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Summer Top Layers.

By: Jen Shoop

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A few Magpies asked about “light summer layers” in response to my last Ask Magpie. One reader put it as follows: “I’ve been looking for light sweaters or jackets to wear over my summer dresses, both weekend and work, for first thing in the morning or when the air conditioning is too much. Everything I’ve considered either feels frumpy or too thick.”

I have a few pieces I love for these exact instances. The first is new to my closet this season: La Ligne’s Catroux cardigan (you can see me in it above). It is the perfect lightweight cotton with great pointelle details. I personally like that it works with dressier pieces (I was wearing the outfit above to a matinee at the Kennedy Center) — it would even accommodate a cocktail attire situation — but can also be worn with a sundress. In a similar vein: this J. Crew, this BA&SH, or this Madewell.

Another favorite that you have seen in tons of my selfies: this G Label beach cardigan, my permanent “desk sweater” during summer months as it seems to go over and with everything. Sadly, the exact style is sold out, but they released a similar version this year called the Susie that boasts a similar open weave and lightweight material. I haven’t yet found a perfect look-for-less, but this Free People cardigan has a nice loose fit and similar chunkiness to the weave, and this Brochu Walker feels similarly wearable-with-everything (though still pricey).

A few other light top layers I like for the season:

+Frank & Eileen’s fleece beach cardigan — I’m eyeing this for myself this summer. Looks totally perfect for throwing on over swim / exercise / ultra-casual wear during an active summer.

+This contrast-trimmed Alex Mill, or this classic Nico cardigan.

+If you’re a stripe lover: this Zara, this La Ligne, this Minnow.

+This boho-leaning crochet style Zara.

+Something dressier: this Cami NYC.

+This open-weave Leset.

P.S. How do you plan a great vacation? (Comments are a goldmine.)

P.P.S. What goes into your “everything shower“?

P.P.P.S. Getting ready for sunny days.

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One thought on “Summer Top Layers.

  1. I didn’t realize I had thoughts on top layers for summer, but apparently I do! Two requirements: first is a sleeve loose enough for the puffed sleeves of many summer tops – tight is too uncomfortable, let those arms be free! The second is easily washable – I often have sunscreen on my arms, but need a top layer for inside before having a chance to wash the sunscreen off. None of my colder weather layers meet both requirements, so off for some summer shopping!

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