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Easy Everyday Pieces from Frank & Eileen.

By: Jen Shoop

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I have been eyeing Frank & Eileen pieces for a long time now – several Magpies have raved about the quality of their lounge/travel sets in particular, and now I understand why. These pieces are easy and chic to wear together, or mix into my weekly wardrobe. The Patrick henley (comes in lots of colors, and two different materials) is the perfect alternative to a white tee. It’s a midweight, structured cotton with a perfectly casual dropped shoulder seam. I love the unfinished edges and boxy fit. I often throw it on with my favorite jeans for an effortless, comfortable, but polished everyday look. I paired here with Frank & Eileen’s iconic Murphy pant, aka “The Billion Dollar Pant.” I find these run just shy of TTS (a tad snug) but have a good amount of stretch in them, and are a legging’s dressier older sister. I like the way they look with a casual sneaker or ballet flat, but also appealing that you could tuck them into a boot.

frank and eileen patrick henley

I was excited to test out their widely-loved fleece sets. I’m wearing the Montauk set in white below. This is the kind of set I would wear while traveling. I am headed down to Charlottesville soon and this is my planned travel day outfit — comfortable, polished, easy to layer with. The pieces also work fantastically as separates, and you can buy them individually as well (capelet here; joggers here). I specifically like to wear this capelet (and the Effie, seen further down in this post) with jeans and leggings. Honestly, the short sleeves are a God-send for mom life, where I am constantly rolling up my sleeves to wash dishes, run baths, clean up spills, etc.

I also tested the Aspen set in ice blue. I absolutely love the fit of the Catherine sweatpants. If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know I set out to find the perfect sweatpants awhile ago, and these pants are it for me. I find the wide leg crop is my best bet as a petite (I’m 5’0) so I’m not constantly adjusting hem. And I adore the long-sleeved “Effie capelet,” which is one of Frank & Eileen’s bestsellers. You will get a ton of wear out of this one. She’s both dressed down thanks to the raw edges and dressed up thanks to the elegant rolled neck. The length of these capelets (but the Effie and the Audrey) appeals: they cover the rear if wearing leggings. A great alternative to a standard fit sweatshirt.

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4 thoughts on “Easy Everyday Pieces from Frank & Eileen.

  1. Apologies for leaving an unrelated comment on a post but I am a new-ish reader and LOVE how thoughtfully you and your husband approach meal prep, cooking and dinner party menus! (You mentioned meal planning for your toddlers in a previous post and I’m like don’t leave me hanging on what the plan is?!I have scoured your previous food and drink related posts and would love if you could share your recommendations for pots, pans, cooking utensils and servingware! I am ready to splurge after moving into a new house and am trying to set my kitchen so I can actually cook and enjoy!

    1. Hi Nina! Thank you so much for the lovely note! I have a few posts that might be good starting points on our favorite kitchen gear…

      But re: pots and pans, I can’t encourage you more to invest in All Clad stainless steel, especially the 1 qt and 4 qt saucepans and an 8″ skillet, the three of which we more or less use daily. Then you need a Staub Dutch oven (larger the better, but 8 qt is a good size) and a Lodge cast iron skillet. Those will get you 90% of the way through any cooking adventure!!!


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