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The Magpie Edit: A Diary from This Past Week.

By: Jen Shoop

Snapshots from the week.

Mr. Magpie rolled out fresh pasta this past weekend, so we had an abundance of egg whites leftover. We used them to mix up Pink Lady cocktails, which are absolutely delicious. The foam from the egg white makes for such a fun presentation (and drinking experience). Recipe below, and we use these fabulous martini glasses (seen above) to serve them up in.

Pink Lady

1.5 oz gin

0.75 oz lemon juice

0.5 oz Laird’s Applejack

05. oz grenadine (we use this brand)

1 egg white

Dry-shake all ingredients (shake with no ice), then shake with ice and double strain into a chilled egg coupe. (By double strain, I mean use the standard cocktail strainer but also pour through a fine mesh sieve — this catches any lumps of egg white that might remain, and also any straggling pulp from the lemon juice.)

Adapted from Harry McElhone, ABC of Mixing Cocktails, 1922.

On the beauty front, I cannot rave about these two cosmetics enough. The Kosas AirBrow gel is my single most favorite beauty discovery this year. I find that a defined brow really completes my look / adds polish and sort of frames everything nicely? I use the soft brown color. And then RMS Beauty’s refillable powder blush in the Crystal Slipper is the perfect end-of-summer color. It’s sort of like a mix between a bronzer and a blush and is resplendent on skin. Makes you look sun-kissed!

On the home front, I have been busy organizing our entire cosmos for the first week of school. I have uniforms, socks, lunch gear, bags of supplies all tidily waiting in the wings. I also ordered this notepad to use for notes to teachers, lunchbox notes, notes to our nanny, and this weekly notepad for organizing the kids’ weekly activities and planning their lunches, etc. Will keep both in the kitchen so everyone is on the same page! The bag tag was too cute not to buy, too. All three of these items are from Joy Creative Shop, and you can get 10% off with code MAGPIE10. When I shared the above photo on Instagram, a few moms asked about the marker caddy — I share your enthusiasm for any organizational hack that can rein in the abject choas of toys, supplies, and other items when children are involved. Ours actually came with this set of Crayola markers, which was half of the purchase’s appeal for me, but you can also buy a stand-alone art supply organizer here. I am literally itching with excitement to spend a full day (once my children are safely ensconced in school) listening to an audiobook while I purge their rooms from the bloat of summer. There are so many art projects, medals, rinky-dink toys, drawings, too-small socks, too-tattered t-shirts that need to be thrown away, and lots of clothes that need to be donated.

The most delicious thing I ate this week: a BLT using Benton’s bacon, tomatoes and lettuce from Landon’s garden, bread from Bread Furst, and, of course, Duke’s mayo. Absolutely ridiculous. Landon pre-marinates the tomatoes in olive oil and pepper. Yowza.

I don’t have a picture to prove it, but I played nine holes of golf this week! I’m terrible, but learning. If I have one good shot per hole, I’m a happy camper. Landon and I are hoping to get out once a week for nine holes (or occasionally less), but it is a difficult time commitment for parents to young children who also have full-time jobs. Nonetheless, I think I am going to invest in some golf shoes (these are in my cart) and some proper golf clothing. I’m eyeing this skort, this skort, and this one, with this polo and this LS performance top from Rhoback.

On the self-work front, I found myself repeating the phrase, “What does it matter to me?” multiple times this week, which was a red flag that I really needed to let off some steam / loosen my grip. In response, I sought out more exercise and time in nature, experiences that tend to helpfully miniaturize my ego and put me in a “flow” mindset. I took a long run, went for a walk with Tilly, played the aforementioned nine holes of golf — and felt right as rain. Amazing, the way nature serves as a live model for acceptance.

On the shopping front — my Grace jeans arrived and I couldn’t be more obsessed with them. A perfect transition-to-fall jean. Love the silhouette, color, and contrast stitching. They also — how else to put it? — just look expensive. The quality of the denim, the elegance of the cut. I took my bigger size and would advise you do the same (e.g., one size up from your true size). No one has time for too-tight white jeans, and the drape of these is critical. I’m wearing above with my denim VB blazer, favorite $15 tee, and Amazon bag! I also did order the Birks (will be my fall run-the-kids-to-school shoe) and am teetering on the edge of ordering this delicious APC bag in brown. I know many of you own this bag and RAVE about the quality. It’s not cheap but I’ve heard it’s on par in terms of quality with Celine, and their box bag will run you $3,000. Finally, did you all catch the latest Doen fall drop?! My God, this company has my number. I want it all, but especially this mini and this fun patterned top to pair with jeans for apple picking / wine tasting / casual Saturday.

What’s on your mind?

P.S. What’s stopping you?

P.P.S. What are you in the middle of? This is a great conversation-starter for a heart-to-heart with a girlfriend.

P.P.P.S. Love at work.

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2 thoughts on “The Magpie Edit: A Diary from This Past Week.

  1. “I am literally itching with excitement to spend a full day (once my children are safely ensconced in school) listening to an audiobook while I purge their rooms from the bloat of summer.”

    SAME. I often fall into the delusion that I can get this, that, and the other done while they’re in school…in reality I have three short mornings per week with both gone! The list just gets too long. But purging their rooms really MUST happen asap.

    Wishing you all a happy start to the new school year!

    1. Same to you – and thank you (deeply) for the reminder that my ambitiousness is probably outsized. Will need to pare down my expectations as to what I can accomplish in one day!!


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