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Headbands Are Here to Stay.

By: Jen Shoop

*Image via Lauren Napier’s Instagram account, though I’m not sure of original source. I profiled Lauren as a woman of substance a few months back!

I’ll admit that when I first bought the pearl-studded Lele Sadoughi knot headband that took the street style world by storm about two years ago, I was both thrilled with the style and skeptical that it would last long in my weekly wardrobe. At my daughter’s first back-to-school night (over a year before COVID hit, i.e., in a different lifetime, when we could still set foot in the school building), one of the parents nudged his wife and said: “Look, she’s wearing one of those headbands you’ve been talking about.” I had the thought, then, that I should probably get as much wear as possible as soon as possible because you know a trend is peaking when husbands are aware of it.

But I have been proven wrong: season after season, I find myself accessorizing with headbands, and, earlier this year, Amanda Gorman made them even cooler while wearing one, crown-like, as she delivered her inaugural poem. Headbands are definitely here to stay awhile.

A few of my top picks here, plus more in the text below!

01. // 02. // 03. // 04. // 05. // 06. // 07. // 08.

Currently at the top of my lust list: Hill House’s lightly-padded Alice style (01.) in either the moire pink or blue botanical (look for less with this $14 Buru find), although her more exaggerated big sister, The Halo, is winning, too, for a more dramatic occasion. I wore this similarly-dimensioned Lele Sadoughi in corduroy (05.) all winter long and it always felt like the perfect embellishment to my look. (P.S. — I personally love the way HH’s founder, Nell Diamond, goes tone-on-tone, matching headband to nap dress in either the same print or a coordinated color! Tres chic!)

I am also drooling over this raffia-and-pearl find (02. — !!!!), this wrapped grosgrain style (06. — love the color; look for less with this), and these fun, inexpensive woven ones (04).

Most of my knotted/statement collection is by headband queen Lele Sadoughi — the materials, construction, style, etc. are all top-notch, and I find them fairly comfortable to wear. My go-to last summer was this denim style, and I wore this velvet bow confection straight through the holidays this year. However, there are countless similar knotted styles for less, including:





If you’re not sure about the padded or knotted styles, a few more understated styles I love:




RAFFIA (03.)

Finally, major splurge moment: Gucci Gucci Gucci.

P.S. My other favorite hair accessory du jour, and nearly all my favorite hair tools and products are in this section of my shop.

P.P.S. It may surprise you to learn that shampoo/conditioner is usually one of my “save” (versus) splurge areas. Pantene Pro-V is just so good!

P.P.P.S. Benches and ottomans.

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6 thoughts on “Headbands Are Here to Stay.

  1. I have a medium-sized collection of headbands and must also upvote the J.Crew x Liberty knotted ones … I have two from past years and still get a lot of wear out of them! One of them also matches a Liberty-print dress I have and it always brings me a matchy-matchy pleasure to wear them together, when I opt for that look 🙂

    Curious about the HHH Alice as well — the pink moiré is definitely my fave of the options!


  2. All of the J Crew Liberty prints are so cute! Also did you see the Liberty print shoes? How many of the headbands can you have before you’ve gone overboard?

  3. I have the J.Crew Liberty headband (no.7) in the red and pink colorway you featured and it’s so cute! Comfortable to wear and not too big for those who like a more understated look 🙂

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