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Bring on the Rain.

By: Jen Shoop

I had no idea what a Wellie was until my second year of college, when – all of the sudden – Hunter boots were everywhere, multiplying before my eyes in a rainbow of colors on the legs of every Jane, Judy, and Jill sprinting down the Lawn en route to class or traipsing around the corner at the first sign of inclement weather.  Though I bought my first pair in lipstick pink, I’ve thankfully evolved a bit since my college days, when I waltzed around grounds in a cloud of Ralph Lauren Romance, still shopped at Abercrombie & Fitch, and was leaning tragically hard into the lingerie top trend – and thus have settled into a pair of more gallant olive green ones for the past several years.

These afford the impression of excursions to fox or horse country, even if they will only see the far murkier grime and subterranean animalia of the Manhattan subway for the foreseeable future.

Still, a good pair of rainboots are a member of the wardrobe staple elite: a workhorse you need.  They are durable, timeless, and curiously resistant to (or rather compliant with?) trend and even season, for that matter.

I found them on sale in a few colors here in case you’re in the market for your own pair.  I love that boat blue hue in particular!

I have loved seeing mini strut around in her rubber-duck-yellow rainboots, too.  (And she currently rocks a TBBC slickervery lightweight and appropriate for the still-warm weather – though in the past has worn styles from both Gap and Petit Bateau, the latter of which you can sometimes score in very gently used condition here.  Have also been eyeing these similarly styled ones – for a fraction of the price! — for micro.)

For me, I am swooning over the Stutterheim rubberized raincoats, which suddenly seem de rigueur and I have seen popping up everywhere.  Love the cut and colors!

A few other wardrobe musts.

I’ve written about this elsewhere, but these are hand to God the best umbrellas on earth.  They are extremely small and lightweight (you could toss it into your work bag on a daily basis without adding much to your load) but highly sturdy and well-made (i.e., won’t flip inside out at the first gust of wind). 

A recipe for a rainy day.

This might be a good back-up diaper bag for rainy days…lightweight, waterproof, not overly precious, and monogrammable.  I like it in the army green with that Gucci-esque webbing strap.

How cute are these PVC (water-friendly) sneaks for mini!?

My nails are either white-pink or fire engine red.  This (“matter of fiction”) is my current favorite in the former category.

Are you squared away for Halloween this year?

I am dying over these snakeskin sneaks.  How chic with black skinnies and an oversized white blouse

Cute overalls for micro this winter.

When mini visited my grandparents a month ago, she was very into puzzles, which I hadn’t thought she was old enough for.  She proved me wrong!  Just ordered her these.

All the sweaters.

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8 thoughts on “Bring on the Rain.

  1. I live in Portland where it rains (more or less) around the clock from November to April and curiously, no one uses rain gain here. You *might* see an umbrella in a downpour but otherwise, people simply wear their normal winter clothes. I packed all my rain jackets and boots away after a few weeks here because they felt rather gauche. When I know I have a long walking commute in the rain, I turn to a well waterproofed pair of Frye moto boots and add a hood to my oiled Barbour. When in Rome!

    I’ve also had a few pairs of Hunters and always recommend the packable version- much less clunky and easier to move in!


  2. Hunter boots are so nostalgic to me! I only very recently sold my first pair (the Original Tall in hunter green) that I bought in 2005. They really did hold up so well! Lately, I’ve been appreciating a shorter-shaft rain boot, and Everlane’s have really fit the bill. I love their #oldceline-esque look.

    Love that mini is into puzzles! My friend’s son, who is around her age, LOVES them and is kind of a whiz at them. So funny how tiny children surprise with their ability to tackle things that are complex & that initially appear to be beyond their abilities. It’s inspiring! xx

    1. I’ve seen lower shaft styles I like, too, including a cool pair by Loeffler Randall (we share an obsession with that line) from a few seasons back that I wish I’d gotten!


  3. If any readers have a Costco membership, there are tall and short Hunter boots for nearly half of the normal price online!

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