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Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 156: A New Solid and Striped Swimsuit (on Sale!) + Mr. Rogers’ Vibes.

By: Jen Shoop

My Latest Snag: The Solid and Striped Ellery One-Piece.

Now that our summer vacation in the Hamptons has been booked, I am hungry for warm weather and equally excited about a chic summer wardrobe. I had to buy this sweet one-piece from Solid & Striped while marked down to only $50! I plan to wear it under an India Amory pareo or these beachy Madewell pants. (Speaking of beachwear, I’m also eyeing this beautiful, breezy maxi for the summer.)

If you missed out on the Ellery suit I bought — I was also considering this saucy striped beauty and this fun striped number (perfect for the Fourth of July). Both are $50!

You’re Sooooo Popular: A Stunning Evening Gown.

The most popular items on the blog this past week:

+A stunning evening gown, marked way down in price.

+SZ Blockprints-esque jumpsuit (on sale for under $50!)

+The prettiest bow-shouldered top for spring.

+The best bra — comfortable, pretty, supportive.

+The Cult Gaia look for less.


+A chic way to scent your clothes closet — or any room in the house for that matter.

+A pretty eyelet mini.

+A fantastic travel tote to toss in your suitcase.

+My go-to gray sweater.

+Wear-with-everything woven mules.

P.S. I updated the “most popular” section of Le Shop to share what’s been most popular on the blog so far in 2020.

#Turbothot: Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.

Mr. Magpie and I both found “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” (the Tom Hanks movie about Fred Rogers) tremendously moving. I was a little young for “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood” and so did not grow up with him or know much about him — and I was deeply touched to learn what an incredible human and radical Christian he was. Two notions I cosseted from his presentation in the movie and have been turning over since:

+Being a calm, kind person requires focus and practice. I’d never considered “goodness” in this way, having always unthinkingly assumed it to be an inborn trait. The movie suggests Mr. Roger’s gentleness and empathy were consciously cultivated. What do you think of this?

+There is a scene in the movie where a reporter is attempting to get in touch with Mr. Rogers and, when he gets through, Mr. Rogers says something to the effect of: “I figure if you wanted to speak so badly with me, I should be excited to speak with you.” There was something in this exchange that felt profound to me. How often am I guilty of powering through a seemingly perfunctory phone call to, for example, schedule a doctor’s appointment or ask whether the butcher has guanciale in stock, without really thinking about the person on the other end of the line? I would never describe my interactions as rude or even brisk, but I will admit that I approach those phone calls from the standpoint of: “I need to extract x information” or “I need to accomplish y task” before doing these other 32489 items on my list. Mr. Rogers’ interaction left me aspiring to be more human and empathetic in my daily exchanges.

Has anyone else seen the movie? Thoughts?

Post-Scripts: A Stylish Shift Dress.

+LOVE this denim shift dress. In a dream world, would pair with these flats.

+Chic rattan earrings for under $40.

+My sister recently raved about these racerback bralettes as the perfect thing to wear with blouses — where your bra straps so often slip off your shoulder. The racerback style prevents that from happening. Bonus: only $15.

+Obsessed with the rosebud print on these heels.

+This embroidered dress is so fun (Cinco de Mayo? Vacation?).

+Your mini can wear this style to coordinate without being matchy-matchy. (Adorable.)

+This mixed-print floral dress is darling.

+Swooning over this preppy jumper for mini with a big monogram on the front.

+Sweet ballerina print jammies for a little one (under $15!)

+These teak camp stools would be so cute at the foot of a little boy’s bed.

+Saw a mom carrying this tote in the school pick up line. CHIC.

+My girlfriend Inslee lined her soon-to-be-born daughter’s dresser with these chic scented liners. Copying immediately. These would be cute for a boy’s dresser/bookshelves.

+Love an oversized statement necklace paired with a white tee and jeans.

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4 thoughts on “Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 156: A New Solid and Striped Swimsuit (on Sale!) + Mr. Rogers’ Vibes.

  1. I also have not seen the Mr. Rogers documentary yet, but I did watch a short documentary on his life that was on Netflix. I watched the show a lot growing up, but had no idea about the man behind the show and all of the time and thought that he put into it’s development and how he treated all of the children that he encountered in his life. It was also very moving and I would highly recommend if it is still on there!

    On the note of the perfunctory exchanges, I think it partially has to do with working in the service/retail industry for so many years, but I am constantly thinking about how I interact with people that are in those kind of positions and how I can make their day a bit easier.

    Out of the kind of milk I want at Starbucks? No problem! I can choose something else.

    An enormous line to return something at a store I am at? I make sure to ask the person how their day is going and offer a little joke/sympathy about how busy it must be.

    I just think about how many rushed/frustrated/irritated people I used to encounter in my day to day at work and always make an effort not to be that person for them that day. Everybody is just trying to do the best they can!

    1. Love these little reminders / ways of making people’s days easier. Landon is the same way — he waited tables for many summers and it has forever changed his outlook on interacting with servers, cashiers, etc. He said he couldn’t believe how RUDE people are! xx

  2. I haven’t seen the Mr. Rogers doc yet (though I want to!) — I love the points you’ve taken away from it, though. I know I’ll find it compelling when I watch, and you’ve made me want to bump it up the list!

    Co-signing the loveliness of Solid & Striped — I own two of their basic scoop-back tanks (the Anne-Marie, I think?) in different patterns and love them so much. Such a flattering cut and fun colors!

    Also, I adore that mixed floral Rachel Antonoff dress! I had the pleasure of meeting her at a trade show once and she is so kind and funny. I always look out for her pieces; happy to support her!

    1. So cool! I wish her line were carried in more places! Such a talent. Love the big floral she did for this season, too.


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