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Favorite Recent Finds.

By: Jen Shoop

A two-part digest of pieces I have been loving lately…part one: mainly muted pastels, blues, and greens.

pastel blog finds

CABBAGE PLATES. Have long loved the look of Bordallo Pinheiro’s cabbage plates, especially when used as dessert places or chargers. If you’re not ready to commit to a set of plates, you could start with a platter in the design. Also love these plates as wall decor, as demonstrated to profoundly chic effect above. Terrain also sells a similar cabbage style individually, and in even more colors.

POLKA DOT DRESS. I’ll never forget a Magpie reader commenting that “all men love a polka dot.” Can’t unhear that and couldn’t agree more — this lovely silk dress in the prettiest shade of blue has my heart eyes. I love (!) the cinching detail at the waist, which is very Brock Collection-esque.

ENAMEL PENDANTS. Cannot get over the shape and color of these beautiful pendant lights, which could totally transform a room. More chic lighting ideas here.

NEW BALANCE 327s. In the chicest combo of dusty blues.

SEA THANDIE DRESS. Love everything about this style from the color to the embroidery to the cut.

ETIENNE WRITING DESK. Just the most gorgeous style for a ladylike office. I feel like I’d be busy with “correspondence” at a desk like this. Ha. It looks vintage! A lot of you loved the simple lines of this unfussy writing desk from Pottery Barn I shared a week or two back.

FRAME SWEATSHIRT. Elevated athleisure. I’d do tone-on-tone and match with the chambray blue Lululemon aligns.

TODDLER HANGERS. Wrote about these recently, but they are just the best for optimizing and streamlining a closet.

GLASS SPRAY BOTTLES. Why not make housekeeping chic with these?

SCALLOPED PLASTIC PLATES. Great plates for bearing homemade treats to next door neighbors and not worrying about retrieving your serving platter.

STAINLESS STEEL SOAP PUMP. Replacing soap bottles with these in our house and will just buy larger refill bags of soap from now on.

LACOSTE TODDLER POLO. Love the color of this heathered blue polo.

And part two of my current obsession list, in more of a fall color palette…

fall 2021 blog finds

ULLA JOHNSON PATCHWORK DRESS. Beyond stunning — my top pick for a fall/winter statement dress.

TIWI SHADES. These $110 statement sunnies are beyond.


THOUSAND JR. CHILDREN’S BIKE HELMET. Why not cruise in style?

OLD NAVY BABY SHERPA VEST. Love the pink piping so much.

FABRIZIO VITI CLOGS. Have y’all heard enough about clogs from me yet? Haha.

BAMBOO CUTLERY. To go with the cabbage plates! It’s a lewk.

LOEFFLER RANDALL PLAID PLATFORMS. Drooling over these for fall.

CIAO LUCIA DRESS. Majorly love this blockprint style for easing into fall.

GOLDEN GOOSE TODDLER SNEAKERS. Would love to splurge on these for mini for the school year, but knowing that she frequently outgrows shoes mid-season is steering me towards these Vejas instead, or maybe even the $20 Target lookalikes!


LAST LUG SOLE BOOTS. I keep coming back to these…will have to think on how to style them to fit my vibe.

REPLAY SIPPY CUPS. Trying to move away from the Nuk soft spouts to these for micro before trading in for proper cups.

P.S. What are five surprising facts about you?

P.P.S. “And this was maybe why I tended to do well on tests at school: I was self-diminishingly vigilant and obsequious to others, and academics was one way to shine brightly while observing silence and harming no one. It was an aggressive sport with no obvious victim, and I was viciously competitive in its play.” More on me in high school here.

P.P.P.S. How do you gain a sense of perspective?

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