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How Do You Start Your Day?

By: Jen Shoop

I’m always intrigued by glimpses into the mornings of others, and a favorite blogger of mine, Megan Stokes, recently shared her morning routine. Like Megan, I envy those who rise early, as I imagine capturing even 30 minutes of quiet by myself would ground and center me. But that is not me (or Megan), at least not now. During this season of life, Mr. Magpie and I take turns waking up with the children while the other “sleeps in” for an extra 30 minutes. Mini unfailingly sprints into our room at 6:50 on the dot, when her “OK to wake clock” lets her know it is OK to start the day. We frankly have no idea what time she actually wakes. There was one morning I caught a splinter of light from her bedroom at 4:34 a.m. She was awake, playing, ready for the day (!). I attempted to put her back in bed, but she resisted. Needless to say, she put herself to bed early that night. I believe she now typically wakes closer to 6:30 on her own, and will quietly play with stickers or her Lego sets until “Mella” turns green and she comes trotting to my bedside to wake me. Most mornings, she begs me to play with her, which I usually oblige, still half-asleep and barely capable of conversation let alone imaginative play. But I try. I try to wait until micro is stirring before going into him, but sometimes mini will barrel in, high-octane style. He is usually up by around 7 anyhow, and it’s the same routine every morning: turn off the sleep machine, raise the blinds, change his diaper, and watch the two of them gaze out the window at the neighbor’s front door in order to let me know whether Freya the dog is in view. There were a string of days just after we moved in where one of Freya’s balls had been placed on a newel post of the neighbors’ deck, and it was the subject of much curiosity. How did it get there, Mama? Does Freya want it? Nearly every morning since it disappeared from the post, micro has pointed and said, with some disappointment, “ball, all gone.” I wonder how long this game will persist. It is typically my first interaction with him in the morning and it feels in some way metaphysical, conjuring faint memories of thinking about Aristotle and Sisyphus back in college.

At this point, we descend to the kitchen and I prepare the children’s breakfast while they play in the family room. They have been on a major Duplo streak and are usually preoccupied with them while I make breakfast, which is usually peanut butter on waffles, oatmeal, Puffins cereal and milk, or peanut butter toast with bananas sliced on top, plus always fresh fruit and yogurt. We recently realized how much sugar is in most brands of yogurt and now mini is decidedly less interested in it. Micro still loves it though — we give him Siggis or plain Fage mixed with a little jam, which still has far less sugar in it than premixed flavors.

At some point, I ask Siri to read me the news and forecast so I have the gist of the day and can listen while I am bustling around the kitchen. Once the children are settled in front of their breakfasts, I take their temperatures and text mini’s to her school and then tie mini’s hair back and apply her eyepatch. Then I empty the dishwasher and pack mini’s lunch. Nearly every morning, I ask myself why I do not do this the night before. Mini is a very picky eater at the moment. I try to present her with a different lunch each day of the week, because if she had her druthers, it would be peanut butter and jelly every day of the week and twice on Tuesday. Menu options she will actually eat are limited. The only fail-proofs are: a bagel or cinnamon raisin bread with cream cheese, buttered noodles and meatballs, a croissant or crackers with provolone and salami on the side (yes, salami — she is ultra-picky but loves salami!?), PBJ (we use sunbutter instead of PB for school allergy reasons), or pizza (luckily, she likes cauliflower crust pizza, which makes me feel better). Sigh. Hoping we emerge from this season of pickiness soon. One strong plus is that she loves fruit and many vegetables, too, so we at least get quite a bit of that into her lunch box every week.

Once mini’s lunch and snack are packed (for snack, it’s usually some combination of apple, raisins, cheese and crackers, freeze-dried fruit, orange slices, grapes, crackers with sunbutter on them), I prepare breakfast for Mr. Magpie and myself, which — for the last few weeks — has been exclusively whole milk yogurt topped with Michele’s granola, berries from our garden (Mr. Magpie presents me with a palmful every morning), and a drizzle of honey. But we’ve gone through other stretches of loving acai bowls, English muffins with zaatar, and oatmeal with all the toppings, so I’m sure once the raspberry harvest has dried up, we’ll be on to something else.

At this point, Mr. Magpie is down and we’re catching up. He almost always has something on his mind — a funny text, a news article, a reminder about the day — and we chat about it in fits and starts as we work through our routines. He usually tends to his garden and walks Tilly in between bites of yogurt.

Once I’ve prepared breakfast for Mr. Magpie and myself, I read through reader comments, emails, and direct messages, and post something to Instagram about whatever I’ve written for the day. Then I participate in my daily digital prayer circle with my mom and sister and try to read a page out of my devotional. It doesn’t always happen in the morning, but when it does, it feels spectacular. If I’m too rushed or distracted, though, which does occasionally happen in the morning chaos, I will postpone prayer until later in the day, when I can properly focus.

After, I run up to collect the children’s outfits for the day and bring them down to the family room. Mini is in a phase where she will often dress herself first thing in the morning. I encourage and support this, but there are sometimes modifications that must be made depending on weather and…the fact that she has these two graphic tees she loves that I will not let her wear to school. (I have stocked up on cute alternatives for her, though!). I will either help her dress or modify her outfit and then properly tie her hair back for the day, usually in two pigtails or a low ponytail and always finished with a bow (we love Wee Ones) and this hair spray. She has very fine hair and for the longest time it was always slipping into her eyes. This spray helps, and smells great too. After she’s fully outfitted, I turn my attention to micro, but that often happens after mini’s left for school with her father, at 8:15. We wave them off and then I have 45 minutes with my boy. I get him dressed and then most mornings try to complete an activity with him — something simple like a puzzle, a matching game, a sensory bin, duplos, a few books — before I go up to get dressed. He is usually on my heels and enjoys putzing around in my makeup drawers but sometimes he will play quietly in his room with his dinosaurs or puzzles while I’m getting myself ready. My skincare routine is irritatingly long at this point. I splash with water, cleanse with this oil, and then apply, in this exact order: a hyaluronic toning mist, Clarins eye serum, Biossance Vitamin C rose oil, Clarins double serum, and SPF. My skin is always glowing and glistening but it does feel like a lot of steps. I then apply my everyday makeup and get dressed. I have to say one of the small but meaningful luxuries in our new house is heated floors in the master bath. Heavenly! I pinch myself nearly every morning I set foot in there. Once I’m outfitted, I spritz on perfume (I recently started using this Diptyque scent and I could not love it more), put on my pearl earrings (I sleep in the rest of my everyday jewelry), and I’m ready for the day.

I usually tidy the children’s bedrooms as well as the family room and then put away breakfast dishes until our nanny arrives at 9 a.m. We catch up on the children and then I retreat to my office to write. Mr. Magpie is usually back from drop-off around 9:10, and he will prepare my coffee and bring it to me, just the way I like it. He is too good to me.

I am sure these are not novel insights for anyone, but thinking through my regimen, a few things that help smooth out my morning:

1) Keeping an eye on the clock. If the children are not seated at breakfast by 7:15, or the lunch is not packed by 7:45, or I’m not bringing mini’s clothing down by 8, I know I need to pick up the pace or drop something, i.e., the dishwasher can wait until later. Having this schedule and these mini-deadlines in mind also gives me little pockets to perch at the counter and respond to emails, or enjoy an extra scoop of yogurt, or whatever, if I am moving ahead of schedule.

2) Whenever possible, prayer early in the morning makes for a far more centered day. I have to be flexible on this, because if I insist I fit it in, I know myself well enough to expect that I will rush through prayer, and I don’t want that. Still, when it happens, I feel as though I’m starting the day pointed in the right direction.

3) If I don’t pack lunch the night before (ha — I never ever do), I will at least have planned what I’m going to make her so she doesn’t, for example, have peanut butter for breakfast and lunch, and I don’t stand vacantly in front of the fridge for five minutes.

4) I keep mini’s glasses, eyepatch, a bin of all her hair gear (spray, brushes, bows, elastics), and thermometer on the same shelf of a cabinet off our kitchen. Having all of those items on-hand in the same place makes the morning much simpler. I used to find myself sprinting up and downstairs in search of a brush, hair ties, etc, and I learned quickly that I needed a separate station downstairs to prevent that.

What about you? How do you start your day? How do you set yourself up for success?

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26 thoughts on “How Do You Start Your Day?

  1. I so appreciate this insight into your routine and the mornings of my fellow readers. Since I am not responsible for anyone or anything other than myself (not even a houseplant), I relish in my leisurely morning routine.

    My alarm goes off at 6:15AM and I ease into the day.
    Most mornings, I will take morning meds, get out of bed, put in contacts, wash my face and apply my skincare routine (Cetaphil face wash, Differin, Sunscreen). As my skincare absorbs into my skin, I head to the kitchen and finish prepping my lunch. In the evenings, I compile the necessary ingredients so morning assembly is streamlined. It may be boring, but I bring the exact same food everyday to work. It’s one less decision to make each morning. I bring 4 hardboiled egg whites, 1 chopped orange bell pepper, 1 avocado (I leave this whole and keep a Wustoff knife & cutting board in my desk), 1 honeycrisp apple that I will chop at work, a small portion of cheese and a few pita bite crackers from TJs. I boil all the eggs 1x weekly in my InstantPot and it takes longer to type this explanation than it does to actually prep my lunch. I also appreciate that this requires minimal active cooking and tastes yummy. I keep a bottle of green goddess dressing in my work fridge along with nice sea salt and a pepper grinder to elevate the simple flavors in real time. For any other Magpies who work at an office, keep a mini set-up (nice knife, cutting board, basic seasoning) and you can reduce your kitchen prep time and factor it into your lunch. Plus, my avocados don’t turn brown between the morning and lunchtime 🙂

    Once lunch is prepped and my skincare is absorbed, I wash my beauty blender (yes, I do this every time before I use it), grab a fresh washcloth, my makeup, simplehuman light-up mirror and crawl into bed. I’ll turn on a DVR’d show and do my makeup while sitting in bed. It’s incredibly indulgent and I never want to have to stop this.

    Since I am mostly ready by this point (between 6:45-7:15, depending on how quickly I sit up after the alarm rings), I continue to watch TV, read my latest book and catch up on my favorite blogs and websites.

    As the clock approaches 8:15ish, I gather the clothes I laid out the previous evening, get dressed and gather my things. This is also when it is time for me to finally make my bed. I do this everyday but it is never the first thing I do. Once I am all ‘ready’ for work, I will relax a little more and MAYBE scroll through work emails to see if anything is pressing/urgent, which hardly ever happens. I grab my things and head to the car at 8:37AM each day, load up a podcast and try to enjoy my commute. It is 15 minutes if I hit every single red light.

    I don’t ever eat breakfast as I have found that on days I do eat it, I am much hungrier throughout the day. If I skip breakfast, I often don’t feel hungry for lunch until 2pm or later. I also don’t drink coffee and try to not consume any caffeine. I will have an occasional iced tea, but never after 12pm.

    I do acknowledge my morning routine is very relaxed, indulgent and not the norm. Since I have more relaxing time in the morning, I have less of it in the evenings and focus on making dinner, putting away laundry, sorting mail, etc. One thing that has helped me get a good morning routine is to have a very consistent nighttime routine and to keep the same bedtime and wake time every single day. I may do different things during the days, but my weekend days start and end at the same time as my work ones do.

    1. Hi! I love your routine, and how gracious yet specific you are in the timing, order, etc of everything you do. I felt peaceful and measured just reading the order of operations! It sounds like such a leisurely way to start the day. Thank you for sharing!


    2. I forgot to mention my latest beauty addition to my routine. I wholeheartedly encourage everyone to get it, even if you have incredibly sensitive skin (rosacea, eczema, etc.). It has helped almost entirely eliminate maskne/irritation from constant mask wearing. After washing and drying my face, I spray generously and allow this to absorb before moving onto my next step.

      My dear friend used this throughout airplane travel recently and had zero irritation or breakouts. I ordered the com bo of full and travel size products and plan to do the same when I finally get on a plane!

  2. I’m in my late 20s so it’s interesting reading this as a glimpse into the possible future!! My mom is more intense than me with her daily routine (wake up, walk the dogs 3 miles, get ready, go to daily mass). She also finishes each night with a Yoga with Adrienne video which I find so soothing and I should probably start doing. Personally I try to run in the mornings when I’m not meeting with my running group that day, which definitely starts my day on a more productive note (I feel more influenced to make my bed, make a healthy breakfast, etc).

    1. Hi Marcella! This is such an interesting observation: “I feel more influenced to make my bed, make a healthy breakfast, etc [on days I run].” So true for me, too. Thanks for this insight, as I’d not really thought about that. Maybe starting pointed in the right direction helps with the rest of the day’s decisionmaking.


  3. I love these posts!

    My alarm goes off at 5:50 on school mornings (Monday-Thursday) and I either get up and shower or snooze and get up to wash my face. Either way, I then do toner/serum/eye cream/moisturizer/sunscreen, and makeup. I no longer have the motivation to shower every day. I wish evening showers worked for me, but I’m a curly girl and it really looks best after a shower. To shower at night seems like a waste of a good hair day!

    Both kids are usually up by 6:30 or 7, and ideally I have at least started making breakfast before they’re up. Luckily the 18 month old is happy to be awake in her crib for a while if she’s the first awake! I make hot lemon water for myself, waters for everyone, and usually something frozen for the kids. They like silver dollar pancakes, French toast sticks, bagels/cream cheese, and homemade muffins. Or Cheerios and milk. Always with fruit! I usually sit down with a coffee (currently using chemex) and toast right about the time the kids are done eating and I send them in to wake up daddy. He supervises dressing (we pick school outfits the night before and have been trying to have her dress 100% independently, which has lead to backwards shirts several times this week which I didn’t notice until AFTER school…) teeth, and hair combing while I have a quiet moment to eat (and usually read TFM!) and get dressed. I do my 4yo’s hair while she watches an episode of Bluey (best way to get her to sit still!) and we all get shoes and coats and bags on. I leave by 8:15 with the girls for preschool drop off and my husband gets ready for work while we’re gone.

    On Wednesdays, I get up and drink my lemon water while I make the kid breakfasts and then wake up my husband so I can get dressed and go to the basement for a 30 min peloton ride. I aim to be back up around 7:30 to make my own breakfast and help get everyone out the door for daddy drop off day 🙂 I finish breakfast and shower while they’re all gone and take over toddler care when my husband brings little sister back home and leaves for work. Fridays are similar to this but without the school drop off.

    I too try to read a devotional and do my 5 min journal in the mornings but usually after the school run…and sometimes not at all. What seems to smooth out my mornings is to have myself mostly ready before the kids are up. That way, I don’t have to rush through breakfast in order to put on some makeup. I’ve always been a breakfast person, so if I have to shovel it in standing at the counter while shouting at someone to find socks, I feel cheated!

    1. I am SO loving these glimpses into the lives of others, and frankly learning a lot. I am wondering if I could reconfigure my morning to get ready first. I’d feel SO much better. I really don’t like being unwashed/undressed until 8:15-8:30 every other morning! It makes me feel like the day’s not yet started, even though it truly has. Anyone with children accomplishes a lot by 9 — ha!


  4. Oh, I love this! My son is an early riser (5 am…) so getting up a half hour early isn’t an option for me, though I’d love that! I get up with my son and then we go into the kitchen. He usually plays with his reusable stickers while I get my tea ready, and when he has his breakfast I check my email and actually check in here first thing! I always love catching up with your thought-provoking entries, and I like setting the tone of the day to be more contemplative than scrolling through Instagram. I do some work throughout the morning, but my workday officially starts at 9 when my mother-in-law takes over for a while.

    I’d love to dress better and feel more on top of things, instead of rushing to get dressed in the morning if I have a Zoom call. I’m trying to get more organized around that, and also set up a better work from home space. That’s a huge priority for me going into this fall!

    1. Hi Sarah! I’m so flattered to be a part of your morning routine – thank you for the tremendous compliments. Aren’t those reusable sticker books the best? They’ve gotten us through a lot. Ha. I share your aspiration to find a way to be less rushed in the morning. I know (!) I could do this by waking earlier and I do have more time than you (i.e., I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy to get up earlier than 5, but I could certainly wake at 6:30 with minimal impact on my day), but it will take a lot of will…


  5. I, too, cast lovelorn eyes at the solo early morning, but the reluctant pragmatist in me knows I’ll need to wait until the baby can at least sleep until 6 or 630, when her brothers wake. Currently, my husband gets our sons’ morning school prep started while I nurse the baby; it’s strange, maybe, but I’m always itching to get out of bed and join them, even though joining just means wiping syrup off of hands and issuing multiple stern warnings about not standing on the counter stools and please stop putting waffle in the baby’s mouth. Once I’m down, he’ll go back upstairs to shower while I finish the lunchmaking and dishwasher-unloading and rounding up of shoes and raingear and removal of whatever small, multi-part toys the boys have secreted into their school bags. My husband does the dropoff and I take the baby on a walk, and this is the part of the morning I most live for– it’s hard to beat walking through the woods with a little baby papoosed on my chest and a big flask of coffee and a good podcast (though I often find my mind wandering unless it’s a podcast about writing, or something really thought-provoking, in which case I’ll generally clip in). I’ve always liked being a morning person, but lately I’ve wished I were a night owl instead, as I’ve no choice but participate vigorously in the mornings, and am all but useless, creatively-speaking, after the boys are down to bed.

    1. Ha – I related to so much here, especially “removal of whatever small, multi-part toys have been secreted into school bags.” You might cast lovelorn eyes on the solo early morning, but I’m doing the same with your magical walks through the woods with your babe in tow. I can already tell you that you will look back on those walks with tremendous nostalgia and fondness for years to come! What a beautiful habit. Someone else commented on this earlier today, but I wish I could figure a way to get a little more nature into my morning routine. I do run every other day (not the day schedule I described above) and then I do feel like a different person!


    2. You’re so right — I do treasure them and feel very lucky for the opportunity to do so; thank you for getting me to reframe my mindset here! One idea that may or may not be feasible/enticing for you on the non-run mornings: maybe your earlybird daughter could accompany you on a short walk? What might be lost in meditative qualities of walking solo could be made up for in small wonders.

      1. I love this thought!! Thank you. Going to try this one morning soon, especially appealing on weekends when schedules are looser. Love!


  6. I’m so glad you posted about your morning routine as I’ve been wondering! Maybe this doesn’t apply as your husband brings your daughter to school, but when you run in the morning do you go straight into workout gear and then get dressed for the day post-run?

    As a stay at home parent, I am fully responsible for breakfast, snack/lunches, and getting my 5 and 6 year old ready for school, including drop-offs. I do not wake early enough to run before this routine begins and I am not an athleisure all day kind of person. I have yet to figure it all out, but I am debating waking at 5am to feel like I have more time to myself in the morning!

    1. Hi! I should have footnoted that the above schedule is true only every other weekday. On the mornings I “sleep in,” I also take my daughter to school and then run afterward. I drop her at 8:45 at school and then drive to a trailhead to run. On those mornings, I put on my running gear and then afterward shower and change for the day. Those mornings always make for a late work start (i.e., the fastest I’ve ever been able to drop mini off, run, drive home, shower, and dress had me sitting down to write at 10:30) but are happily accommodated.

      5 am is so early — oof. I admire you for thinking of it! On the flipside, this is probably (?) a short season in life and you may in the future be able to sneak in a run in the morning while your children feed themselves. Is that a pipe dream?! I am imagining a 7-8 year old could pour his own cereal while you go for a quick run in the morning??


  7. Wow! I do try to do everything at night (make lunches, clean the kitchen, help the kids lay out their clothes) in order to keep my morning a little more simple, but I’m long for a day when I have even a few minutes to put myself together. Perhaps because my husband leaves for work at 6 AM and I’m left to get 4 kids (plus a dog) dressed, fed, and at school by 7:40, it would be ambitious to try to squeeze in a few minutes for myself at this stage of life. But #goals for sure!

    1. I aspire to do everything the night before! Really, I must start packing the lunch at LEAST. I do think having a clean kitchen (immaculate!) before bed is a must. I couldn’t start the day from a point of remediation!


  8. I love this and can’t wait to read others comments! I do wake up before my toddler most mornings, but only because we are spoiled and he doesn’t usually call for us until 7:30. I get up between 6:30-7 and start the coffee, drink a big glass of water, and make myself something to eat. I find if I get myself fed I am less harried in trying to get my toddlers breakfast made, dressed, etc. I’ve always been a breakfast person! Then I usually sit on the couch and scroll for a few minutes while drinking my coffee.

    Then my attention turns to my son and it’s milk and a show, breakfast for him, get dressed, and get out the door on school days. On non-school days, we have a few minutes to play (he’s loving Mega Blocks these days at just over 2) before our nanny comes. I get myself dressed and ready in there too. Sometimes my husband takes over if he’s home so I can dress in peace, but most of the time me getting ready also involves our bathroom getting deconstructed in the process 🙂

    One thing that resonated in Megan’s post was her emphasis on outdoor time. I would love to incorporate even a few minutes outdoors each morning to get some fresh air before a day of work.

    I also meditate a few mornings a week. I feel much lighter when I fit those 10 minutes of no baby, no screens in.

    1. Hi! I am so with you – would love to find a way to get outside early in the morning. I do run every other morning but that’s not until mini is off to school, usually around 9. I would love to figure out a way to get outside even just to walk in the yard for a few minutes. It makes me feel SO peaceful when I figure it in.

      Thank you for sharing your routine — the note about “me getting ready also involves our bathroom getting deconstructed in the process” by a two year old is probably a more accurate picture of what happens when micro shadows me into the bathroom in the mornings!


  9. The first thing I do every morning (after drinking the glass of water on my bedside table while twiddling on my phone for 10 mins) is foam rolling! And some light stretching. I’ve been doing it daily for about 5 years and I’m so committed that I have crossed continents with a foam roller in my backpack. BTW if you’ve never encountered the writings of Virginia Sole Smith, I highly recommend. She will absolve you of any anxiety or worry you might have around picky kid eating.

    1. Oh, love this habit! I feel like it’s a great way to be aligned and in tune with your own body from the very start. Brilliant!

  10. This is a great post. I’m still in the process of figuring out my new routine. For the past year and a half + I was working remotely. I recently landed a new job which is in-person since it is a clinic. My commute thankfully is around 20 minutes. Any suggestions on breakfast aside from what is mentioned here that would be helpful. I had been used to eating on the go pre-pandemic and had gotten in the habit of having cereal while checking email while working remotely. I try and lay out my clothes each night. I’m back to making a lunch to take (also do it in the morning). It really was a treat to wfh and not have to do things like wear a proper outfit, make lunch, and leave time for traffic.

    I have a novena book I try and use before bed. I also try and journal a few times a week.

    Still searching for the right balance and figuring out what works best. My partner since he has been fully remote and will remain so usually wakes before me and does the chores-emptying the dishwasher, sweeping the kitchen floor and making sure trash & recycling is out on the day it needs to go. He’s also much better at making the bed than myself.

    1. Hi Michelle — Oh man, I feel for you! The transitions to WFH and then back to work must have been very disorienting. I remember early on a lot of my friends who’d worked outside the home mentioned that they actually missed the commute, especially at the end of the day, as a space/time to just decompress and shift from “work mode” to “mom mode” or “personal mode.” And then now it must feel like you lose so much time, or just have to handle time differently. It’s been a weird period for sure. I’m sure you’ll get into a routine, but it does take time!


    2. Just a note to say I am a longtime Daily Harvest subscriber and I’m a huge fan. If you can make breakfast at home and take it in the car with you, the smoothies are amazing. If you need something to throw in your bag and deal with at the office (or even leave in the office freezer) their oatmeal or chia bowls are perfect for that!

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