What’s in My Diaper Bag.

By: Jen Shoop

[Ed. note: I updated this post in March 2019 after its original publication in June 2017.]  It’s two-post Thursday, so a second, non-mini-oriented post will be up later today — check back in mah friends.

Also, the title of this post is a bit of a misnomer because I have been determined not to use a diaper bag, per se.  I instead decided to find a lightweight tote that I love and can use whether or not mini is in tow.  Mr. Magpie gifted me a Goyard St. Louis tote (not available for purchase online — I believe you can only get them from select Neimans and Barneys around the country, but The Real Real carries a whole bunch of gently used ones in great condition, like this white one!)  The key to making this plan work is keeping the rest of my baby gear and personal items in separate pouches — this way, when I’m dashing off to a work meeting or appointment without mini, I can just remove her items quickly and be on my way.  I use a ToteSavvy mini ($44)  to keep most of her items organized, and then throw a few other pieces into one of these monogrammable wet bags, which are GENIUS because they’re lined in easy-to-wipe-down plastic in the event you find yourself with dirty clothes (spit-up, blow-out, etc.).  That way, you can separate and store the soiled items in your purse.  (I also just ordered this precious monogrammed banana leaf  print wet bag from Etsy.)

The Fashion Magpie Whats In My Purse

The Fashion Magpie Whats In My Purse

You’ll note from the snaps above that I am never without my Kindle Paperwhite (more on my love for this magical device under the #Turbothot here), and I sneak in a few pages whenever and wherever possible; my keys (duh) on this monogrammed Cuyana key ring ($55); and one of my several Gathre changing mats (one shown above is in a limited edition print, $30).  I love those mats so much!  They’re easy to clean, they fold up into a tiny square–and you know I can’t say no to a cute print.  During these summer months, I have been wearing these pink Wildfox shades (exact style has been discontinued, but you can find them on eBay here or go with this updated style) all day erryday.  I like that they add a little funk and whimsy to even the stodgiest of outfits.

The Fashion Magpie Wet Bag Baby Clothes

The Fashion Magpie Diaper Bag Essentials

For mini’s items, in her wet bag:

+A swaddle (the one shown above is from this Aden + Anais set, 4 for $49);

+A bib (Aden + Anais, 3 for $19 — incidentally, I really like these bibs because they snap on the side instead of behind baby’s neck, the latter of which can be kind of a pain sometimes with baby’s little infant head flopping around!);

+A wubbanub pacifier for emergency occasions ($14);

+A backup onesie (I LOVE the ones from 1212 — the softest cotton EVER!);

+I almost always have some hairbows floating around, too — I love the ones from PoppyBows on Etsy.

In my Totesavvy, I keep:

+A bottle (Comotomo);

+A wipes dispenser (OXO, $8);

+Hand sanitizer;

+Infant sunscreen during these summer months (Babyganics, $15 for set of 4 tubes);

+Pacifier wipes ($4) — am I the only one totally grossed out by the thought of keys, dirty restaurant surfaces, etc. touching the pacifier?!

+Mustela facial wipes ($8).

Not pictured, but also in tow in other compartments:

+Diapers (duh — I always have three on hand);

+OXO formula dispenser ($5);

+Baby emory board (Rhoost, $6 for pack of 10) — baby nails grow SO quickly and snag so easily; I swear I’ll trim them one night and the next they’ll be all jagged and scratchy!  Having these on hand is helpful.  I use these nail scissors to trim them properly at home.

Then, I keep my must-have items in a separate little pouch (Truffle, $38):

+Prada card case ($250);

+Le Pen ($6 for 3 — MY FAVORITE writing implement for those of us with miniscule, tidy handwriting; it has the most tiny, precise tip!);

+My everyday lip color: Nars’ Roman Holiday ($28 — and BTW, I included this in a list of 10 of my favorite daily products — THE BEST);

+Monogrammed keychain (Cuyana, $55).

The Fashion Magpie Diaper Bag

Lastly, a few items I throw in there depending on the circumstance:

+At a restaurant/if I’ll be out for awhile, I bring a toy or teether to entertain mini.  She loves Sophie the Giraffe ($24).

+Nursing cover ($20).

+Chanel wallet (similar, gently used one here).

P.S.  10 life-changing baby products and what to pack in a hospital bag.

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6 thoughts on “What’s in My Diaper Bag.

  1. Hi! Do you use the smaller PM or the larger GM? I wanted to get the PM to use as a diaper bag but am worried it will be too small…

    1. Hi Amy! Don’t fret: I have the PM! It’s maybe a little snug but you can absolutely get by with most of your essentials for a day out and about. I personally prefer that it’s a little smaller; the GM is enormous and a little too slouchy/oversized for what I need on a daily basis.


  2. I’m jealous of your ability to be so chic and streamlined! I have a ton of pouches for organizing the baby’s diaper bag (my husband wants to know why I need so many “small bags to put into a big bag”, as he puts it), but still feel like I am hauling around way too much stuff. How small does the Gathre mat fold up? Maybe THAT’S the trick….

    1. Haha! Totally — my bags are always full of smaller bags. The Gathre mat probably folds up to a square that is 5×5 inches, maybe 1/2 inch thick? It’s compact. I think there is probably a lot more stuff I could throw in there if I were after being THE most prepared mom out there (Tylenol, etc?) — maybe I’m missing a bunch of stuff and I’ll regret not having it at some point!!

  3. This round up is so great. I always have a fear of looking like a bag lady when I have kids, but you have everything so neat and put together. I love all of this!

    1. Hehe! Thanks! I think the key is lots of compartments/pouches. I kinda feel like Mary Poppins sometimes!

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