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Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 158: Garrett Leight Sunglasses + Sherlock Holmes.

By: Jen Shoop

My Latest Snag: Garrett Leight Shades for Mr. Magpie.

I saw these cool shades by hot label Garrett Leight (“Calabar” style) on Brad Pitt and had to buy them for Mr. Magpie as a surprise wardrobe upgrade. I’ve been gradually invading his wardrobe — my other latest contributions have been light-wash denim that I urge him to pair with this white cashmere crewneck. Historically, he’s dressed on the preppier side and he keeps joking that I’m turning him into “a Montessori dad,” as all of the dads at mini’s school are uber-hip and wearing things we don’t even understand. I’m not trying to go for a trendy look — really want more Americana classics. My next goal is convincing him to wear white denim with a chambray button-down or maybe a camel crewneck sweater…

P.S. Great gifts for men.

You’re Sooooo Popular: A Coastal Coffee Table.

The most popular items on the blog this past week:

+A super chic coffee table (on sale!!!)

+Wear-with-everything woven mules for $100.

+A must-own spring dress — under $40 but reminiscent of my favorite dress from Sleeper last summer. Nursing-friendly! And probably bump-friendly, too.

+La Coqueta vibes for under $15.

+Love these inexpensive scoopneck tees.

+Mini’s birthday mary janes (under $20!)

+Monogrammed gift enclosure cards.

+The Easter baskets I bought.

+Totally in love with this skirt.

+A fantastic craft for 3 year olds.

#Turbothot: Sherlock Holmes Wisdom.

Is anyone else going deeeeeeep in random Instagram holes during this time of self-quarantine / social distancing? I don’t quite recall how I came on this quote on recent night but I have to say, I was so struck by it, I have been thinking about it on and off since I first spotted it:

This speaks to me on so many levels.

For one thing, it was a reminder that a curious mind is never bored. Interrogating even the smallest of details purely for the sake of self-enrichment can be a worthy task.

It also brought to mind the astounding level of attention to detail Mr. Magpie brings to the kitchen. Just yesterday, I came out to our living room to find seven small bags of (very expensive) Rancho Gordo beans laid out on the coffee table — Mr. Magpie’s latest culinary acquisition. He is forever in search of the best ingredients, the highest quality kitchen gear, the most clever cooking techniques. No detail is too small. He will take me to task if I don’t soak minced red onions in cold water — it takes out some of that onion burn and makes for a more pleasant dining experience. He seeds his tomatoes and cucumbers. (Ugh – I do not.) He is so bright and curious and there is no leaf left unturned in his kitchen.

Finally, and more abstractly, it was a reminder to me that God is in the details. (I’ve written about this thought in posts past, an inversion of the more conventional “the devil is in the details.”) Look close, look local, spend time in the little in-betweens, the breath between the drumbeats. A lot to soak up in those little silences, nooks, and crannies.

Post-Scripts: A Stunning Brock-Collection-Esque Top.

+LOVE THIS $25 FLORAL TOP. Reminds me of Brock or maybe this Reformation top I’ve been eyeing…

+This arrived for micro and is SO beyond adorable. Runs small.

+I am smitten with everything Juliet Dunn is putting out these days, but especially this gorgeous pattern. Or do I need it in this midi length style? (PSA — you can often score this label at an incredible discount, gently used, on TRR. How good is this?!)

+Speaking of TRR, I keep adding this to my cart…so into these bold florals these days! Especially with a bright pop of red. I rarely wear red and it’s so FUN.

+This is a fantastic, traditional baby raincoat — mini owned several Petit Bateau raincoats in different sizes but this is just as good and a fraction of the price.

+Mini owns one of these Fjallraven backpacks — they are waterproof and just the right size. Love this new seafoam green color!

+These Native shoes in the floral print are PRECIOUS! An absolute must if your child insists on running through every splash pad / sprinkler in Central Park.

+A dead-ringer for a pair of K. Jacques sandals! Under $60!

+This stunning gown just went on sale.

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4 thoughts on “Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 158: Garrett Leight Sunglasses + Sherlock Holmes.

  1. Love Garrett Leight shades … the best. I also love Barton Perreira eyewear for men. Once the coronavirus craziness dies down, the next time you need eyewear, check out Silver Linings Opticians on Thompson Street in Soho. They have an amazing selection of hard-to-find designers.


  2. Those sunglasses you got Mr Magpie are what I would call preppy plus! Gorgeous and sophisticated all in one. Good eye there Mrs.

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