My A.M. / P.M. Skincare Routines.

By: Jen Shoop

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What is your current skincare routine? Anything working really well for you at the moment? I have a couple of new products I’m about to test (including the Vetted Dermlab cleanser/moisturizer seen above — this line was created by dermatologists seeking clean and hypoallergenic products safe for everyone to use), but wanted to share what’s working for me right now.

My A.M. Skincare Routine.

+Wash face with gentle face wash — I currently like this Biossance formula (and right now, if you buy the $28 cleanser, you get three free minis, including their fabulous vitamin c rose oil). It’s gentle and slightly foaming with a clean smell. This was a Magpie reader rec and I appreciate that it’s a) more affordable than other cleansers I’ve tried and b) non-abrasive/exfoliating (trying to limit exfoliation because I think it was stripping my skin), but Mr. Magpie thinks it doesn’t “scrub clean” well enough (we share cleansers). He preferred the Youth to the People cleanser we used last, which has more of a squeaky-clean feeling at the end, although his all-time favorite is this Clarins Men cleanser, which has sold out on Clarins’ site and can be really difficult to find — I assume they discontinued?) For morning use, though, I think the Biossance is perfect — gentle, lightweight. It’s not like we’re gathering dirt on our faces over night, so this just feels like a good reset to get the day started.

+Apply serums. I rotate between a few different ones I love, always including one vitamin C-focused formula (still contend this is the single most powerful ingredient in achieving glow in my skin), and right now I’m using Goop’s Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Serum, which so many of you are devoted to, as well as Goop’s Youth Boost Peptide Serum, which I find has been helpful in evening out skin tone (dark spots have become lighter) and especially texture. I will probably swap in Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum when I’ve finished the peptide product, especially as we head into winter months and I’m more drawn to serums/oils that hydrate. The Vintner’s Daughter was gifted to me by Goop as a part of their 15th Anniversary Limited Edition set, and I do love it — I’ve purchased myself in the past. I also like Thomas Grove’s Facial Oil, which I find very similar to V.D. but less expensive (and, you can get an extra 15% off with code JENNIFERSHOOP15, and of course Clarins’ Double Serum, a long time hero product of mine. I’m currently not using Clarins (gasp) because I can’t bear to have a three-step serum phase. Will swap it in again after I finish the V.D.!

+Apply eye cream. I’m currently using Biossance’s formula. I was a little harsh on this and the Goop eye cream in my most recent round of Honest Beauty Reviews — like, what do I think an eye cream should be able to achieve? It’s not going to change the world. Biossance is a really good eye cream. Deeply hydrating and I like the formula a lot — it has the perfect consistency. Not too thick, not too runny, and plays well with makeup layered on top (you have to let it soak in for a few minutes though).

+Apply face cream. I’m currently testing Augustinus Bader’s celebrated Rich Cream, which was also gifted to me. I’ve wanted to try this forever. It’s a lovely cream. It has a great feel to it, absorbs beautifully, leaves skin glowing and hydrated. But is it worth $180? I don’t think so? I’ve had such a wide spread of Magpie intel/feedback on this product. About 1/2 of you feel it’s overrated and 1/2 of you rave about it and insist it’s worth every penny. I keep coming back to the insight I recently heard that you shouldn’t spend a lot on cleansers as they’re on your face for such a short period of time, but serums/moisturizers are worth it. So in general, this feels like a good category to invest in, but…? I’ll be curious to know if I end up wanting to repurchase when I finish. I don’t think I will.

+RMS Beauty Supernatural Radiance SPF. This is still the final stage of my skincare process — it’s sort of like a bridge between skincare and cosmetics. It has a fabulous blurring effect, provides sun protection, and serves as a primer. If I’m going for a run, I will usually apply this and nothing else. (And by the way, here is my five-product, five-minute beauty routine if I’m in a rush in the morning.)

My P.M. Skincare Routine.

+Remove makeup with a makeup melting balm. I’m currently using this Korean beauty formula, which I really like, but I think it’s virtually indistinguishable from Farmacie, which is less expensive (and also clean). I also love Elemis’ but it’s a bit of a different experience/formula — more oily? — and I remove with a warm washcloth. I like the process of it when I need to unwind / feel I need a little extra TLC, but on a nightly basis, I use Farmacy/Unnaturally Natural.

+Cleanse — I have recently been liking using something with a tiny bit more “oomph” than Biossance to scrub the day off in the evenings. I’m trying not to use anything that’s too exfoliating on a daily basis, but this Motif cleanser is REALLY good. It is much less abrasive than Tata (which I used for years), with a lower density of “beads” in it and a thicker/creamier base, and I am pretty much addicted to it.

+Eye cream, encore.

+Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream balm on lips. Always and forever.

+Most of the time, I’ll just head to bed with bare skin at this point, but a few nights a week, I apply Goop’s Dark Spot Exfoliating Sleep Milk (jury is still out – I love so many Goop product but I’m not sure I’m seeing results with this yet), or if I feel like my skin is dry, I apply a heavy cream/night mask — I really love Korres’ Wild Rose Sleeping Facial and have used it on and off for years now. It has a beautiful rose-and-laundry scent and leaves skin so soft and hydrated.

What are your favorites?

I saved my core routine products on my “shelves” here for quick reference.

P.S. The first job each morning.

P.P.S. What do you eat when your fridge is bare?

P.P.P.S. Mr. Magpie’s biscuits — you have to make these.

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11 thoughts on “My A.M. / P.M. Skincare Routines.

  1. We are the same in that I also share cleansers with John, and he likes the more squeaky clean like Landon! A lot of the ones he loves dry me out, but one we both love is REN Clearcalm Clarifying Cleanser. From the description I would have thought it would totally strip my skin, but doesn’t at all, even if I use twice a day. Also from REN, I love the Rosa Centifolia cleansing balm… it makes my skin SO soft and has a lovely, faint rose scent. And it’s a clean brand! On the curious to try front- anything from Alpyn and the cleanser and C serum from Summer Fridays, and, as I’m always looking for products to fade my melasma- Hyper C gets crazy good reviews, and it’s $36??
    Lastly, I would love a rec from you for a retinol under $60ish that isn’t too harsh!! xo

    1. Oo – thank you for this! Funny that you share with your man, too! Our one “beauty” common ground.

      Retinol/retinoids — I tried Differin (very inexpensive, like $10 a tube) and it just totally messed up my skin. Dried out, broke out! People kept saying to keep at it, that your skin needs to adjust, but after almost six months, I had to give up. So, I think I’m just not a good candidate for it. I would check Grace Atwood — she always has her finger on the pulse with beauty/skincare and has beautiful, beautiful skin (we’ve met up a few times in real life and I can vouch for that!)


      1. Thank you for the tip! And, good for you for giving up on it. There’s so much pressure to use the “musts” in skincare… vitamin C! Retinol! Exfoliants! Niacinamide! It’s like I actually feel guilty if I don’t use them all?! Thank you for the reminder to let go a bit and trust yourself… and have fun 🙂 xo

  2. I’m intrigued by the RMS sunscreen!! During covid, I switched to a lighter, more natural makeup look, and I’m always on the hunt for tinted sunscreens! I’ve been using one from EltaMD that I really like because it actually provides some coverage and doesn’t seem to irritate my rosacea, but the tint is a few shades too dark. I may try out RMS once I use up the products I have now!

    Have you heard of Gressa? It’s a clean and cruelty-free beauty brand and I’ve really enjoyed the products I’ve tried from them: the foundation, the lip boost, and the balancing cleanser.

    1. Hi Sarah! Hadn’t heard of Gressa — thank you for the intro!! I’m intrigued by several of the products. Adding to my “to test” list.

      Re: RMS – yay! This doesn’t provide much coverage exactly, but it just blurs and brightens everything? More of a primer I’d say.


    2. Hi Sarah! I’m dying to try the RMS SPF too (I’ve loved all of their products I’ve tried), and it looks like it’s 20% off at Credo right now! XO

      1. Thanks for flagging, Jessica Clare! I’ll check that out!

        And re: the retinol you mentioned in your comment above – have you asked your doctor for a tretinoin prescription? I get a generic version and with my health insurance, one tube is around $12. It’s not glamorous, but works better than any other retinol I’ve tried.

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