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It Was, Unmistakably, a Reunion.

By: Jen Shoop

A high-pitched, whining cry arrested me as I walked down Columbus Avenue the other day. Turning to meet its source, I noticed a small dog sprinting back and forth between two adults, who were crouched on the ground a few feet from one another, arms open, faces radiant. As I approached, I realized it was the dog crying. She was crooning happy-sad yelps as she raced between the two adults, licking their faces, wagging her tail, yipping and skittering. It was, unmistakably, a reunion.

I don’t know how long that pooch had been away from her people. My mind meandered across the possibility that there had been some protracted, COVID-related separation, so urgent and free-wheeling were her cries of joy, but I’m wont to such maudlin imaginings and I could have been witnessing a daily occurrence, or a reunification after a mere night or two apart. But time has a way of warping in the hands of love. Sometimes an hour apart from your other half can surge unbearable.

Regardless, it was an ice cream moment, the unabashed kneeling of these people on the sidewalks of Manhattan to indulge their over-joyed pup — delicious in its public open-heartedness.

I think we have all felt, at some point this past year, like that pup, folding herself into the love of family after a too-long break, be it hours or days or the months many of us have surrendered in the face of a global pandemic.

More, please.


+My own reunion with my parents after over a year of separation.

+This year has called for a fair amount of sisu.

+Missing my friend Elizabeth today. Strange how nonlinear grief can be. Even a decade after she is gone, she returns to me.

+Musings on having a dog in Manhattan. (It’s not all happy yelps.)

Shopping Finds.

+Swooning over these dog beds. Pretty enough I’d want them out in a common area!

+And these dog collars!!!

+My best discoveries of 2020, ICYMI.

+This $100 storage ottoman is a must. Love the idea that you can style the top by adding a tray or a stack of books.

+New Balance sneaks in good colors.

+My favorite concealer is 15% off for a limited time. More Nordstrom sale finds here, and please note I updated the post to mention that Juliska’s covetable Berry & Thread dishes are on sale, including my favorite floral mugs. I drink out of them daily and they bring me so much joy!

+These blue striped pajamas for boys ($15) call to mind the styling of Lake Pajamas.

+This seamless day bra looks like a dream.

+As of time of writing this, this white Lacoste toddler polo is under $30.

+I love a good pair of flat espadrilles. I have a pair by Chanel (this is the exact style, available used) that look VERY similar to this pair that I’ve been wearing for the past eight (!!!) years straight, including on multiple trips. I just noticed that the sole is starting to give way and will absolutely be buying another pair given how often I sported them. I like them with jeans, shorts, and even white dresses for a casual everyday look.

+Must have this dress.

+Cute gingham everyday shorts for a little lady.

+Tis the season for all things eyelet.

+Cute maternity overalls.

+A powerful parenting message.

+I have been surprised to find a number of chic items — specifically outerwear — at J. McLaughlin recently. I love this quilted denim jacket and this tweed jacket in particular. And this fleece top is my kind of athleisure — wears like a pullover but has elevated details.

+These seaside plates are so fun.

+I have to say — I usually prefer a shorter hemline on micro, but these slightly longer-length shorts are absolutely adorable on him. I bought him a pair just to try. (A sized down — he’s a 2T but skinny, and the 18 mo fit him OK.)

+Fun picnic tote.

+This pair of $140 sandals look so much higher end than they are. More great spring sandals and shoes here.

+A chic ceiling fan.

+My latest Target run yielded some great scores.

+What you’re shopping for…

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2 thoughts on “It Was, Unmistakably, a Reunion.

  1. What a sweet moment! My dog does this, too, and it’s my favorite thing. And it doesn’t matter if we have been apart for 2 hours or 2 days. We call it her “happy noises.” She also does it with our housekeeper who visits every other week, and she is so excited to see her each time ❤️ Dogs are the best.

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