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Family Portraits.

By: Jen Shoop

I am hoping to arrange a proper family portrait this summer. It feels like we’ve reached the right age and life stage where such formalities are appropriate — and I’ve realized, with increasing chagrin, that the number of photos we have of all of us together are few and far between. We also live across the street from Central Park and how can I pass up the opportunity to document this moment in our lives, when we are so close to such a beautiful urban landmark? I’m wondering if it would be too much to try to coordinate the portrait with micro’s Baptism in late summer — would be lovely to get photos not only in the Church but outside, in the park, in that late-August haze…

During recent sleepless nights, I have taken to daydreaming about what we might wear for such an occasion. I like the idea of something classic and timeless, but know Mr. Magpie will cringe at anything too matchy-matchy. Below, a couple of thoughts:

Family Portrait Outfit: Breezy Florals and Linens.

On me: Floral maxi (get the look for less with this or this midi-length style) with Polly Plume slides.

On Mr. Magpie: Linen suit jacket and linen trousers, Gucci drivers, Garrett Leight sunglasses, Ferragamo pocket square.

On mini: Floral dress (or this dress or this romper set), Namoo mary janes.

On micro: La Stupenderia linen romper (more on this epic brand and where to get it for less here) or this little suit (dying).

Family Outfit: Classic Blue + Whites.

On me: Staud dress with my Newbark bow slides or this stark white dress with these wedges.

On Mr. Magpie: white linen button-down, Sir Jack’s oyster belt (Mr. Magpie owns this exact style), blue linen trousers, Stubbs & Wootton slippers or mid-blue Tods.

On mini: this linen dress, these espadrilles — or this lovely La Coqueta and Elephantito mary janes.

On micro: gingham romper or this classic bloomer set, Baypods.

Family Outfit: All White Everything.

On me: this LSF dress (look for less with this).

On Mr. Magpie: classic RL oxford, khakis.

On mini: Luli & Me smocked dress or white pinafore dress.

On micro: Linen blend romper.

Family Outfit: Casual East Coast Navy Blue Look.

On me: navy crewneck sweater, white cropped pants, Chanel espadrilles. Or this denim dress withthese earrings.

On Mr. Magpie: flag sweater, navy pants, boat shoes. If wearing a sport coat look: this pocket square.

On mini: chambray dress or an anchor top and white jeans. Navy bow, of course.

On micro: navy sweater, jeans, canvas sneakers. Or this flag cotton coverall.

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P.P.P.S. Just refreshed my baby registry to reflect some new discoveries and revisions. This is one of my most-visited and most-requested posts!

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10 thoughts on “Family Portraits.

  1. Professional family photos are a luxury we make room in the budget for every year or every other year – so worth it!!

    A thought: this is a post that would have so benefitted from the carousel at the bottom – would have loved to picture the looks together without opening a zillion tabs! 🙂

    1. Thanks for the feedback!! And – I agree. I think I will be a convert to the family portrait 🙂 xxx

  2. When we lived in NYC we used Keetch Miller for our newborn photos – I gaze at them lovingly everyday. She doesn’t do cutesie posed photos, instead she captures the essence of the family and the moment. Happy to share a more detailed review – but I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!!!

    Could you do a post on nursing-friendly clothes and your plans – I feel like this was one area I was really unprepared for last time.

    And enjoy these lovely and intense last few weeks as a trio!

    1. Thanks for sharing your source! I like the photojournalistic bent of her work!

      And yes — will do a nursing friendly post soon. Thanks for the idea!


  3. These themes are all so gorgeous and would each make a great, classic family photo. My parents took one with our whole family soon after my youngest sibling was born, everyone dressed in white — such a classic look. We also did one a few years later with the boys in navy blazers & white pants and the girls in blue & white floral dresses — loved that combo, too! I love all of your thoughts here, though.

  4. My good friend is a photographer and her style is natural and lovely, just in case! Her name is CJ and her company is called Charlie Juliet Photography.

    I treasure the professional family photographs we have together, not that they were easy to take, ha! But, well worth the effort in the end.

  5. You all would look stunning in ANY of these outfits! Especially loving that floral maxi…

    There’s a new-to-me brand I’ve been loving, the UK based Day Dress (day.dress on Instagram). I am generally a big fan of these oversized Indian blockprint designs with a somewhat more muted color palette than say, SZ Blockprints. As a doyenne of gorgeous fashion finds, curious if you’ve come across any similar dresses at a lower price point? The 300 pound price tag is a little steep for me! xx

    1. Aw — thank you! A doyenne! ME?! 🙂

      I’m loving that Day Dress label (thanks for the intro). A similar brand that came to mind was Emerson Fry’s India Collection, which another Magpie recommended a few weeks back:

      They have a couple of breezy caftan-style pieces that are a little more muted in palette. I’ll keep my eyes open for other options!


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