Cute Finds for Little Ones.

By: Jen Shoop

A few adorable recent finds for littles…

+Lacoste long sleeved polos, on sale for 30% off, in good colors like white, navy, etc! AHH! They are selling quickly. Managed to snag one navy in a size up for micro. He lives in these!

+These limited-edition cashmere sweaters and onesies for babies — swoon! I’m thinking I’ll send one of these for the next baby born in my network! Too sweet.

+Adore this rosebud knit dress. Can be layered over white leggings and beneath a white cardigan as we ease into spring.

+I am absolutely in love with Minnow’s Spring collection. My cart is full at the moment with these terry dresses, these terry shorts and polos, and this polka dot dress.

+Speaking of Minnow, this $13 suit serves up major Minnow vibes — I just bought for mini!

+This smocked chambray dress. The brand has the most thoughtful details; they specifically design clothes to stretch for more than one season. In this case, the side ties can be adjusted as child grows.

+Just a reminder that Cientas are on sale for 40% off here in fantastic colors.

+We’ve had two major snowfalls here in D.C. over the last few weeks and I am so bad — I neglected to buy snow gloves AND snow boots. I had everything else but they both outgrew their boots before the first snowfall so just had to use rainboots, which are not insulated! Anyway, eyeing these mittens (love the elastic strap around the wrist idea and great colors) or these (you know I swear by this brand for snow and rain gear, but $42 is pricey for limited-use gloves — maybe if we skied regularly, or still lived in Chicago I could justify?). For snow boots — AH. I am totally torn because I doubt we’ll get more snow this year (two large snowfalls was very unusual for the area) and so I kind of want to just make do with rainboots and invest in some proper ones next year? But why do I want these for mini?

+I am OVER THE MOON about these 7AM Enfant scooter mitts. Absolutely brilliant for my Manhattan moms who know how often their babies scoot from point A to point B. At our school in NYC, we had “scooter parking” for the children!

+Darling bow cardigan and leggings.

+I could weep over the details on this Proper Peony dress. Just perfect.

+Adorable $10 sherpa fleece in fantastic colors.

+$18 tutu.

+I adore these striped shortalls for a little man — European styling and fit. Just perfect. Feeling weepy those days are gone for us! I’m glad I did it up while he was little. He wore a TON of the similar styles from Busy Bees; this one was my favorite. I loved it so much I bought it in multiple sizes. I’d pair with these little red Keds. Meep!

+During the colder months when he was younger, I dressed him in these La Coqueta cords and knit sets, both currently on sale! BTW – this brand runs small. I stuffed him into these Christmas overalls (also on sale — if you have a baby boy, buy now for next year!) this year in a size 3 and he barely fit. It was the last Christmas I thought I could get away with him in longalls since we toilet trained him right after the holidays, and then I feel badly if he can’t access the toilet without help undressing.

+This sailor-style drop waist dress and this smocked polka dot dress are currently in my cart for mini. Absolutely adorable.

+Cute printed camisoles for little ladies.

+This adorable winter coat is now on sale.

P.S. Layette and newborn baby finds.

P.P.S. I am still shaken up about micro’s sudden transition to school. I have not yet adjusted!

P.P.P.S. Valentine’s Day card ideas!

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