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Guys, what is going on with footwear trends RN?  I am both confused and intrigued.  There are a couple of mega-trends happening right now that I feel ambivalent about.  Below, some thoughts.


When Gucci rolled out their mule loafer last year, I thought: “Huh???”  (Insert puzzled face emoji.)  But they’ve been raging HARD on the feet of fashionistas and bloggerinas for the past year.  I don’t like how stumpy they make your legs look — they always feel like such an inelegant finish to an otherwise sophisticated look.  But — I’ll admit — they’ve grown on me, especially styled as shown below: less with frothy dresses and more with fall layers.  (But then — aren’t your tootsies cold?!  Probably impractical for a Chicagoan like myself.)




I mean, my MAIN girl, Miroslava Duma is rocking them in the last picture.  And even the blogger Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam was spotted in a floral Gucci pair, and — while I totally love her style (P.S., she’s gorgeous!) — she’s not typically someone I see wearing wild, cutting edge trends.  So maybe the style has been normalized?

What do you think my loves?  Yea or nay?  If you’re pro, get the look with…

+The Gucci classic ($595).

+These fur-adorned Guccis ($995) have been spotted all over the place.

+These Rachel Zoes (on sale for $158).

+These Sam Edelmans ($149).

+These TopShops ($125).

+This monogrammed velvet pair ($950) is possibly my top pick.  Super cute and obviously $$$$$.


Chanel really created some waves when it released a low-heeled slingback.  I wonder if they thought: “OK, guys, let’s throw a bone to all the old grannies that still like to wear Chanel.”  And then some bloggers decided to take a chance and see if they could trick people into thinking these orthopedic-looking shoes were chic.  And suddenly they were ON FIRE and everywhere.




And, I’ll admit, the ladies above really rock them out in a major and surprising way.  Grannies rejoice!  If you’re on board, here are some especially trendy styles right now:

+Chloe Lauren heels ($550).

+Tory Burch ($325).

+J.Crew ($278 — this is one I can perhaps get more behind than the others, because the pointed toe brings a little edge to the look…and I’m SO into velvet for fall).

+Slightly higher heeled style (aka — more my speed!, $128).

+I’ve seen a LOT of bloggers (including one of my favs — Liz of Sequins + Stripes — she is adorable, hilarious, and authentic…her Snapchat is enjoyable, and she’s also a Chicagoan) rock these Chanel lookalikes from Ivanka Trump ($125).  Also in maroon suede here, and in an UBER-Chanel-like slingback format here.

+These Chanel-esque ones with a slightly higher heel from J.Crew are probably my favorite of the bunch.


I’ve mentioned that velvet has been big for fall, and there’s nowhere better to try this trend than in the footwear category (let’s just say a velvet blazer is not for the faint of heart).  Now THIS is a footwear category I can get behind.



My top picks:

+These Pradas ($620), which I have decided must become my fall statement shoe.  Love love love love.

+People go nuts over these Chloe scalloped flats ($540) — apparently they are insanely comfortable!  I feel like they make my feet look a little flat and stubby, but if you have long, narrow feet instead of my pixie-sized tootsies, go for it!

+Kate Spade loafs ($250).

+My favorite Aquazzura lace-ups in electric velvet blue ($675)!!

+Combining the mule loafer with the velvet statement shoe: these splashy Jil Sanders ($419).

+Jimmy Choo makes a great pointed-toe flat ($775).  Almost razor sharp.

+Not a flat, but is this not the BEST Christmas statement shoe?!?!?!  I need this!  Imagine with a little black watch tartan plaid dress/skirt or a simple black dress???  I need.

+These Miu Mius ($775) are pretty epic.

So, my chickadees?  What do you think of these three trends?  Off the deep end?  Which will YOU try?

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0 thoughts on “I’m…Intrigued?

  1. I so agree about the Chloe flats, I bought them and my feet look sorta widw and shlumpy, but they are super comfy although soo flat! I love the Chanel block heel look!

    1. I know @gillit!! I don’t get it. I have awkward feet in those puppies. And I agree on the fur…super impractical for anyone who actually lives in a city. Maybe if you just slip into them at work? Weird!

  2. Velvet is soooo rich, I just adore it! I think I can get behind the block heels with a little height, but those mule loafers, oof. I just cannot. But i”m definitely partaking in the velvet loafer trend if I can find the right pair!

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