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The Magpie Edit: Edition 37.

By: Jen Shoop

*Above: an adorable lounge set from Haven Well Within, with more details below. Pillow is Parker Home.

The headlines this week: no one was sick, I started running again, and (per usual) lots of fun fashion and home finds.

It was cold this week! I wore my boxy Barbour (I sized up — I prefer a boxy, borrowed-from-the-boys look) most of the week, and found myself wearing a lot more athleisure than usual, as I went on a number of cold walks and runs, and frankly — I’m tired of my jeans and just wanted to be warm. I shared some of my favorite athleisure finds earlier this week, and this roundup included the little $22 sherpa pouch I’ve been wearing all the time, seen above. It’s actually pretty well-designed for the price, with an interior mesh pocket and a decent amount of room for the standard essentials. As you can see, my current “essentials” include this Merit lip gelee, which has turned me into a lip oil person. I promise I won’t make it my entire personality, but it is good.

On the subject of “being tired of jeans”: I did buy a new pair this week, inspired by some of the pleated styles I’ve been observing, seen on Abby Hernandez, Maria Valdes, and Yatri below. I liked the cropped length (no need for tailoring) and light wash. They also come in a chic natural color. Will share photos once they arrive and I’ve styled. They could be a disaster but it’s fun to try new things.

pleated jeans trend

Before we move on from Joe’s Jeans, I know I’ve featured these a lot, but I wore these pants twice this week and have probably worn them once a week since purchasing. They are so comfortable — a good amount of stretch, a nice weight. I find them oddly flattering on me. Take your true size! I wore with this top (actually part of a lounge / pajama set — really soft and has a cute silhouette, a little longer/wider in the back, almost trapeze-esque? — and the cuffs are fab!) and this adorable little Paris64 bag. The other day this week, I wore them with a white long-sleeved tee and a navy and white striped La Ligne sweater around my shoulders.

On the food front, I was startled by how many of you enjoyed this Grub Street-style food diary I shared earlier this week. Thank you so much for letting me know of your pleasure! I am going to make this into a more regular series. I mentioned in that post that Mr. Magpie and I usually have a lunch plan in place by 9 a.m. each morning (if not the day or two prior), and we try to eat together every day, but sometimes, things go haywire and it’s suddenly noon and we’re famished. One of our “emergency lunch” go-tos lately has been these packaged Momofuku noodles. They are actually quite good. Don’t be deterred by the price — I was at first (hey, you can get ramen noodles for like $2/package), but you get three packages of noodles per box and honestly I’d rather spend an extra few dollars per bowl of ramen for something superior, and it’s still a meal under $5. This week, we tried a new flavor, these “tingly” noodles with some leftover Peking duck and a quick sesame cucumber salad Mr. Magpie whipped together! Avoid if you don’t like heat/spice, but they have other varieties. (Note: you can spy the colorful chopsticks I mentioned earlier this week here.)

momofuku packaged noodle review

On the children front, a couple of fun new bundles of clothing from Zara and Bisby. How fun are these bright floral shorts, this ric rac tee, and this dress from the latter?! Such joyful patterns and colors. I picked up a bunch of really cute things for my son at Zara. For some reason I’ve been really drawn to this forest green color for him at the moment. I thought these jean shorts with this little linen top would be a smart “weekend birthday party” look for him, finished with his Floafers. I also got him these little shortalls. Could not resist!

In my studio, I’m constantly re-shuffling and re-organizing items on this side table. It’s almost like a 3D mood board. I have books I’m liking, bags I’m wearing a lot, pretty notebooks and boxes I’ve received, etc. Below, I am spotlighting a beautiful jewelry case Calpak sent me along with this cosmetics organizer and this tech organizer. I love organizational products like these and I didn’t have a proper jewelry case for travel — normally, I put my pieces in tiny clear plastic envelopes and then toss all those envelopes into a pouch. This little guy is so thoughtfully designed, with snap tabes to use to keep necklaces separate from one another, a big pouch for your earrings and watches, and a snap pillar for rings. It’s already making me very excited for upcoming trips. I love having everything properly sorted. Not seen here, but I’m also totally over the moon about the large cosmetics organizer. It’s really big and can actually fit everything I need in one place versus the 2-3 smaller cosmetic bags I usually schlep with me. I’m going to try to take some photos or maybe a video of it so you can get a sense for what can fit this week. More great travel gear here!

(You might also peep a few long-time Magpie favorites, including this Eero WiFi extender, my beloved Courant charging pad (20% off), Appointed notebooks (I did just snag one of the gridded weekly planners they just launched!), and Linnea candle.)

Last but not least, how funny are these “Club Pour” cocktail napkins from my friends at Half Past Seven? I actually wrote a little something for their blog that will be going live in the next week or two. Will share once it’s posted!

half past seven club pour napkins

P.S. What does your job say about you?

P.P.S. On living care-ingly.

P.P.P.S. What does self-care look like as a mother?

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12 thoughts on “The Magpie Edit: Edition 37.

  1. Re: those Joe’s green wide leg pants — I SO wanted to love them after hearing your positive reviews. As you have noted, it is so flattering even on petites (which is sometimes hard with wide leg styles) and the fabric looks much more lightweight and stretchy than it appears! Such a great shade of green too that I can anticipate working in all seasons. I almost kept them, but decided against it when I tried them on sitting down — I feel like the waist tends to go all the way up my ribcage and it just felt uncomfortable and looked awkward on me. I wonder if I should have sized down, but then I like having a little give since my weight fluctuates a lot throughout the month.

    1. Shoot, I’m so sorry to hear this! Just goes to show how different things fit on different bodies, even ones that are the same “category” (both petites!). I’m with you on avoiding the size-down, though. I’ll keep my eyes out for other, similar options!


      1. Thanks, Jen!
        I think it has to do with my short torso, which is why I need to be careful with high rise! I’ve learned that a 10″ rise is my limit 🙂

  2. Those noodles and cucumber salad look delish! I saw those Momofuku noodles in the store and was very curious. I think I’ll pick some up to try on my next grocery run! Speaking of chili crunch — in addition to the Momofuku one, you must try S&B chili oil with crunchy garlic (available on Amazon). I generally prefer something with more heat, but this definitely delivers on umami! I believe it does have MSG, so a caveat if you tend to react to that.

  3. love these little snippets!

    chiming in on the momofuku noodes – my husband has gone through (truly) at least a dozen of the packages of that ramen, he is obsessed (and upon writing that out, I’m now second-guessing his sodium levels…). it’s such an easy meal for him on nights when he’s on solo duty & i’m out at work dinners. we’ve also become addicted to the momofuku chili crunch and use it constantly (topping eggs, swirled into savory oatmeal, combined with rice vinegar + miso into a salad dressing, spooned onto pasta with garlic and veggies, etc.). we tried to substitute with the trader joe’s version and a few other contenders but the momofuku one is just TOO good.

    1. Yum!! So many great ideas here. The noodles really are excellent and now I want to try the chili crunch!


    2. EMM, please tell us more about your savory oatmeal!! I’ve gotten tired of my usual breakfast oatmeal with fruit/nuts/cinnamon. My Indian mother-in-law makes a delicious savory steel cut oatmeal with spices and vegetables and I can’t seem to replicate it. I’d love to hear your version with chili crunch!

      1. Ooh gladly! I’ve made this up as I go throughout the years… it’s my favorite comfort-quick-weeknight dinner when I’m whipping up something just for myself. TLDR: I basically treat oats like grits (but pretend it’s healthier? lol).

        I boil proportions to make 1/2 cup oatmeal (1 cup water or broth:1/2 cup oats), then while that’s bubbling, I’ll chop any/all veggies and greenery in the fridge – very much a clean-out-the-crisper mentality. The mix usually ends up with carrots (diced finely), baby spinach/arugula/kale, broccoli, frozen peas, previously sautéed mushrooms, any roasted veggies on hand, etc. When the oatmeal is juuuust about done absorbing all the water, I throw in the veggies *with* the oatmeal to soften and simmer for a minute or two, stirring once or twice. Simultaneously, I’ll fry a single egg in a healthy amount of olive oil. If I have some onion on hand, I’ll dice a tablespoonish and sautee that first, for a little acid/crunch, then add the egg on top, and pan fry until everything’s gelled but the yolk is still jammy.

        Then, I spoon the oatmeal/veggie mix into a big bowl & immediately throw in a few pats of butter, some grated cheese (parm or cheddar) and a crack of salt + pepper from the grinders and some nutritional yeast (that last one is optional but I love it!)… sometimes I’ll add a tablespoon or two of water to whirl everything together and let everything melt nicely. Top with the egg and onion sautee, then heap on some chili crunch on top! Bonus points for scallion chopped up on top of everything.

        When I write it out, I feel like it sounds a bit chaotic/weird, but I promise it’s delightful! Basically a similar idea to a decomposed grain bowl, just with oats (…and butter and cheese, ha!).

        1. This sounds so delicious and comforting, EMM! Taking a screenshot of your comment now — thank you for sharing!

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