted Clare V. tote for fall — the strap makes it highly functional for momming/working, and the suede is so yummy.

+Everyone loves this Mille dress as much as I do! I think of it as a slight departure from SZ Blockprints, but same general vibe/category.

+The key to organized cabinets and drawers.

+This chic striped pullover — apparently La Ligne’s bestselling piece!

+This ByTimo cardigan! Love all the details (exaggerated sleeve, pom poms!) and the versatile camel color!

+It would look fantastic with this very popular J. Crew blouse in the khaki for a little monochrome moment.

+This Horror-Vacui-esque $140 dress, for the third week running!

+Gorgeous Schumacher drapes.

+My new striped sweater.

+Birthday jammies for little ones.

+Under-$100 plaid dress — great transition-to-fall piece. Could be layered with a cute cardigan and booties/clogs!

+Our reasonably priced outdoor cushions! So smart-looking.

+PERFECT solution for our Duplo collection. Would also be good for collections of Barbies or magnatiles.

Weekend Musings: On Avoiding Danger.

Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. The fearful are caught as often as the bold.

-Helen Keller

Wow! What a sentiment, and particularly arresting coming from a woman who faced perils and barriers with which most of us will never contend.

How does this jive, I wonder, with my own reflections on risk-taking? It is both alarming to think that my elaborate precautions as a mother in particular may not matter and — how to put it? — difficult to accept that those who take the path of least resistance in their own career paths may still wind up “caught,” in the sense that I have long romanticized the stability and calm of pursuing a more linear career. Still, I like the empowering subtext: just do the thing, because you may be no better off or more protected by not. In other words: raise your hand, take the shot, make the ask, volunteer for the task, apply for the outsized job, make the move. If you were waiting for a sign, let this post be it.

P.S. Adjacent thought: “No one will advocate for you. You must be willing to advance your own objectives or someone elseโ€™s will supersede your own.” (Lots of interesting comments on that post!)

Post-Scripts: Loewe Vibes for Less.

+Loewe vibes for less.

+OK, these $20 throw pillows from Target are AMAZING.

+Ordering these Manebi slides. The bow!

+These tiny flower studs! Imagine with a pretty floral dress like this.

+A few of these very popular mules left.

+This gorgeous striped maxi is on sale for 60% off and I’m tempted by this 70%-off style from this brand, still avail in my size!

+Love the outdoor lumbar pillows from Celerie Kemble like this and this.

+This ultra-popular wicker side table ($119!) is back in stock.

+Adore these etched glass goblets. So pretty in the green or pink!

+Most people know of Matilda Goad for her scalloped rattan lampshades, but OMG – check this deal out: $132 plus an extra 20% off this ridiculously chic breakfast set (orig $440). A great gift for an exacting MIL…or yourself.

+Fun padded headband to pair with any LWD in your closet for a major fashion moment.

+Itching to order this pretty Gucci lipstick in the “No More Orchids” color. The packaging is so pretty!

+Currently lusting after: Maygel Coronel swimsuits.

+Amal Clooney at a Baptism?

+These glass water bottles are so chic.

+This ByTimo dress is so romantic!

+Chic wrap sandals — love them in the suede blue color.

+Prettiest little mugs. Also love these more casual tile-inspired ones.

+More great coffee and tea gear!

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 228: On Avoiding Danger.

  1. I love this prompt โ€” do the thing! Yes! Just the sign I needed today, so thank you for that.

    I love your La Ligne sweater! The neutral hues really speak to me. Also love the Fabrizio Viti clogs! I’m thinking of ordering a couple of new pairs from No.6 or Sven this season โ€” one in neutral, one in black. We shall see what I end up with! Feels like my 1996 wishlist all over again, in the best of ways ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. So true!!! So what I would have bought in 1990s! Reminds me of the T Swift lyric: “I come back stronger than a 90s trend” :). 90s are a sticky decade for our generation.


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