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Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 207: Advice for Brides.

By: Jen Shoop

Update: I am so flattered to have been profiled by my friends at Cloud Montessori, a resource for parents seeking to bring the Montessori way into their homes. Please take a look! Cool tidbit: I first met one of the co-founders, Aliyya, at an executive program in social entrepreneurship at Stanford University a few years ago! So incredible that we crossed paths again in a totally different sphere.

My Latest Snag: Birthday Gear for Mini.

Mini is about to turn four and we are having her two best friends from school meet her at a playground for cupcakes, bubble wands, sidewalk chalk (also this style — too cute), kickball, and jump-roping. I’m running with a modified candy theme (can’t go all out because I just don’t know logistically how we’d get all that stuff out there…), and I bought most of this sprinkles collection, from hats to party favor boxes to balloons. I also had Erin Wallace design some similar stickers to attach to the boxes!

Mini perhaps unsurprisingly talks a lot about her third birthday, so I felt compelled to do it up as big as I could this year, too. One of the children’s mothers said to me: “This is the first thing I’ve put on my calendar in months.” Same, girl. Same.

*For party favors, I found some fun candy/cupcake-related stuff at Ooly, like these sticker packs, these stacking crayons, and these erasable crayons! I also found these fun bath bombs.

**I’m hoping the weather will behave (yikes), but I’m planning to dress her in this Sal E Pimenta dress and her personalized hair ribbon. Lots of great birthday outfit ideas for littles here.

You’re Sooooo Popular: Spring J. Crew Dress.

The most popular items on le blog this week:

+This cheery spring dress from J. Crew.

+Jeans meet loungewear.

+Hill’s NB sneaks.

+My favorite black one-piece.

+Sweet dresser for a girl’s room.

+The versatile white top you will thank me for buying. This will go with everything, but I love layering this type of blouse under overalls and tucked into high-waisted denim.

+Holy grail serum.

+Classic rain coat in great colors.

+My cute sweatsuit (black?! who am I? — under $60 for set).

+Stunning intaglios for home.

+My beloved facial cleansing oil.

+Liberty London sweatshirt.

+Lacoste polos for boys as low as $20, depending on color and size. I bought micro the 2T in the pale blue for $20!!

Weekend Musings: Wedding Day Advice.

What advice would you give to a bride-to-be? Any sagacities your loved ones passed along prior to your own nuptials?

I cherished the message I received in various permutations from many friends and family members: to remember that, so long as I said “I do” to the love of my life, the rest was details.

But I have something specific and logistical to offer —

After we said our vows and took our wedding photos, our coordinator had arranged a private room for us with our favorite cocktails and an assortment of the appetizers that our guests were then enjoying during cocktail hour. We had ten minutes to just sit together — to enjoy being alone as newlyweds. I am not overstating when I say it was probably the best ten minutes of my life. Ten minutes to collect ourselves, take a breath, stare at one another with wide-eyed excitement.

I have recommended the same moment of quiet for every bride-to-be I’ve spoken with since!

What about you? What advice would you pass along?

P.S. Love in the time of corona and a post specifically for my COVID brides.

P.P.S. Bride-to-be finds.

Post-Scripts: Clarins Serum.

+The kind of sandal that will go with everything in your summer wardrobe, from maxis to jeans to swimsuits.

+$10 jumpsuit for a little lady in the sweetest prints — the gingham! the floral!

+This dress is haunting me.

+More embroidered floral finds here.

+This toy bin is amazing! And the price!!!

+This dress is in my cart. So good.

+$24 for four of these ultra-chic plates — perfect for summer picnics/dining al fresco/little hands.

+Another fantastic bikini. Love the hydrangea blue color. (More chic swim ici.)

+This neutral fitness set is tres chic.

+Hard to believe, but we aren’t too far out from the end of the school year

+Cherry print shortalls for your little for only $24!

+Wicker bunnies for your spring table.

+More spring tabletop!

+And some great pastel kitchen and home finds.

+Musings on pessimism. So many great comments!

+How do you get perspective when you are in an anxiety-inducing situation?

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4 thoughts on “Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 207: Advice for Brides.

  1. I love that advice! That sounds magical. On a practical sense with photos with friends at the reception, my advice is, the fewer people in the pictures, the better. Sounds weird because it’s tempting for a professional photographer to squeeze everyone into a shot (and obviously a full-group shot can be fun) but it makes me sad that with some of my closest friends, I only have pictures with them at my wedding with their now ex-partners in the frame. And, the more people in the photo the greater the chance someone will close their eyes, etc. I’d rather have 1:1 photos, honestly. Don’t be afraid to ask a photographer to take a picture of JUST you and ONE close friend! Those are the ones I’ve gotten developed the most šŸ™‚ [as gifts, etc.]

    1. What a great tip – agree on this one!! Also, in the big group shots, you can hardly see anyone’s expressions/features and they tend to be rigidly posed…my favorite photos are the candids from our wedding. So much joy šŸ™‚


  2. Iā€™m struggling because Iā€™m realizing that probably everyone at our wedding will be wearing masks… and then- Jessica get a grip. This is NOT important. Iā€™m struggling, Jen.

    1. Hi! You are SO entitled to feel that way. I think it’s healthy to let yourself grieve the elements of your wedding that you had always imagined but that will not be possible in the context of COVID. So frustrating — I can totally empathize šŸ™

      I will be thinking of you, Jessica!!!


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