Halloween Pajamas for Little Ones.

By: Jen Shoop

I’m thinking Halloween as we traditionally know it will be more or less canceled this year due to COVID. My sister has already very thoughtfully suggested that she and my brother-in-law come by and we set up trick or treating in different rooms of our apartment, and the vignette is both sweet and sad. But dress up we will, and with all the bells and whistles on (and hopefully a few bottles of wine open). Mini changes her mind about what she wants to be for the occasion every third day; currently, she’s interested in being “Bo Peep” from Toy Story, with micro as Woody and — offensively enough — me as Bullseye the Horse (ha!). I have a feeling I’ll be purchasing her costume closer to the actual day, though, as she has also mentioned wanting to be a ghost and an astronaut and Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

However, Halloween pajamas are something I bought this week because do you know how quickly they sell out?! I have missed out on cute Halloween pajamas two years in a row by not acting early enough, which is mainly a demonstration of the impressiveness of the minds of so many other mothers who dutifully plan ahead and snag those pajamas when they first go live in late July.

At any rate, I ended up buying micro these and mini these. I spent a lot of time selecting them. Some might say too much time. I had seriously considered these from Kissy Kissy and these from Magnolia Baby but — while I am wont to impracticality when it comes to children’s clothing — kept balking at the idea of spending $80 (for both of them) on Halloween pajamas that will only be worn for such a short period of time. A few others I thought were cute, most at similarly reasonable prices:








While we’re on this topic, now’s a good time to order personalized Halloween baskets. I also already ordered this Usborne sticker book as a surprise for the day-of (she LOVES these sticker books, and they take a long time to ship). Every year, we affix these Martha Stewart bats to our windows and walls on the eve of Halloween and mini goes crazy for them when she wakes up! Such a fun tradition.

Last year, I didn’t buy mini a specific Halloween day outfit as she wore her costume to school but I have to say that this and this are pretty sweet (and this is absolutely beyond). I am already planning to take her to a pumpkin patch so it could double for that occasion as well. For micro — something like this or this.

P.S. Fall coats and boots for toddler girls.

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4 thoughts on “Halloween Pajamas for Little Ones.

  1. I am so sad for my daughter that Halloween likely won’t take the same form this year, as she LOVES it and all associated decor (especially skulls, skeletons, and dragons. I was shocked last year when she remembered that the house up the street from us had had a huge dragon out the year before). She wants to be a witch again this year and fingers crossed she doesn’t change her mind last minute like she did last year.

    1. I know – these changes to special celebrations for little ones are so sad. She really “got” trick or treating last year and I think she’ll be disappointed. But, what can you do…just make lemonade out of the lemons! More candy at home! xx

  2. Thank you for this! I have a 5 month old and I had looked at Halloween pajamas but it seemed so early to purchase them. I’m always worried about a sudden growth spurt and having seasonal items that are the right size in the wrong season. I didn’t realize how quickly they sold out and just bought the Carter’s set you linked! Xx

    1. I’m a tenured mom and it’s also more or less my job to shop but I’m STILL surprised by how quickly these holiday pajamas sell out — !!! I finally got my act together this year 🙂 I love those Carter’s!!


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