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These Boots Were Made for Walking.

By: Jen Shoop

No, really.  All boots purchased henceforth must be amenable to a predominantly pedestrian lifestyle — and fare well while schlepping mini and a stroller up and down subway stairs.  In other words, they must bear a low or block heel and cannot in any way, shape, or form resemble these impractical beauties of lives past.  True story: I bought those excessively priced Iro stunners three or four years ago and essentially broke my ankles trying to wear them for a full season.  They are impossible to wear!  There is no ankle support so you’re just kind of balancing your feet on a high cone and hoping to God you manage to make it the block to your dinner reservation.  Ah, youthful fashion folly.

Today, I’m sharing my top picks for the best fall 2018 boots.

Top Picks for White Booties.

I’m largely inspired by the vision of chic but practical beauty above, aka Alicia Vikander, aka my number one girl crush.  (She is just…perfect.  And if you like that teddy coat she’s wearing — so do I, and I don’t figure myself as much of a Kate Moss teddy coat type.  She’s wearing Whistles’ Yara coat, but they no longer make it in the nubby fabric.  You might try this instead — more colors here — or this affordable Zara or or this longer style.)  Anyway, white booties aren’t for everyone (I get it), but don’t they look insanely chic?

+These Sam Edelmans nail the Alicia look, and at $140, they won’t make you choke too badly if you end up retiring the white boot style in 2019 or 2020.

+I like the Scandi-sleekness of these by Splendid ($149).  They have an Ikea-like appeal that I cotton to and — i I mean — who can say no to that bow?

+Alexandre Birman’s Kitties.  If you’re going to go big, these are your ticket.

Top Picks for High Boots.

+In general, I like a high-shaft boot.  I’ve been a convert ever since I bought my first pair of Loeffler Randall Matildes, which I still wear to this day.  They are so well-made and so elegantly styled.  You can still find a few pairs (and some at epic prices) on Amazon.  Just a gorgeous boot, and I love the simple little wedge heel.  WTTW: they run narrow.

+I love the 70s slouch of these boots by Steven, and in such great staple colors, too.  Layer over jeans or beneath a flowy floral for fall.

+Flat out gorgeous.  Love the simple embellishment of those three gold dots.  It’s all ya need.

Top Picks for Ankle Boots.

+Y’all know I’m a broken record on this topic, but these Birman beauties are perfection.

+You can get the Birman look for less with these or these.

+These by Taryn Rose are saucy, and I LOVE these snakeskin beauties, chunky heel and all.  And I’m not usually a chunky heel girl.

Top Picks for Shearling Boots.

+I love shearling right now.  How good is this shearling Chanel bag?!  I lust after these by The Row.  They look crazy comfortable and also eye-catchingly different from what you see on the street.  I feel like you’d need long, fawn-like legs to pull them off though.

+I was drawn to these moto boots by Sigerson Morrison.  They’re probably too edgy for my general style, but then again…can you imagine them paired with dark skinnies, a bow-front blouse, and a nubby Chanel-esque jacket?!  TO DIE.

Top Picks for Inclement Weather.

+I love my Sorel Joan of Arctic boots.  I bought them while enduring the winters of Chicago (they are impervious to water and crazy warm) and feel they were well-worth the investment.  I love them in that updated white/cream situation.

+I’m tickled by these snow boots.  They’re retro-fab and would look RIDIC for apres-ski, especially with a bright fair isle sweater.

+These rainboots in the rose color!  Absolutely precious!

P.S.  The ultimate fall wardrobe.

P.P.S.  Grey Goose-esque but without the pricetag.  Also, Veja is a cool brand in its own right so #winwinwin.

P.P.P.S.  The sense of an ending.

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4 thoughts on “These Boots Were Made for Walking.

  1. Love that snap of Alicia Vikander (I have such a style crush on her!) and would love to try out a pair of white boots this winter! I need to replace my black low-heeled boots as well…I’ve wanted to try these western-inspired ones by Loeffler Randall. We shall see!

    I have the Sorel Joan of Arctic boots in shearling instead of faux fur, and really love them! SO warm and quasi-stylish (at least, as much as a snow boot can be!)

    1. Agreed — the Sorels have a kind of deliberate styling to them that make them far more attractive to me. And AV is a HUGE girl crush of mine! xo

  2. I have a pair of the Sorel Conquest wedge shearling booties which are unbelievably comfy and warm. I recently stood in them for the entirety of a live show and they stood up to the challenge!
    I wonder if pairing a nubby pullover with shearling booties would be a bit much or just right? I can’t get over all the coziness!

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