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The Magpie Digest: May 16, 2024.

By: Jen Shoop

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This week’s roundup of launches, discoveries, and obsessions:

01. I went into Vuori yesterday in search of a little boost to my fitness wardrobe (shared a bunch of my favorite fitness finds earlier this week, too) and was delighted by what was in store.  I got another one of these “energy tanks” (ultra-soft, featherweight material perfect for summer fitness) and these shorts.  I’ve gone the past decade without wearing a pair of shorts and suddenly I’m their poster child.  Part of this sudden proclivity was shaped by something my neighbor told me while we were shooting the breeze in the cul de sac last week: “I’ll never look this young again.  I know in a decade I’ll look back and wish I’d worn the bathing suit!”  She’s so right.  Vive la leg!  But also, these bike shorts (and the Lulu ones) are the most flattering pairs I’ve tried because they aren’t all constricting.  I tried on a few other items and loved them all – they’re all currently sitting in my cart, a future treat to self.  The BlissBlend material is fantastic.  Similar to Lululemon Align!

02. This $45 Zara top is giving Doen.  Which, speaking of Doen – did you see they are launching a capsule collection with Gap tomorrow at 12 EST?!  They sent me a little preview and OMG is it good.  I’m wearing a top from the collection below, and they also sent an adorable gingham dress. I will be shopping the entire collection heavily.  Two of my favorite brands, together!

03. Lake Pajamas released a summer collection and while you, like me, probably do not need another pair of Lake Pajamas, I have to rave about their new gauze pieces.  I am in love with this ultra-light-weight, ultra-soft gauze dress.  Perfect “evening dress” for that sliver of time between dinner and bedtime, when you don’t want to be in jammies but aren’t interested in day clothes, but would also be a great cover-up and, of course, nightgown.

04. Cannot stop thinking about this daisy top from Reformation.  How amazing with jeans or jean shorts?

05. I ordered this Farm Rio top and matching skirt while on sale at Saks (use code MAYGETSF).  Such a fun color and shape.  For some reason I am dying to pair this with red sandals like these.

06. Speaking of red: a compelling mini version of my Altuzarra tote in red, and the sauciest little mini I ever did see.

07. Ciao Lucia’s summer collection is incroyable.  The styles feel just north, or east, of trend – a little unexpected, a little vintage-y.  All of them have a “I don’t care, let me live my life” energy.  Why do I imagine myself barefoot on a beach in this and looking v Brigitte Bardot?  Also love this embroidered beauty and this seashell pattern dress.  (Get the vibe for less with this in “the cream pattern.”  I’ve not shopped at Abercrombie in maybe two decades but I’m tempted by that $80 beauty.)

08. Intrigued by new-to-me brand Yaitte.  This top, this swimsuit!  And this head-to-toe cashmere moment.  Ayyy!

09. Megan Stokes posted about Caroline’s Cakes and now I keep daydreaming about them.  I think I’ll order for my birthday in a few weeks!

10. These woven ballet flats!!!  All woven, netted, and mesh footwear is trending majorly right now and these are so fab and fun.  On the trendier side of the spectrum: these Mangos, which bring to mind the instantly-sold-out The Row slingbacks.

11. Been seeing a lot of denim dresses recently, likely inspired by Prada.  Love this with a trendy flat and this with a strappy sandal.

P.S. Love waits, doesn’t it?

P.P.S.  Fashion finds under $200 and $100.

P.P.P.S.  It’s never the cream, is it?

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4 thoughts on “The Magpie Digest: May 16, 2024.

  1. I’ve got a mystery for you! Today I saw a woman waiting for the bus in the most stunning dress. Cream, long sleeves, and it was dramatically ruched. There were 3 ties across the bust, just little knots down an otherwise high neck, with skin in between down the open front. 2 more gathered tiers with almost a drop waist shape where it hit on the hips. Vintage-es que, very romantic look. I assumed high end because of the sheen of the satin and Monaco, but I suppose it could just as easily be Zara. This was just gathered, not smocked, and the long sleeves had a good amount of volume and ballooned slightly at the wrist. I wish I’d chased after her!

    1. YES to the yellow Farm Rio set paired with red sandals! Reminiscent of Reese Witherspoon’s red carpet look many, many years ago (can’t remember what event it was) in which she was wearing a yellow strapless sheath with red heeled sandals. This has since been stuck in my mind as such a great combination.

      1. I know the one you’re talking about!! Totally channeling her! I did end up ordering the red sandals 🙂

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