In My Cart.

By: Jen Shoop

Eight things I am very close to buying:

+Chantecaille HD Perfecting Loose Powder. I know, I know — I am SO obsessed with this brand lately. Ever since I fell in love with their tinted moisturizer and their lipstick (<<OMG, POWER PRODUCT! I own this in the Bourbon Rose color and it glides on like a dream, gives off a beautiful, rosy, flushed effect, and is sheer enough to be applied without a mirror), I’ve been eyeing pretty much their entire line. I’m especially curious about this loose powder, which I’ve read multiple effusive reviews over. I don’t always wear powder but have been using it on my forehead to help with concealing my scar and I find it’s useful in the winter more generally, when I tend to need more coverage. I’ve been very into this Makeup Forever Loose Powder, which is super-fine and super-light, but I think I might invest in the Chantecaille. I love that it comes with its own brush!

+Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum. I have been a devotee of my Truth Serum (one of my favorite discoveries from 2018 — my mom loved it so much she called me after using it to rave about it for about ten minutes straight, saying she’d never tried anything like it, and she is a TRUE beauty junkie — no offense, mom!), but just finished my third bottle of it in record time. I don’t know why, but I fly through this stuff. Maybe I apply too much? I use one pump in the morning and occasionally a second if I’m touching up in the evening, and I swear a bottle barely lasts a month or two. Anyway, I have long been eyeing this Vintner’s Daughter serum, which people absolutely lose their minds over. A friend recently told me that she has stripped down her skincare routine to just this and La Mer Cream and her skin looks flawless. Hmmmm.

+Rebecca de Ravenel Daisy Drop Earrings. I own a few pairs of RDR earrings and they are just the cutest, most whimsical pieces out there. I’m in love with this quirky daisies! I am thinking they’d look adorable with this Sleeper dress, which I mentioned as an option for Easter while massively pregnant, but has since sold out in the floral, and now I’m thinking about wearing it in the blue to my baby shower in a few weeks. But again — seasonality! Linen in March?! AHH. Who knows; it could be freezing cold, or could be spring-like. (Also like these similar daisy drop earrings, on sale.)

+Spanx camo leggings, on sale. I just know that I’ll be living in leggings as I recover from delivery this summer, and these camo babies have my name all over them. (Get the look for less with these for $30!) I imagine wearing them with a chambray button-down and nursing tank for days around the house or with a boxy, solid-colored sweatshirt like this or this, and maybe some cool new kicks. Also love these in the dusty pink / bronze colors, with a coordinating sports bra.

+Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek Stain. One of my favorite beauty influencers, Michaela Podo, raved about this product. I am so intrigued. I love any product with multiple applications — kind of like my go-to RMS Living Luminizer, which I dab everywhere from my brows to my cheekbones to my decolletage.

+SZ Blockprints Caftan. I can’t stop.

+I am torn between several options for getting the tie dye lewk, so I’ve had four different things in my cart and I keep clicking back and forth. I love this duster/trench — something I can wear while pregnant with white skinnies, white booties/flats, and a simple white maternity tee for an of-the-moment vibe. (Maybe with one of my favorite knot headbands?) I also love this loose dress, which would work with my bump and could be paired with my go-to ivory Valentino rockstud flats. I still wear those shoes ALL the time even though I know the rockstud moment has passed in a major way. I don’t care. I love them so. One of my readers (heiii MK) introduced me to the brand Upstate and I love this effortless jumpsuit, too. (And is it a sign or not that it’s called “the magpie jumpsuit”?!) Finally, I love this tee, but I feel like I should buy it in my post-pregnancy size so I can rock it this summer with white skinnies, silver Birks, and beachy hair.

+Ribbed cashmere leggings. I am so tired of my maternity leggings and jeans — UGH. I know these wouldn’t fit but I want them to so badly for a change of pace. Contemplating instead buying them for next winter…would be SO chic with some GG sneaks or snakeskin booties and a big oversized sweater for errands!

P.S. More of a stretch, but I love love love the label Brock Collection and if this dress weren’t sold out in my size, I’d be having serious heart palpitations.

P.P.S. My favorite cosmetics of all time, plus some of my favorite products for getting a great blowout at home.

P.P.P.S. Things that make me feel good about myself.

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12 thoughts on “In My Cart.

  1. I have a pair of the spanx leggings and while the print is cute they are by far the pair I reach for the least. The waist is not that great, especially in comparison to lulu, athleta or others. The compression isn’t that intense, Post pregnancy I would recommend the Align from lulu they are like butter or their amazing amazon dupe the yogalicious for $20-24. The softest leggings ever and a much better waistband to hold your stomach in which I thought felt better post-c section.

  2. I am OBSESSED with Vintner’s Daughter. It is definitely expensive, but worth it. Love love love!!

    And those RRR Daisy earrings are ADORABLE. May need them for the (hopefully warm!) spring months ahead!

    Hope you are feeling good! xo

    1. Thanks, Katie! Feeling great — and thanks for weighing in on the Vintner’s Daughter! Think I’m going to pull the trigger when I’m done with this little sample serum I’ve been using while traveling! xo

  3. I, too, have gone through Truth Serum super quickly! I wondered if I might be using too much? But then, I also blew through Glossier’s Super Bounce when I had that, as well. I’m serumless (?) for the time being and need to find another good one! I, too, have heard amazing things about Vintner’s Daughter but the price makes me recoil. It’s like Jesse Kamm’s pants — surely there are better, more effective, more inclusive ways to find the same solutions. That’s just my opinion, though.

    A word of caution on those Veja sneaks: I tried them on and was shocked at how stiff the leather is. I have a pair of their Esplar (lower-profile) sneaks that are also a bit stiff, but the V-10s were so stiff I knew they’d be challenging to break in. That said, they’re SO cute and I love their commitment to sustainability.

    That Milk Makeup lip & cheek stain is tempting me! Speaking of RMS Beauty, have you tried their product Lip2Cheek? I have it in ‘demure’ and have found the formula to be sooooo drying. I think I’ll save it to try it again in the warmer weather, but I was bummed! I have & love Living Luminizer. xo

    1. BUMMER on the Vejas and RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek — with regard to the latter, I’ve also heard good things about Tata Harper’s volumizing lip and cheek tint:

      Thanks for weighing in regardless! Will report back on Vintner’s Daughter! xox

  4. How funny, you mention the Vintner’s Daughter serum in the Pipe Dreams post you linked from July 2017, maybe it’s time to bite the bullet! I doubt you remember but this definitely fits into my “if you think about it enough then just buy it” rule!! Hehe.

  5. I also have gone through the Truth serum really quickly (love it, tho) but have been wanting to try the Vintner’s Daughter serum. If you get it, please let us know how you like it! I own the Spanx camo leggings and like them. I didn’t own Spanx leggings before, so it took some getting used to the compression fabric in a legging 🙂

    1. Will do!! Noted on the compression fabric. I’m not sure if I’ll love or hate that post-pregnancy…xx

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