Recent Beauty Empties + Discoveries.

By: Jen Shoop

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I finished and them promptly re-ordered these three beauty products:

1 // Westman Atelier Vital Skin Fusion Foundation Stick — Currently (at time of writing this) 15% off at Nordstrom! This is the best foundation I’ve ever used. I’m now on my fourth stick. I do not wear foundation daily, but if I am going out, want to look especially pulled together, or have a breakout situation, this is the only thing I will use. It glides on and blends so beautifully, and yet looks totally natural. The key is having deeply hydrated skin in advance. It does not work as well if skin is dry. I use an Artis Oval 6 brush to blend — they are like a match made in heaven!

2 // Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm — A Magpie raved about this product, and I bought a travel size to test the waters. I LOVED IT. I immediately ordered a full size. For some reason, this is easier for me to use daily than the Elemis balm, which I also love, but which has a greasier/more unctuous feel to it? It always feels a bit like a process to put it on and remove, and sometimes I’m in the mood for that (it really makes me feel luxurious) but sometimes I’m not. Farmacy has a drier consistency and you apply to dry skin and it really removes every last speck of makeup and grime on your face. Sometimes I will follow with a cleanser but sometimes I don’t! This would be a great travel buy — no leaking bottles!

3 // Follain Ultra Hydrating Mask — This one snuck up on me. I received it in a PR package and thought it was nice but unremarkable and then as time went on, any time my skin felt dry, I’d fish it out of my drawer. Then, slowly, it became a nightly ritual during the wintertime — it’s so light you can sleep in it. It has a great consistency and it immediately soothes my skin when I have that tight/itchy/dry feeling. I just reached for it this week (I think all of the new serums are making my skin a touch dry) and noticed I had only the tiniest bit left and reordered! It’s a great price relative to how big the tub is and how effective it is at quenching/hydrating/softening skin!

Other recent beauty finds/buys/discoveries:

+Am loving (!) this Goop peptide serum. Have noticed a huge difference in the texture of my skin and also in discolorations. Cannot rec enough if those are issues that you’re battling. I will say (per last note on Follain) that I think it might be a tad drying? At least I believe that’s been the only major recent change to my skincare routine and have noticed my skin is drier. Just a word of warning.

+Another Goop obsession (can’t stop!): their G. Tox scalp scrub. Wow! I would say it’s neck and neck with the Christophe Robin formula I raved about last month, and you can’t go wrong with either, but these have been total gamechangers for my end-of-summer hair! I’ve needed to scrub all the sweat/salt/sand/SPF/chlorine out of my hair, and one thing I specifically notice with the Goop stuff is that my hair looks cleaner longer between washings!

+En route to me / currently testing three new blow out products: Lolavie’s glossing detangler and leave-in-spray (will use together) and Oribe’s royal blowout. I truly hate blow-drying my hair but it’s the only way I feel truly finished/polished. I’m after any product that makes the blow-out easier, last longer, look better, etc., and all three of these products were heavily upvoted by Magpies I polled over Instagram. When I solicited those recs, Mary also chimed in to encourage me to try Roz shampoo and conditioner. She said it changed her hair! Has anyone tried? I’m going to try when I’m next up for a restock.

+Since I’ve tried basically the entire Goop line, I want to try their recently restocked eye cream next. Vitamin C is a big yes for me.

+The foot peel so many of you have bought and that has something of a cult following online!

+Using a few new RMS Beauty products and absolutely loving their eyelights cream shadows. I love any eye product that can be applied with a fingertip, and this is fun (shimmery) without being wildly metallic. I also am GAGA over their powder blush in the crystal slipper color. WOW. I’ve been using blush sticks all summer but this is an incredible color. It’s a bronzy pink. SO pretty on. Spectacular! Now I kind of want to try their foundation. I do not need it (see above note about my obsession with Westman’s formula) but…have just been so wildly impressed with all their products lately, and it’s less pricey.

+Just my squeaky wheel reminder that this $8 eyeliner is the best money can buy. It’s one of the only items I have on Amazon Subscribe and Save — I wear it nearly daily to define my top eyelash line. It’s SO GOOD and so easy to apply. Just like the Stila formula but a fraction of the price.

P.S. More recent beauty finds and reviews.

P.P.S. J. Crew has so many great finds out at the moment.

P.P.P.S. “No matter what gets damaged, life rearranges itself to compensate for your loss, sometimes wonderfully.” Thoughts on this beautiful quote from Hanya Yanagihara here.

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6 thoughts on “Recent Beauty Empties + Discoveries.

  1. I’m also loving the RMS products!! I just ordered their bronzer which people rave about. I found the foundation to be drying I liked Westman better if that helps!

    1. Thank you for the intel/caution! Going to hold off on ordering then. Let me know what you think of the bronzer!


  2. As someone with melasma, I’m always looking for products that prevent and treat dark spots, ugh. I’m intrigued by the Goop serum, but it’s out of my budget at the moment… do you have any other recs in that department by chance? 🙂 XO

    1. Hi! Opening this up to the group – any other suggestions? This Goop product was the first I’d used that specifically targets discolorations but I’m sure there must be others!!


    2. Hi Jessica! I did not have melasma, but I have post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation from eczema flare-ups. I love almost everything Biossance puts out — I’d recommend their squalane + vitamin C dark spot serum! Prior to Biossance, I swore by Caudalie’s vinoperfect serum. I only stopped using because I became sensitive to fragrance. I’d still recommend for those who are not sensitive (it’s actually very mildly scented) as I could see a visible difference in my post-breakout marks.

      1. Hi Mia! Thank you SO much, this is very helpful! I have relied on Sunday Riley Good Genes for several years to keep the melasma at bay, but it’s suddenly not working it’s magic anymore. But, it was amazing while it lasted, maybe a good product for you! xo

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