Fall Coats and Shoes for Toddler Girls.

By: Jen Shoop

*Image above from La Coqueta. I adore this coat and am hoping they bring it back in additional colors — ideally navy and pink! — this fall, though the burgundy is fetching, too…

On the heels of planning mini’s back to school look, I started to draw up a list of other fall must-haves for her in my handy Leuchtterm notebook, aka my constant companion as I barrel through my days, jotting down thoughts and adding to lists and doodling in it while on phone calls. So far, I have these items on my tick-list and top contenders alongside:

+Raincoat — I love the ones by Petit Bateau (mini owned one as a baby), as they are made to last and lined in soft cotton, but you can get one that is close to identical at Gap, which I have also purchased mini in sizes past, and from Hiheart for even less (<<have not yet tried this brand but intrigued based on reviews and price!). What I like about the traditional yellow slicker is that it works for either gender so micro can wear mini’s hand-me-down one day. That said, mini currently owns a pink patterned raincoat from TBBC (boy version here) that she has just now outgrown that she has looked precious in! I am likely going to go with the Amazon HiHeart this go around, just to see.

+Dress coat — In seasons past, my two favorite dress coats for mini were this knit Foque (with the little hat — OMG, she was such a dumpling!) and this knit, fur-collar Mayoral (which mini owned in impractical white). She has now sized out of the up-to-36-month sizing of both brands and I am looking for something new and inspiring. My current frontrunner is this lovely LaCoqueta (seen above), which I am assuming they will re-stock closer to autumn, but also remember when Prince George wore that amazing wool coat similar to this? Here is a similar version for girls — the scallop trim is beyond!

+Tights — I always buy these cableknits in multiples. I like the classic look but they are also warmer than your standard tights! I also love these ribbed ones from Jacadi (mini owned a pair of these in gray last fall), though they are crazy expensive.

+Casual socksThese. Over 2,000 five-star reviews. I always buy the children’s socks in all white. Then you’re never searching for mates that go lost in the laundry and they go with everything!

+Fleece — Mini owned this Patagonia last year (currently on sale!) and I’m eyeing this for her this year (also on sale). Patagonias are beautifully made, warm, and hold up well in the wash.

+Dress socks — Love these eyelet trim ones, these picot-edge ones, and, for special occasions, knee socks from Condor.

+Fall everyday coat — Looking for a quilted style for this year and devastated I missed out on this! Joules has chic ones for boys and girls (some on serious sale at Zulily!), Burberry would be the cutest splurge (upside: these coats have serious re-sale potential!), and RL usually releases something a little closer to fall. Eyeing this style for micro already. If I weren’t so hell-bent on something quilted — how amazing is this pink sherpa bomber (under $20!)?!

+Boots — I have been eyeing these since last fall, though so many of the chic downtown children at mini’s school wear biker boots like these last fall and they looked adorably “New York.” I’ll probably go with the Elephantitos. I think they look adorable with jeans and a sweater or cableknit tights and a jumper.

+Dress shoes — I have long been an Elephantito Mary Jane lover, but these similar and slightly less expensive ones by Footmates get amazing reviews. I’ll probably buy a pair in navy patent. For even dressier occasions, I will buy a pair of velvet Mary Janes from ChildrenChic or these showstoppers with a dramatic bow. Though this post is focused on toddler girls, I have to say I love Elephantito loafers for little boys; get the look for less with these.

+Sneakers — Mini always has one or two pairs of Cientas (usually navy t-strap and/or a pastel plimsoll) and sometimes also a pair of Supergas. I love the traditional look of canvas sneakers and the fact that they can be worn with either dresses or shorts/leggings without looking out of place. They can also be tossed in the laundry machine when dirty and can be worn by either gender if purchased in accommodating colors. For this fall, though, I have already added a pair of Vejas to her wardrobe.

+Jeans — I go with Gap for classic slim-fit and Zara for trendier fits/washes.

+Sweaters — I usually buy a navy and a white/ivory cardigan from J. Crew and then look for fun statement pullover styles from BusyBees, H&M, Zara, La Coqueta, and Ralph Lauren. (Most retailers have not yet released cool-weather clothing yet!)

+LeggingsOld Navy. I buy in solid colors. I will often layer some of mini’s transitional dresses that are a little short in length over these leggings to extend the wear of the dress — a lot of La Coqueta dresses (like this) hit above the knee and look adorable paired with coordinating leggings.

+Layering teesH&M, Old Navy, and Petit Peony (run small) for layering under sweaters, but I usually favor a peter pan collar top that can be worn under a jumper, sweater, or with a skirt. I have tried so many different brands and unfortunately I think this is one of those articles worth the investment given how much use I get out of them. My favorites have been ones made in pima cotton (soft, launder well, and last) from Beaufort Bonnet Company, Little English (on sale), CPC (runs small), and Kissy Kissy.

+RainbootsSweet Honey! I used to buy Hunters in classic yellow or green with the intent of handing down to Hill but just could not resist the pastel colors and gingham lining of these.

I will of course add fun specialty outfits and dresses to this list, but those always feel to me better-bought opportunistically, when something jumps out at me (like this — WOW — or is suddenly discounted, like this!), versus in lockstep fashion. The above items, however, are non-negotiables that I must have in place as the school season starts. A few other amazing children’s pieces I’ve come across recently:










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7 thoughts on “Fall Coats and Shoes for Toddler Girls.

  1. I LOVE Kule but I have a hard time getting around the price for basics… any recs for similar lines but more affordable? (For littles and myself!) xo

    1. I totally hear you. $98 for a tee is a hard pill to swallow. I invested in two at full price because they became my absolute UNIFORM for a while: white/dark jeans, a Kule tee, and either ballet flats or sneakers (Superga or GG). BUT you can also often find them at a discount during their annual sale (when they are marked down to like $30) and sometimes at Neimans and Tuckernuck, too, but there aren’t any currently discounted. Will def alert you when they are! Until then, for children, I absolutely love Janie and Jack’s striped tees:

      Hill owns multiple and they are beautifully made, soft, and come in good colors similar to Kule.

      For women, I also own a fairly extensive collection of J. Crew striped tees — they’re nearly always marked down! I will say that J. Crew’s tees have a short lifespan. I think their quality in general is pretty meh. BUT. For the price, for a season or two or three…


  2. This is great!! Want to buy everything. I might try Footmates shoes this fall, too…we have a pair of navy t-straps from L’amour and the Velcro for the strap came unsown from the show pretty quickly. Not sure if that was an individual defect in our pair or if the brand’s quality is just not great. I’m a summer girl 100% so I’m not ready to admit that fall is around the corner! But I might have to start shopping anyway so I don’t miss any good sales…

    1. Hi Stephanie – So interesting you say that about L’Amour. I love their traditional details (especially the tear drop cutouts and the camel color they have) but I also had a less-than-enthusiastic reaction to the quality of the pair of shoes I had for mini from them a year or two ago and have stuck with other brands since. I can say confidently that Elephantito are top notch – beautifully made and they last! Curious to try Footmates this year, too. xxx

  3. I am so excited to buy fall/winter girl clothes again – though my daughter is decidedly less interested. She already told me she doesn’t like coats/jackets and will only wear dresses. I’d say let’s just wait until she experiences winter, but last year when we were in Germany in December (ie, cold), she was running around without a jacket. I got a lot of disapproving looks, but you try to reason with a stubborn then 2.5yo. (I did make sure she had plenty of layers on under her clothes at least!)

    I love the quilted jackets from Joules. My daughter had the cutest pink one when she was little and I bought the navy one in several larger sizes for her (it also matches mine, which I always like).

    I am also tempted to buy a monogrammed pompom knit hat with ear flaps, because they’re so stinking cute, but worry she won’t wear it. May just do it anyways… how cute would it be to have the two kids have matching hats?!

    1. SO cute! Actually the personalized knit hat Hill had his first year was probably my favorite thing he owned last winter. I was absolutely devastated when putting it away in a storage bin. He was just my little dumpling!!! In short: I say go for it. Ha! At least the little one will oblige! And maybe with a lollipop bribe you can at least have one photo of both in them for posterity…


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