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Dorsey Holiday Jewelry Try-On.

By: Jen Shoop

I was surprised to find that this post reviewing a couple of pieces from Dorsey, a company that sells lab-grown sapphire jewelry, has been one of my most popular installments this year. This post is not sponsored, but I did reach out to the brand and ask whether they might be willing to loan me a few pieces to try-on / share with you all, as I think these would be excellent purchases for the holiday season (not to mention great gifts to ask for), and they happily obliged. You can find a detailed review of their Clemence Necklace, their Kate Riviere necklace, and their small heart ID necklace in this post. I believe that their Kate necklace is their “iconic” piece — a timeless, heirloom-style necklace that made my mother’s head spin — but I find the Clemence the easiest to dress up/down and I wear their heart ID necklace almost daily, layered with a Jane Win pendant.

Today, I want to share a few other pieces of theirs, up close and personal. My new favorite style are their Margaux earrings [Ed. note: these sold out, but these are highly similar]. They sent me these to keep (!) and I have been wearing them non-stop. I’m usually a pearl stud girl (have been wearing pearl studs since I was maybe 15 years old), but I find myself reaching for these most days of the week, even with casual attire. They are not as oversized or costume-y as I’d anticipated — they feel like an elegant “upgrade” to my daily wardrobe. (You can even see me wearing them on my travel day, with my go-to travel wardrobe, here.) They also work beautifully with evening wear. Traveling with them made me realize what an ideal investment piece they are, as you can pack one pair of earrings that will work whether you’re attending a wedding, having dinner with girlfriends, or going wine-tasting. They have a French clip back that is surprisingly comfortable and does not pull on the ear in any way. They are lighter-weight than I anticipated, too. The only situation in which I had to take them off was while wearing my new noise-canceling headphones on the plane. (I’m trying, very hard, and with limited success, not to make my headphones my whole personality, but they are just so good.) Anyhow, I’m wearing immediately below with my favorite Clemence necklace layered on top of the Kate 3.75mm Riviere necklace for a little extra bling. You can also see me wearing their Kate 3.75mm bracelet below. The Kate bracelet is even easier to mix into a daily wardrobe, I think, than the Kate necklace. It’s easy to stack with.

I restyled below with their James Bezel necklace (15″). This has a more modern feel than the Kate, although I did find it flipped over a bit while photographing.

Below, I layered a few of their different riviere necklaces / lengths for comparison sake. The shortest one is my Kate 15″, and the two longer ones are their Moss 16″ and 18″ styles. You can tell the size difference between the sapphires in this photo — my 15″ has 3.75mm stones and the Moss ones (longer ones) have 3mm stones. I really liked the look of the Moss 16″ style — it lays flat against the neck and looks daintier than my Kate, which suggested to me it would be easier to style in a stack. That said, one of the questions I’ve fielded a lot about the Kate Riviere is whether it flips over — it does not. I have had no issue with this. It did take a minute to figure out how to put it on by myself and have the gemstones facing upright / out, but once I got the hang of it, it’s been fine.

Next: a close-up of a few of their bracelet options below. From left to right: Kate 3mm bracelet; Kate 3.75mm bracelet; and Benedetta bracelet.

The TL;DR is that if I were going to buy a piece of jewelry from Dorsey for the season ahead (or drop a big hint of a loved one), I would go for the earrings, as I wear them constantly and I find them easy to dress up or down. One earring that takes you from coffee to cocktails. I wonder if this is idiosyncratic to me, though, as I always like a slightly dressier earring (hello, I sleep and play golf in pearl studs). If I were interested in a necklace, I would ask for either the Clemence or the 16″ Moss riviere necklace with the 3mm stones. I love the Kate, don’t get me wrong, but I think the scale of the Moss would be easier to blend in with a daily wardrobe? It plays especially nicely with other pieces and lays flat at the perfect part of the neck.

Finally, I feel I would be remiss if I did not mention that their Clemence bracelet, not seen here, made its way into my “meaningful gifts for women” guide, as it is under $150 but seriously beautiful, easy to wear, and goes with nearly any woman’s style (edgy! classic! dainty! modern!)

P.S. Lots of great holiday outfit inspo here and here.

P.P.S. Updated my Shopbop hearts this week. So many beautiful new arrivals.

P.P.P.S. You are not a project.

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8 thoughts on “Dorsey Holiday Jewelry Try-On.

    1. Hi! This dress is old, from the brand Misa LA! I haven’t seen anything super similar out this season but will keep my eyes peeled.


  1. I’d love to see a photo of you wearing the cocktail ring to gauge size if you can incorporate it into a future post. Thank you.

  2. Hi, thanks for the great post. Did you have a preference for the kate bracelet 3mm or 3.75 mm for daily wear? Thank you

    1. So glad you found it helpful! Personal preference, but I would rec the 3mm. I think it blends more easily and looks a bit daintier on the wrist. Caveat: I am petite (5’0) and my wrists are especially small. But this would be what I would buy a sister/friend/girlfriend if I were buying for her.


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