New Beauty Discoveries for the New Year.

By: Jen Shoop

Last week, I shared my favorite beauty buys of 2020. This week, I wanted to introduce a couple of beauty discoveries I have recently purchased for myself or are already in cart — sort of an early let’s-start-fresh-in-2021 gift to myself —









I will report back on all of these items in future installments of my “Honest Reviews of Hyped Products” series.

Questions for you —

1 // Has anyone tried Biologique Recherche Lotion P50? I know this has enjoyed a cult following for a long time. I’m loathe to introduce anything new to my skincare regimen at the moment since I’m trying to work retinoids into the routine and I don’t want to contend with anything else, but still curious for the future Worth the hype?

2 // Has anyone tried the GloPRO derma roller? I’m generally wimpy in the face of any contraption or intense treatment (hats off to those of you who wear those intense LED masks!) and in fact have never had a facial in my life (!) but something about this micro-needling roller has, for some inexplicable reason, turned my head. Very intrigued!

And — who has a body wash she loves? I’m currently eying this scrub but open to suggestions.

Merci, comme toujours.

P.S. When a throwaway comment sparks deep introspection.

P.P.S. L’esprit de l’escalier.

P.P.P.S. I’m living for Helena stories these days.

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30 thoughts on “New Beauty Discoveries for the New Year.

  1. I’ve long been intrigued by P50 but have never tried it myself! I loved reading all of these comments. Also, eager to hear how you like the Luvscrub — have had my eye on that since the summer but haven’t yet taken the plunge!

    Re: body wash — I second Alexandra’s rec about Glossier Body Hero! I especially love it in winter. Usually, though, I am in the same boat as Mia and stick to the giant pump bottles of body wash from WFM. They’re more family-friendly! Haha!

    A runner-up would be Nécessaire’s body wash in Eucalyptus. The scent is divine! I am hesitant to recommend it since they sort of overdo it on the influencer seeding, and I’m sure you have read about it/hear about it a lot, but I have been impressed with their body wash and body lotion.


    1. Luvscrub is excellent — will write a full review in a few weeks (after completely testing for a long while) but I was surprised at how many people were effusive about it and now I get it. It REALLY exfoliates the skin and I swear my skin — especially my shoulders! — nearly glow after use!

      Thanks for these tips! xx

  2. Anyone else with sensitive skin use P50? So curious/ nervous..

    I’m generally not a fan of Glossier’s skincare, but I love their Body Hero oil wash. The orange blossom fragrance is lovely and it’s great for shaving!

    1. Hi Alexandra — A close friend of mine (and skincare enthusiast with the flawless skin to prove it) advised me to start with their PIGM400. She wrote: “I think it’s the most gentle and is more for brightening but now I’m on to the original formula. P50 is LIFE. I will never stop using it. Def try.”

      And thanks for the Glossier tip!! So many suggestions, will need to figure out where to start and work through them all!


  3. I’ve been meaning to tell you for a while to look into Caroline Hirons! As for body scrubs, look into REN Atlantic Kelp Magnesium salt scrub.
    Also, I LOVE my Westman Atelier foundation stick- could you rec a foundation brush for it? I can’t stomach the $80 Westman one! xo

    1. Hi! Thanks for the REN suggestion — my sister just picked up a few of their products and has been very impressed. Merci merci.

      I love using my Artis Oval brush for applying foundation:

      It is also pricy (though not as $$ as the W.A. brush) but I SWEAR it is the only brush I will ever use on my face and you can also use it to apply powders so it is truly a great investment. It is absolutely amazing and though I have yet to find a product it does not apply beautifully, I specifically like it for the Westman Atelier foundation stick. They were made for each other!


  4. P50 is the only product I have ever used that has single handedly changed my skin for the better. It’s more youthful, less uneven or textured, less acne prone and overall more of a glow. I have gotten countless compliments since I started using it over a year ago. I started it after my first rescue spa facial so they did recommend a tailored regimen which has worked wonders For me and many friends of mine, but there are various types so it’s important to get a consultation on your skin type. I do use it as well as a prescription retinol and Sunday Riley’s nighttime serum and my skin is not red or sensitive. You just have to vary the days you use your retinol, and build up to it.

    Highly highly recommend

  5. There is always interesting discussion here when it comes to skincare!

    I’ve read about the P50 but there’s a part of me that rebels against very “extreme” sounding products or procedures (same with the Glo Pro!), I guess in my mind the skin does have to heal itself too? Or maybe I’m just chicken 😉 I wonder how similar Glo Pro is to “derma-planing”? I had seen this inexpensive product that is supposed to be for both hair removal and exfoliation (also because I need a hair removal solution during COVID).–39-s-facial-exfoliation—38–hair-removal-system—pink/-/A-76251065

    For an exfoliating toner, I really, really like Farmacy’s Deep Sweep, which I had read about from Grace Atwood. I do find it a bit too drying for everyday use in the winter, but in the warmer months I swear by it, and can tell a difference in the time between when I run out and when I restock, such that I make sure to reorder well before I use up my current bottle!

    As for body wash, I use Whole Foods 365 brand lavender body wash. No frills, but it does the job with the Luv Scrub (which I also heard about from Grace Atwood) — I know I’ve sung its praises here before!

    My “luxe” body wash/shaving body wash, which I think I might have mentioned here before (pardon me for sounding like a broken record!) is L’Occitane’s almond shower oil. Big caveat, which I had just discovered recently after years of using: do not under any circumstances let little ones get near this product (not sure if your kiddos bathe in your bathroom?). I once accidentally got a teeny-tiny bit in my eye and it stung like no other bath product ever has. But, that has not stopped me from using it!

    Definitely looking into Caroline Hirons now!

    1. Hi Mia! I’ve done a lot of research, but I’m not an expert, and found that dermaplanning and microneedling (Glo Pro) are very different treatments. Dermaplaning removes peach fuzz and the topmost layer of dead skin. It makes your face baby soft and allows for a beautifully even foundation application. Microneedling truly punctures the skin to allow for a deeper absorption of products. I believe it claims to increase skin rejuvenation as well.

  6. I have not tried P50 but I am on a retinoid routine right now and like you I do not want to do too many things at once! However it is very tempting…

    I use two body washes: Mario Badescu AHA Botanical Body Soap (works wonders for the acne that has followed me into my 30s). It is not specifically for acne prone skin but I find that the intense cleansing really helps me! Otherwise Dove Go Fresh body wash. I usually purchase what is available at my local CVS, but if possible I prefer the Blue Fig and Orange Blossom scent! Nothing fancy here.

    Worth it to note that my husband actually enjoys the fresh scents of the Dove body wash, but I avoid anything too floral because he uses it too!

    1. Thanks, Sandra! Very intrigued by the Mario Badescu rec — he makes a great spot-treatment formula for acne that I swear by when in dire straits, so might have to give this stuff a try!


  7. My body wash is not fancy by any means, but I love it. I use Cetaphil baby wash. It’s great for sensitive skin and the calendula is so nice. I used to use my Cetaphil daily wash for both face and body, but found it didn’t lather well, so I tried the baby Cetaphil wash and absolutely love it. Highly recommend!

    While I haven’t tried the GloPro, I have and use a micro needle roller on occasion. I find that if you roll after washing before applying Differin (my entire skincare routine is Cetaphil wash + Differin + spf), it allows the Differin to absorb even better than it usually does. I got my roller on amazon since you want to replace them frequently. The needles puncture the skin and the risk of bacterial contamination isn’t worth a pricy version to me. Even if you clean it, all needles need to be replaced often since they lose their sharpness/efficacy and you risk breakage. I’m a dental hygienist and give injections regularly. You don’t want dull needles ever. You hardly need any pressure and I promise it does not hurt! This comes from another person who can’t stand a facial. Give me a massage any day, but stay away from my face

  8. I think I’m the only person in the world who really doesn’t like the P50! I figured out from watching Gothamista that I was using it wrong (swiping, not patting), and switched to the exact application method on the RescueSpa video. After that, I still hated it: red, dry , flaky skin with no visible results besides those after months of usage. I really, really don’t get the hype. But since I’m the minority, I think it just depends on your skin chemistry/luck of the draw. Maybe start with a small size bottle…

    1. Thanks for this honest review!! I think you are probably right that a big piece of this is skin chemistry/skin type!


    2. I completely agree! I wanted to love it but it just made me look/feel like I had a bad sunburn every time I tried. I think my skin is too sensitive and it was giving me a chemical burn – yikes! But know many people who swear by it. Skincare is so personal, alas.

    3. You’re not the only person! It didn’t do anything for me either. I learned that I was using it incorrectly also and even after correcting that I never saw really any results other than flakiness!

  9. Agree that P50 is worth the hype! I use it 2-3x a week and it’s completely calmed down my fussy skin. When I was pregnant I overhauled my skincare routine to make it “clean” and ended up being a total convert to the brand Indie Lee – their products are amazing. (FWIW, I didn’t use my P50 during pregnancy but have fully re-embraced it since). The Indie Lee coconut scrub is my latest favorite shower companion – it has completely irradiated my keratosis pilaris on my arms. Also highly recommend the luvscrub!!

    1. Thank you for all of these recs! I’ve tried the Indie Lee face wash and loved it — intrigued by the body scrub now! Thank you!

  10. Yes, P50 is worth the hype, but it’s important to use it the right way. I’d recommend buying it from Rescue Spa (Philly-based, but they have a location in NY)-go in person and have them talk you through it and assess which formula will be best for your skin.

  11. BR P50 is absolutely worth the hype. It is one of the most efficacious products on the market. I have used it daily for the last 3 years since being introduced to it. Word of caution, do not use this and retinol/retinoids at the same time. You need to switch off as you don’t want to be beet red and really upset your skin. The product does exfoliate and does what it says it does. For all the skin care fiends out there like myself, please treat yourself to the delight that is Caroline Hirons. She is the queen of beauty in my humble opinion.

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