Recent Fitness Finds.

By: Jen Shoop

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I mentioned last week that I’m intending to get ahead of my New Year’s goals by kickstarting them this month. One of them — honestly, the only crisp one at the moment — is amping up my fitness regimen. (Beyond this, I typically choose a word/intention for the year and try to return to it as often as possible in my reflections, writings, and the loose personal accountings I complete at the end of each day. In year’s past, I’ve set “gentleness” and “flow” as my intentions. I’m still grasping for 2024’s.) I had hoped this week to schedule my first personal training session but this weekend’s stomach bug as placed that plan on hold. In lieu, sharing some fitness finds to help me rev up for my fitness goals in 2024 —

01. I ordered these leggings and this cropped cami. The color is so good!

02. These long-sleeved performance tops (currently on sale for $21 apiece) are in my cart. Great colors!

03. Have been eyeing these bone conduction running headphones (Magpie rec!) for a long time. I keep sitting on them because I just treated myself to an expensive pair of noise-canceling headphones for my desk and it feels so splurgey to buy another set of headphones, especially when my current ones still (kind of, fuzzily) work, and I now have some AirPods that will no longer be getting much use during my day. Still, I recently went on a deep dive on Reddit looking for running gear recs and these were consistently mentioned as a “must-have” because you can listen to music but still be aware of your surroundings.

04. Love the look of these ribbed tanks from Lulu. Great colors, too. Perfect layering.

05. Speaking of Lulu, this $31 half-zip reminded me a lot of their scuba half-zip!

06. My favorite sports bra ever. Really soft / non-constricting but not as flimsy as most bralettes. If it’s clean in my drawer, I will reach for it over all of my other options. Just found on sale and bought a few!

07. Another top vote-getter via Reddit? The Garmin Forerunner watch. I own this, too, and I LOVE her. I’ve used the Apple Watch, too, but I prefer the Forerunner and she’s worked perfectly for nearly eight years now. She’s sturdy and simple and accurate. I like the manual buttons on the side because you don’t need to drag your sweaty fingers over the screen. You can pause/stop/start without even looking down. Sometimes “analog” is the way!

08. Love the rich color of these leggings.

09. My favorite running shoes, in fun new colors. The sparkly purple is the stuff of my childhood dreams.

10. Feetures socks remain my favorite ever. These were a Magpie reader rec years ago and I’ve never looked back. They are thick and cushiony and this particular style never slips down.

11. Another big conversation piece among runners on Reddit: a Flipbelt. I own something similar (this Aqua Belt), but this has been a huge improvement for me, as I’m nearly always running with my phone, keys, and card case. (And now Birdie, too, which I clip to my Aqua belt.)

12. Fitness headbands in the happiest rainbow of colors.

13. Closely eyeing a few of the sweatshirts from Varley. I love the length of this style and the way it cinches at the waist. Target has an inspired-by version of one of Varley’s sweatshirts for under $30 here.

14. FrogToggs instant cooling towel — amazing for the stationery bike!

P.S. While running a few years ago, I found that my internal voice was kind of mean! Thoughts on correcting that unkindness.

P.P.S. Grandma Hadley’s lettuce.

P.P.P.S. What makes you lean forward?

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9 thoughts on “Recent Fitness Finds.

  1. I’ve been a runner my whole adult life and have tried so many different iterations of the flip belt to no success. I gave up and just hold my phone in one hand (i like having it out anyway– to take pics, change a song, etc) and keep my keys in the other hand. I use a small etsy wristlet lanyard on my keys so I can keep them around my wrist. I also run with my birdie and I figured when would I have time to get it out of a belt and use it…? There’s some security in having it in my hands. Anyway, the balance of having one thing in each hand works and annoys me way less than fussing with a belt. What works for me of course may not work for you (or any other runners here!) but thought I’d throw out there that sometimes the simple solution is best!

    1. Totally and 100%, and thank you for bringing this point up! I hate carrying something while running BUT I’ve found this principle to be true in other areas. Like I love the combo of post-it notes and this cheap planner I’ve been using for years for organizing my work. I keep trying to find something more elegant / beautiful / etc, but why?! This system works so well for me! Sure, it’s a little “duct tape-y” but … eh?

      Love this perspective. Thanks for the reminder!


  2. Always love the fitness recs! I was inspired by your Tracksmith ones and got a few tops in their Black Friday sale. Do you ever shop at Sweaty Betty? Very chic and fun but also great quality.

    Aftershokz have released a new streamlined version if that helps the cause!

    I am considering getting airpods for running (I have Bose ones and only upgrading as I feel the apple ones are easier to use for skipping tracks etc. How do you find them for running? Thanks xxx

    1. Hi! I do like Sweaty Betty a lot – I have a few of their pieces from over the years and I always like the colors/styles/patterns. Really fun!

      Re: AirPods. Mine are an older generation so not sure if technology has changed, but I don’t love love them because I’m used to running headphones that have controls on the ears, e.g., I like being able to tap one ear to skip songs, hold and press to turn up volume, etc. Kind of annoying with my model that I need to pull out my phone or awkwardly (breathlessly) yell “hey siri, skip this song” if I need to adjust. But maybe the newer models do this? I also prefer the AirPods in the winter months when I layer under a headband/earmuffs because otherwise I’m constantly afraid they’ll fall out, but maybe that’s just me?!


  3. Talking of workouts- have you tried rowing?? We joined a rowing gym a few months ago and I LOVE it. I’m not one to jump at the latest workout trends, so I was reluctant, but I just love it. 45 minutes, full body workout. Biggest bonus? We LOVE doing it together! I bet you and Landon would too! 🙂 xo

    1. Love this — I LOVE when Landon and I get into a fitness routine together. So fun and motivating. I will look into this!


  4. I have the bone conduction headphones. I will never use anything else. They don’t hurt my ears or give me a headache. They’re easy to wear and I can still hear what’s going on in my environment. Good for being outside exercising or inside when you need to her what’s going on. I use them in the gym too. I cant recommend them enough. I don’t know if you have Sam’s Club, but they regularly have the best price and they have an online store.

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