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Sale Snacks: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks.

By: Jen Shoop

My favorite finds this go around. I don’t yet have access so have instead added items to my wish list in anticipation…

nordstrom anniversary sale picks 2021

(01.) STOKKE TRIP TRAPP HIGH CHAIR — If I could go back and do it over, this is the only piece of baby gear I would swap out for what I purchased. I just love the look of this chair. Envious that my sister is buying one! I like the gray color that’s been discounted. So chic!

(02.) FP OVERSIZED DISTRESSED SWEATSHIRT — Have had my eye on this for awhile. Would wear tone-on-tone with Lululemon Aligns, i.e., the FP sweatshirt in green with the Lululemon olive green Aligns, or the sweatshirt in pink with the violet colored Aligns.

(03.) CHANTECAILLE FAUX CILS MASCARA — Many people have raved about this crazy expensive mascara. I’m going to see if my mom wants to go in on this two-pack with me so we can both test at a discount!

(04.) DAGNE DOVER ORGANIC COTTON TOTE — Love this unfussy but highly practical canvas tote. Would be great for children, gym, or work.

(05.) RAY BAN WAYFARERS IN TORTOISE — Timeless and unisex and just so chic. Also come in a lucite/clear variation (seen in collage above) I love similar to the Chimi sunglasses I’ve been wearing all summer.

(06.) RAG & BONE FELT FEDORA — I saw this and immediately added to my cart. I think this would be so chic for an outdoor activity this fall…apple picking? Fire pit hang with wine? So chic with a fall dress or jeans and a fantastic sweater (currently hoping to get my hands on one of the ones from Alice Walk).

(07.) BOBBI BROWN EXTRA LIP TINTS — Mentioned these so many times over the years, but my favorite balm-with-a-little-extra-tint situation for everyday wear. Glides on, non-sticky, and affords just the tiniest bit of color. Can be applied without a mirror, which is a pre-req for me most days.

(08.) NUNA RAVA CARSEAT — Hoping this doesn’t sell out before I gain access to the sale, but we are super impressed with this carseat for mini and can’t wait to buy micro’s. ICYMI, the headline here is that the seat cushion can be fully removed and tossed in the laundry. Crucial for me. Their infant carseat (which we loved) is also on sale!

(09.) LITTLE GIRAFFE BABY BLANKETS — Both of my children love these ultra-soft, ultra-thick blankets. Hill still sleeps with his every single night.

(10.) SHERPA TEDDY COAT — Love these on a baby. So sweet. Darling gift, too!

(11.) ON CLOUDFLOW RUNNING SHOES — Heavily hyped! Every time I mention a running shoe, I remember that many of you have urged Magpies (and me) to go to a running store to get properly fitted, and I think that’s good advice. However, for the only-occasional runner, this is a good deal on a shoe that many people LOVE.

(12.) EZ PZ FEEDING MATS — OK, let me be honest about this one, because it has its pros and cons. I was SO obsessed with these mats when mini was between the ages of 1-2 because it would suction and stay put on her high chair tray and prevent food flinging / dropping. It also made it easier for her to scoop food out by herself since the bowl wouldn’t be slipping all over the tray. I also LOVE the colors, size (not too big!), and simple design. However. I do think that silicone products absorb the smell of dishwasher detergent to a distasteful degree. (Taste your child’s food next time you’ve run a silicone bowl through the dishwasher!). I think this issue could be mitigated if you hand-wash using unscented dish soap (I loved Dapple for hand-washing bottles — works just as well as Palmolive IMO but no scent, and I think it would work well in this situation, too), but not sure if anyone is up for that? Maybe there are unscented dishwasher pods?! Anyway, just a flag on this one. I do think they are well-designed, just be aware of the smell issue!

(13.) JACK BLACK FACIAL MOISTURIZER — Mr. Magpie uses this daily, and this enormous pump bottle is a great value.

(14.) OLD SKOOL VANS FOR A TODDLER BOY — Micro had a pair of these in red that I thought looked fun/slightly edgy with his otherwise pretty straight-laced/preppy wardrobe. Imagine with tiny dark wash jeans and a navy gingham button-down.

(15.) SWEET ORGANIC STRIPED BABY SET — Great basics to have on hand for fall for a new baby. Love all three colors!

Two other finds worth mentioning:

HANKY PANKY UNDERWEAR — The time of year I stock up. Usually you can only find Hanky Panky on sale in bad colors or garish prints. This is not the case with the Nordstrom sale. I think I’ll just buy multiple pairs in the “desert rose” (nude) shade to wear under all my summer dresses.

CLARE VIVIER CROSSBODY — Great fall everyday bag, especially for my urban mamas hoping to remain hands-free. Snakeskin is like a more interesting neutral. Goes with so much more than you think! If you don’t like the color of the strap, swap out for one of these inexpensive ones from Etsy. I did that with a bag last fall and was IN LOVE with the result. I matched my strap to the red color of my Canada Goose coat and it made me feel so pulled together.

P.S. A Taylor Swift song I love.

P.P.S. Chic cover-ups for the beach.

P.P.P.S. Parenting advice I can get behind.

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22 thoughts on “Sale Snacks: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks.

  1. Coming back to this post to ask if you (or any Magpie readers) have tried the Boll & Branch sheets that are part of the sale and can attest to the quality? I heard through some grapevine that some brands manufacture items specifically for the Nordstrom sale pricing and they tend to be of inferior quality… the price is so good but it made me wonder!

    PS: The Stagg electric kettle is also part of the sale! The dark blue one looks so sleek. I think you had mentioned this item before in your kitchen gear round-up…?

    1. !! OMG! I hadn’t heard of that rumor, but that’s disappointing if true. I mean, I have found that to be true at some of the “factory” offshoots of major retailers like J. Crew, Ralph Lauren, etc. Quality is definitely inferior! I actually did not end up ordering the sheets through this sale but am curious to hear if others have run into that issue, too…

    2. Please don’t quote me on this though — I have no idea of the accuracy of that statement! It was one of those “a friend of a friend of a friend said…” kind of situations… anyway, I ended up not ordering them as I am crossing my fingers that we are able to move and be able to fit a king size bed into our bedroom instead of our current queen size. I decided to hold out till then!

      1. Interestingly, B&B IS currently having a sale — check out their site if you decide to try them!


  2. I’m debating buying the sneakers. I need a new pair of workout shoes. I don’t run much – mostly walking with my son in the stroller. I think those shoes would look nice with black, blue, and white.

  3. Ohh, I’m so intrigued by those ON sneaks! I am an only-occasional runner and I have HOKA sneaks for that, but I’ve heard so many good things about ON.

    I’m dismayed that I can’t shop until July 28 (!) but I am not a proponent of store credit cards, so I shall wait. That said, I do feel like I could do a better job of picking one main retailer and doing the bulk of my shopping there, and Nordstrom seems like a good pick (meaning, it might be smart for me to build status at one store rather than shopping at many of them!) What do you think about this?


    1. Hi! I’m curious about HOKA – what do you think? Have been eyeing a blue pair of those…

      I think the store credit card depends on a lot of things, the main one being one’s credit health (i.e., too many credit cards = generally bad; too few / not enough credit history = also not great). Nerdwallet is a great free website full of tons of articles on these kinds of topics. But setting that part aside, I guess it comes down to the benefits associated — some cards give you A LOT of perks!

    2. Thank you! Very interesting … I’m going to check out Nerdwallet. 🙂

      Re: HOKA — I have the Clifton model (can’t remember if they’re the 7 or 8; I got them from Outdoor Voices a couple of years ago!) and they are VERY cushiony and decently supportive, and very lightweight, too! I like them but I’m also not a serious runner at ALL, so I’m not sure I’m the best person to ask w/r/t how they wear for running. That said, I have been very happy with them for the way I use them, which is typically for (quick) walking and occasional running, too. 🙂


    3. Hello Ladies
      I feel the same about cards, my nordstrom card comes right out of my account, its like my ATM but I get all the benefits of being a cardholder, points, etc…
      Happy Summer and happy shopping

  4. I’ve had that same issue with silicone baby products! I buy seventh generation dishwasher pods now and they are unscented and it def has eliminated the issue! I love them!

    1. +1 for Seventh Generation unscented dishwasher pods! Dishes come out clean and without residue/smells.

    2. Another vote for Seventh Generation. I also use Whole Foods’ 365 dishwasher rinse aid. Even though it’s scented, no scent remains on the dishes.

  5. Oooh I hope you get your Nuna car seat! I just love the thoughtfully designed details too — such as little pockets on the sides to insert the buckles after you take your little one out, so that the next time you put them in, the straps are out of the way. I don’t know if this feature is standard now in all brands, but the infant seat we had did not have this. Sounds so simple, but what a big difference it makes, especially as your kiddo grows (when it can get harder to put them in)!

    1. Mia, I didn’t even know about this feature on the Rava until you mentioned it just now so THANK YOU! It reminds me that I recently discovered that most shopping carts have a little hook underneath the handlebar meant for holding bags…genius. It’s changed my life in a small but measurable way. Haha


    2. Wait, what? I didn’t know about that hook on shopping carts! Thank you for that, too!

      That reminds me, I used to carry around this little hook that retracts into a case, for when you need to hang your bag up at a restaurant to keep the bag off the floor (sometimes the chairs don’t work for this, or there’s not enough room, etc)

      1. Yes!!! Maybe not ALL shopping carts, but a lot of them, especially in places like Whole Foods, Safeway, etc!


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