Mother’s Day Gifts: May 2023.

By: Jen Shoop

Mother’s Day is coming up in a few weeks. My biggest suggestion is to sit down and write your mother a heartfelt note. One thing that has surprised me over the many years of writing this blog is how much I have to say to and about my mom, and how infrequently I say it to her. For example, do you remember when I shared the story of when I muttered “I hate myself” as a child and my mother stopped me in my tracks by saying, “Don’t you say that about my best friend”? Her reply made such a deep, abiding impression on me — I think of it all the time! — and yet I’d never mentioned it to her or thanked her for it in the years intervening. It is good to write these things down, lest they disappear into memory.

It’s also a great time to spoil your mom. Below, some truly beautiful items I would personally love to receive.

meaningful mother's day gift ideas

01. BYRDIE GOLF DRESS — I nudged my Dad into gifting my mom some beautiful golf clothing last year or the year before. Such a great splurge on something she probably wouldn’t treat herself to — though she does spend a lot of time on the course!

02. PERSONALIZED GOLF TOWELS — Chic addition to her golf bag.

03. RLX GOLF AND TENNIS POLO — Another option as an upgrade to her fitness routine. I loved the stripes on this one.

04. PINK TENNIS BALLS — A fun add-on.

05. G/FORE GOLF GLOVE — Why not add a little flair to her game?

06. SUNSHINE TIENDA PAREO — So many darling patterns/options. I love a pareo or a wrap as a gift — so versatile! Use as a top layer, beach cover-up, scarf, etc.

07. THE JACKSONS TOTE BAG — These are just beyond adorable and somehow currently 30% off at Lord and Taylor. More designs available. I wore mine a ton last summer — great for everyday, casual tote, vacation, beach, etc.

08. OPHELIA AND INDIGO TOP — A pretty spring top like this will brighten her wardrobe and maybe push her out of her comfort zone in a good way? I also love the ones from Marea.

09. ASHA CAFTAN — Comes in other colors but this bright pink is beyond fetching. Caftans are easier gifts than, say, dresses since they don’t require as precise sizing.

10. LENORA PAJAMAS SET — I love the monogramming options.

11. MALAIKA SET OF FOUR CANDLESTICKS — These are joyful and a perfect gift for a tabletop/tablescapes enthusiast. Four for under $150 which, while not cheap, seems a lot more reasonable than other similar styles I’ve scouted. I also love these less expensive floral-inspired candlesticks.

12. LAKE PAJAMAS — My favorite, and this pattern is gorgeous.

13. MERIT BRONZER — I love giving my mom hyped or prestige beauty products, as we’re both big cosmetics fans and it’s such a fun indulgence to receive something buzzy to try. This bronzer is hands-down the best new beauty product I’ve discovered in the last year. I wrote more about it here. (And by the way, you can get it on sale at Sephora at the moment; the promotion is ending Monday!). I would probably bundle the bronzer with the lip tint and/or cheek balm! Wrap up in cellophane with a big bow. The other beauty item high on my radar are the masks from Sisley — that would also make a lovely (extravagant!) gift.

14. D. PORTHAULT TRAY — The most spectacular (iconic!) patterns. I would love to stow my jewelry on this every night!

15. HALF PAST SEVEN HOME VASE — The lettuce leaf design of this vase makes flower arranging a cinch. Right now, the vase comes with a little Mother’s Day Insert / guide to flower arranging and is stuffed with tissue paper. Ready to be gifted!

16. VANA CHUPP SILHOUETTE CHARMS — I would adore a set of silhouettes for each of my children to wear daily. Such a special, custom, heirloom-level gift, and something a mother could wear every single day.

17. CALPAK VANITY CASE — I wrote about this recently but I think it’d make an excellent gift for a mother who travels frequently. I’m now dead-set on buying this for my next trip, as I’m tired of packing 2-3 different smaller cosmetics kits and still having my deodorant roaming free in the suitcase. Would be so nice to fit everything in one place! This one looks so cleverly designed. I watched a video of a gal packing one of these Calpak ones for her trips and it was like ASMR for me.

18. PATRICIA GREEN SANDALS — 20% off with code MAGPIE.

19. LIBERTY COSMETICS CASES — A gal can never have enough pouches. These are so pretty. Also love the ones from Saddle Stitches.

20. THE GREEN VASE HOLLYHOCK PAPER FLOWER SCULPTURE — I am obsessed with these paper flower designs! Expensive but gorgeous.

21. PROPER TABLE SCALLOPED PLACEMATS — I’ve written a lot about these but we use them daily. Pretty enough for guests, practical enough for children. Love the new scalloped options! I would buy a pair of these — one for my dad, one for my mom.

22. ALICE WALK SWEATSHIRT — Upgrade her athleisure game with one of these silky-soft, dreamy crewnecks from Alice Walk. I am legitimately obsessed with mine. Wear it constantly. Such pretty colors, too!

If none of these feel right / you’re still stumped, you might give Poppy Gifting a try. You fill out a questionnaire and they will send you a couple of curated options to select from. Then they send you a link to purchase the item, and they in trun handle gift wrap and shipping for you! They’ve generously offered Magpie readers 20% off gifting and services with code MAGPIE20.

P.S. Things I’ve learned from my mother.

P.P.S. Mothers and daughters.

P.P.P.S. For my new mamas.

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6 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Gifts: May 2023.

  1. Not necessarily for Mother’s Day gifting, but do you have suggestions for hostess gifts when going to a play date? Particularly for parents you don’t know so well yet. Typically we’ve brought a little something for the kid (generally something my daughter and I made, or something she made herself), but it does take some work/organization/planning for a parent to host a play date. I would often get a potted plant that’s easy to care for, but I would love other ideas! Thank you!

    1. Hi! I usually just bring a little bag of cookies or nice bread from a reputable bakery, or offer to bring an iced coffee, or something like that. A small gesture of gratitude!


      1. Those are great ideas — thank you so much! They’re not too big that they might think they need to give you something in return (I certainly don’t expect it when I host a play date), but “just right” to express gratitude.

  2. Such a great round up. I want one of each. Love it all. Today I met a stylish woman who was carrying the peach MC Wallace bag and now can’t get out of my head. So chic! She looked like a million bucks.

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