Recent Amazon Finds: July 2021.

By: Jen Shoop

*Image above taken in mini’s new closet featuring children’s velvet hangers — come in great colors! I have in pink for mini and blue for micro, but love that mint green too.

I’ve scattered many Amazon finds and recent purchases across the past few weeks (a lot of utility-oriented buys in this post), but here are a select few, in one digest…

amazon finds july 2021

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+This large teak bin is currently in my cart as an attractive, non-plastic solution for stowing shower items beneath the bench in our master bathroom shower.

+I’m swapping out my disposable cotton makeup removing pads for these washable ones.

+Megan Stokes turned me onto this inexpensive set of facial sprays from Mario Badescu — she claims the smaller size bottles have a better applicator with a more even spray, and at $14 for a set of four, I’m not going to argue! Great for on-the-go/keeping in all your bags/etc. BTW, I still swear by their pimple drying treatment — $17 and the only thing I’ll use if I’m in a pinch with a big event a few days ahead.

+Everyone’s favorite bamboo cutlery for al fresco dining.

+Blockprinted tablecloth in great summer colors!

+Tiny handheld fan for outdoor festivities…

+My mom and I are both addicted to these ultra-slim hangers (seen above in the child’s size), which create a shocking amount of space in your closet. I love that the velvet holds straps and the like in place much better than acrylic/wood/wire versions.

+This $39 raincoat is such a steal! Love the colors, the striped interior, and the silhouette.

+A small thing, but I love this wire utility bin I snagged for dirty dish towels in the kitchen. We try to use as little paper towel as possible and instead launder these inexpensive towels, which we use for EVERYTHING — I swear we pull out at least three clean ones to use each day — regularly. Convenient to have a (non-fabric, i.e., not likely-to-mildew) basket on hand to stow the soiled ones downstairs between launderings.

+Fun little party favor for a galpal gathering.

+I know I’ve mentioned Mudpuppy puzzles a lot lately, but I couldn’t resist this NYC-themed one for my son! They have so many great styles that he’d love though, including one for The Hungry Caterpillar and another for Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site — both favorite books in these parts.

+Saw this blue and white floral maxi on Nan Philip and ordered immediately.

+I do not need any new mugs or insulated cups, but why do I want this lidded Yeti mug everyone else has?

P.S. Bathroom refresh ideas.

P.P.S. Lots of children’s clothing finds under $30.

P.P.P.S. When was the last time you wandered?

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10 thoughts on “Recent Amazon Finds: July 2021.

  1. Walk don’t run to buying the reusable yeti mug – it’s so simple but I love that I can take my coffee from room to room without it getting cold nor spilling. You can pop out the rubber lining to get it clean so it never has that gross old coffee smell. It was far and away my most used purchase of 2020.

  2. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I really enjoy knowing what other people order on Amazon!

    Ditto on reducing paper towels — like you we go through at least 2-3 dish towels a day and I also have a dedicated non-mildewy bin for used towels. It’s the little things!

    I like the color of those reusable makeup remover pads! I switched to reusable ones recently as well (to apply toner) but they were white, and since they looked so much like the disposable cotton I’d accidentally toss them in the bin and would have to fish them out! Oops. I think that mistake would be less likely for me with those pink ones.

    1. Oo! Good point on the color of the makeup removing pads! Hadn’t even given that a thought but can totally see that with white. I also love seeing what other people order on Amazon 🙂

  3. I resisted the Yeti mugs for a long time, content with my beloved Simon Pearce cups for my morning coffee. And then I was gifted one…. One year later and I haven’t looked back and my SP’s have been relegated to the back of the breakfront!

    1. Hi Claire! Same, same… I resisted too and then received one sometime last year. I use mine every single day. I reach for this one more than any other tumbler. I have been debating whether to get another Yeti that fits in the car (the mug does not).

      Highly recommend, Jen!

      They don’t seem to go on sale often but I’ve seen them marked down a few times a year at Dick’s Sporting Goods. I tend to buy a few over Thanksgiving for Christmas gifts.

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