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Scattershot Finds for a Thursday in February.

By: Jen Shoop

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01. I wrote quite a bit about this Half Past Seven vase last week, but it’s really a workhorse in our home. I reach for it almost every week! The perfect size for most little bodega bouquets, and I love the way it fans out the blooms. I filled mine with lilac this week — you’ll notice if you look up close that I was in such a state of distraction that some of the elastics are still in the water, but I figured this counted as a “smidgie” and am publishing nonetheless.

02. Alex Mill launched jeans today and they sent me a pair to test! They’ve been working to make vintage-inspired, perfect-fitting jeans for years now and are finally introducing. I chose the high-waisted Carla in the vintage dark indigo wash, and it is a really good wash. I love the way they fit, too – they’re too long on me now (I’m 5’0) but I’m debating how much to hem them. The trend seems to be longer these days, so I might keep these on the long side. Also, I’m sorry, but how good does a striped button-down (mine is Alex Mill’s Jo) look with jeans?! So simple and always so punchy. They also just released a great striped shirtdress and ribbed sweater dress. I’m obsessed with the versatility of both. I also saw them and thought: great wardrobe for an expecting mama — works with bump and for nursing.

03. I could hardly believe my eyes when I found this pennant wall hanging that reads: These are the good old days. I am trying to decide where to put it, and what size to get it in. I’m inclined to hang it in my writing studio so I look at it regularly. I would do well to keep that reminder top of mind. (More about what the phrase means so much to me here.)

04. While we’re talking writing studio stuff: I am obsessed with these dotted notepads in the 5.5 x 8.5 dimension — perfect size for quick jots and specifically for mapping out my days in iterative form. I have had so many errands, chores, calls, commitments this week that I’ve needed to wrap around strange requirements from my children’s school — they had two late-start days (where they went in at 10 AM); multiple free dress days; I always pick my son up early one day for speech therapy; no school Friday. I found myself needing to map out my days hour by hour and sometimes revising that schedule a few times. I don’t know why I find this soothing to do by hand. I have also been writing little notes to myself in the margins. “Drive gently” and “yutori” being highlighted and operative this week. And on the highlighter point: I also have been making great use of these highlighters and these white out pens. The highlighters are now my method for isolating the absolute, non-negotiable, must-complete items on my to-do list, which has been helpful this week, during which I have let a considerable amount drop in favor of self-care. And the white-out pens! Usually, I strike-through any tasks left unfinished at the end of the day, but sometimes I realize I mis-calendared a task and it feels gentler to just white it out. Splitting hairs, but these things really help me stay clear and focused. More of my favorite recent desk finds here.

05. My Quince sweatsuit (hoodie / joggers) arrived and it is divine! The softest, silkiest material, and the lilac color is beyond gorgeous. It just makes me feel restful looking at it. My colorway is running low in stock — run if you love it! Run TTS. Pants are a tad long on me (I’m 5’0) but I just flip up the cuffs or let them slouch. I’m a little more forgiving on the preciseness of the fit because I consider this set true loungewear for home.

06. Above, I’m wearing my beloved noise-canceling headphones and listening to Apple’s spa music playlist. The mind needs time to do nothing at all, or at least to propel itself on its own, with limited outside stimuli. I love these headphones for that reason.

07. My friend Mary discovered the cutest “pop open” love notes for putting in my children’s lunchboxes! I could hardly wait. They have the sweetest different messages in side.

P.S. How to stop time.

P.P.S. “I stop writing the poem.

P.P.P.S. Happy shopping!

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