Ask Magpie: Cold Weather Gear for Kids, Everyday Mascara, + More.

By: Jen Shoop

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In today’s Ask Magpie installment, sharing some questions I’ve answered for Magpies one-on-one over the past week or two…

Q: How does the J. Crew metallic turtleneck run?

A: Maybe just shy of TTS. It doesn’t have as much stretch in it as their typical tissue turtlenecks because of the metallic threading, but I still took an XS and it fits great, and so would advise taking your true size. You can see me in it here and here. A great holiday wardrobe addition. Upgrade pick: Majestic Filatures.

Q: Favorite everyday mascara?

A: Just ordered this one that has been getting rave reviews (and I generally love everything Westman Atelier does), but for the past few weeks, I’ve been using Merit’s Clean Lash for everyday. It is so, so good at separating lashes! I’ve never seen anything like it — your lashes multiply! I normally avoid tubing mascaras (such a pain to remove!), but this one is not as agonizing to remove. I usually am able to get most of it off just while washing my face like usual with warm water. I also really love Ilia’s Limitless Lash for daytime (natural, non-clumpy, but lengthening) and Giorgio Armani’s Eyes to Kill is my forever favorite, but it’s inkier and more dramatic. Thank you for asking this question because mascara is my absolute favorite beauty product on the planet! If I could only take three cosmetics with me to a desert island, they would be mascara, concealer, and blush. Probably in that order. I feel like a defined lash makes me look awake, alert, feminine! Love to accent the eyes.

Q: What was the neutral nubby cardigan you mentioned recently? Had pockets.

A: This Alex Mill!

Q: What were the snow boots you recommended for kids?

A: We love these ones from Kuling. Easy to pull on/off but have a toggle at the shin so you can cinch. Have an impressively heavy bottom that really keeps feet dry and warm.

Q: What about the snow bibs? How does the sizing run?

A: We love the ones from Northern Classics. Very well-made with a minimalist design. My kids have been wearing them for skating lessons as the temps dip, too. I’d say they run generally TTS but my typical strategy is to buy a size up for the first year so they can stretch for two seasons. A little bit oversized is no big deal! I bought the 4 for Hill when he was 3, and the 6 for Emory when she was 5, and they’ve been fine both last year and this one. My advice (if you have multiple kids) is to buy a gender neutral color like navy or white so they can be handed down and can be easily mixed/matched with outerwear.

Q: How is the pant length on the Kilte cashmere set?

A: I am 5’0 and they skim but do not drag on the floor. See below! I will typically wear this around the house, so just plan to pair with my slippers and it won’t be an issue.

Q: Gloves for kids?

A: We have the snow mittens from Northern Classics, too, but my kids generally avoid mittens in favor of gloves so they can play / climb / etc more easily. I like to buy these cheapie 3-packs from H&M — colors are good/neutral and you won’t be annoyed when a pair or two go missing!

Q: Where are your two heart necklaces from?

A: The smaller one is Dorsey and I had it engraved with E+H for my two babies, and the longer one is Jane Win, and I had it engraved with my husband’s initials!

Q: Rec for a puffer vest to layer?

A: Lululemon (really good color options right now), Alpha Industries, or Moncler ($$$$).

Q: What coat do you wear with a formal dress?

A: For full-length/floor-length/tea-length, I would advise something that intentionally hits at waist or hip, and specifically love a feathered jacket for this situation, or something like this shearling. If you wear a standard-length wool coat that hits right at knee or calf, it will look sloppy. If the dress is shorter, a long wool coat (also love this simple black one) or tweed coat.

Q: What size do you take in the Gap kick fits?

A: I take my true size but in the petite inseam. Fits like a guh-love.

Q: Edgy cocktail dress for a holiday party in NYC. Downtown vibe.

A: This ALC (more sizes here) or this Doen.

Q: Rehearsal dinner dress for wedding in Aspen in spring. “Upscale Western.”


Q: Puffer in a fun color?

A: Does gold count? Love this one — it’s at the top of my wishlist. This J. McLaughlin is fun in the pale pink, and Gap always does great colors.

Q: Dress coat for my five year old daughter.

A: I love these ones from La Coqueta (bought for mini in the green this year) but Gap has an adorable pea coat option with precious gold buttons. The website doesn’t do it justice — snapped this one in the store this week. It’s currently (at time of writing!) on sale for around $70.

P.S. More outerwear favorites for us and our littles.

P.P.S. “You can change who you are at any time, and with nobody’s permission.”

P.P.P.S. What is it about John Mayer?

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