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Foliage Consumes Stone.

By: Jen Shoop

Last week, I took my children by my childhood home, a great stone house on the top of a hill in northwest D.C. The hedges and trees that encircle the property — many of which, in my youth, were new plantings at the hands of my father — have matured to the point that the home is nearly invisible behind their green embrace. I craned my neck; I drove around the block; I squinted, as though such maneuverings could brush back the branches and lay bare the edifice beyond.

“You can almost see–” I trailed off, tilting my head, and —

“This is the funniest thing…” I murmured, peering at the branches, audience only to my uninterested children. I eventually drove away empty-handed though not downcast, curiously finding myself captivated rather than frustrated by the obstruction. The foliage had consumed the stone.

I had been dwelling, the previous few weeks, on a lost girlhood friendship. You see, I lost two close friends in my 20s, one to cancer and the other to — to —

I don’t know what. I have spent over a decade feeling my way around the bruise, hypothesizing about the cause of injury. Even though our breakup felt in some ways like a slow motion car crash, both of us bracing ourselves well before impact, shards and debris visibly gleaming with danger before the sluicing, I still could not tell you the exact sequence of events, or who hit whom, or exactly when or where the collision took place. Just that, all these years later, I still find myself tender to touch when her name materializes. Moving home has splintered planks and dislodged earth in the carefully erected fence between us, and, though she no longer lives here, I find her woven winningly into the near-physical memories waiting at every familiar corner and streetlight of my new-again home here in the D.C. area.

I think, perhaps, this is the way:

To let those branches, now dense and full with age and new growth, soften and screen the dense beyond.

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7 thoughts on “Foliage Consumes Stone.

  1. Yes… I just reread this post as it has stayed with me, and the more I think about it, the more the image of foliage covering stone resonates with me. I have a particular friendship that floated off in perhaps a similar way, and I have struggled for years to wrap my head around the loss. I think what I love most about the image is the ultimate hopefulness of it. Growth and renewal are such lovely, life-affirming images, and the idea of branches growing over a foundational relationship of my youth and of my coming into myself is comforting. Thank you for this…

    1. Hi Susan – Thank you so much for sharing this, and for taking the time to write in a few days after the past. To be honest, writing this post was cathartic to me, too. It wasn’t until I sat down to write about driving by my childhood home that everything came into focus, and the imagery was similarly restorative and hopeful for me. Thank you, friend!


  2. I so agree with you, regarding list friendships and “To let those branches, now dense and full with age and new growth, soften and screen the dense beyond”. OMG! You captured it so well! You are so beautifully articulate and I love your descriptions. They resonate with me. Thank you for sharing these thoughts, because honestly I thought I was the only one who changed (or pulverized) a friendship! I still grieve the loss, and feel so responsible for it all! How can you be best friends one day then bam! Ugh! The heartache i chase from my thoughts several times a week never go away.
    Love your words!

    1. Hi Cynthia – Thank you so much for this note! You are definitely not alone. I have commiserated with many friends about the loss of friendships, and it is a seriously difficult experience. I think female friendships can run so deep — there have been periods of my life so deeply entwined with the lives of friends that it’s hard to remember where my story stops and my friends’ begin. Anyway, hang in there. Feeling all the feels right alongside you!


  3. I can so relate to this. And I love the imagery of allowing time and age to soften and screen the tender parts. I will lean into this as I blindly navigate my way through. And yet…. How? Practically speaking. It’s always a balance, of course. But it’s hard to nail down specifics, isn’t it? (At least for me).

    1. Hi Danielle – I totally know what you mean. The in between parts are so painful and awkward, fraught with heartache and missteps and cringes. The only way out is through though — hang in there!


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