February Etsy Finds.

By: Jen Shoop

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01. I bought these reusable Easter “coins” last year (seen above!) to fill our Easter eggs with (versus candy). They are so adorable and thoughtful — my only word of advice is being sparing with them. Altogether, it’s a lot of commitments…! (Aside: my MIL found the woven bunny basket seen above from Michael’s last year, but these are very similar at Crate and Barrel. They also have these really cute quilted ones (good if you’re an apartment-dweller / short on space — they can lay flat), and then of course I still regret not investing in the Ballard ones when they were younger, but we just couldn’t have stowed them while we lived in NYC.

02. Speaking of Easter, I am ordering this adorable Easter mantel decoration from Elizabeth Harbour, inspired by a Magpie who wrote to say she has this one!

03. Chic enclosure cards for a little boy.

04. Fun colorful woven iPhone cases.

05. Personalized bead kit. Great gift for a little girl!

06. Liberty of London applique monogram lumbar pillow – so sweet as the finishing touch in a girl’s room.

07. We have and love the melamine plates, bowls, and mugs from Mayfly and JuneBug — these Easter ones are precious!

08. Gorgeous bird feeder for the yard.

09. Montessori-style book caddies.

10. I read an article on how the carabiner-style necklaces have been majorly trending lately from high-end jewelers — get the look with this Etsy beauty.

11. Liberty headbands. So sweet for Easter for a little lady.

12. Toddler initial sweatshirts.

13. I love to throw these little sensory play jars into my children’s Easter baskets. A great Easter morning activity.

14. Garden stakes.

15. Raffia mules.

P.S. Every phase is a good phase.

P.P.S. How do you get your children to eat? (Comments are so helpful.)

P.P.P.S. Landon in Lyon.

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2 thoughts on “February Etsy Finds.

  1. So happy you got the Elizabeth Harbour! I never regret spending on original art, and her things are so sturdy too. Here’s my Easter Etsy favorites: https://www.etsy.com/people/keelis/favorites/easter?ref=profile

    My nana had a little twig tree with painted wooden Easter ornaments, a copy of the Bunny’s Nutshell Library, and always served butter shaped like a lamb alongside the meal, though my favorite decoration was a little egg with feet coming out the bottom and a flowered straw hat. Her sister had made it, and we called the egg Abigail.
    The nutshell library is collectible and hard to find, but you can find some of the stories on YouTube. They’re charming. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4YmxWmSvog

    An unrelated recommendation, though perhaps a little young for mini, micro may prefer: Zog (and the sequel Zog and the Flying Doctors) were made into 20-minute TV movies, and they’re so soothing and rhyming, my son adores them. We own them but I think Prime may have them as well.

    1. Love all of this – thank you so much for sharing these links and memories! LOVE the idea of butter in a lamb shape. Might still the idea of forming butter into little molds, actually – so retro and fun.


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