What’s in My Beauty Shopping Cart.

By: Jen Shoop

Sharing some hyped beauty products I’ve already purchased and am currently testing, as well as a few I’m eyeing — I will provide honest reviews of everything I end up testing in a future post! (You can read past honest reviews here, here, and here, among others posts.) I’ve sprinkled in many of these beauty finds across a couple of different posts, but thought I’d put them all together here:

WHITE RABBIT COTTON FACE PADS. I’ve been a longtime devotee of good quality facial cotton and have used Shiseido for years now, but Nan Philip recommended this brand and I find her very authentic in her suggestions, so I’m willing to give it a test when I’m next out of cotton.

ELEMIS ROSE CLEANSING BALM. Had to give this one a shot in my nightly rotation!

ELF X JEN ATKIN LIP DUO. The gorgeous Courtney Grow raved about this $8 lip set, and I trust her!

ARTIS OVAL 6 BRUSH — REPLACEMENT! I was shocked and dismayed when my Artis brush literally snapped in two one afternoon. I am not sure what happened, but one minute I was swiping down against my face and the next, the head was on the floor! I decapitated it! I am not sure what to make of this. I must have been pressing way too hard? But anyway, I cannot go another day without this brush. I literally have no idea how I applied makeup before it. I find the six to be the most versatile, easy-to-use implement — I use for everything from foundation (when using) to blending concealer to applying blush. It is a dream. No other brush compares!

OLIO E OSSO SHAVE OIL. Grace Atwood loves this stuff! Sounds like a major shaving upgrade, in addition to Billie razors, which was one of my happiest discoveries last year. No longer worrying about when to buy razor blades = delightful.

ELTA MD DAILY FACIAL SUNSCREEN. I have used La Roche Posay’s fluid sunscreen for several years and I love it because it glides right into skin and layers beautifully beneath makeup, but I recently saw a couple of beauty bloggers poll their audiences about the best facial sunscreens and Elta MD came back as the clear winner! Going to try it when I’m due for a restock.

CLARINS V-FACIAL INTENSIVE MASK. Yet another Clarins product with a cult following — I’m already hooked on their serum and I adored their body tonic while pregnant.

SAIE GLOWY SUPER GEL HIGHLIGHTER. Anything for a little extra radiance. (I already use Westman Atelier’s Highlighting Stick every day, but on top of my makeup — it’s the last thing I apply over everything else, and I put it on the top of my cheekbones, under my brow, and on the tip of my nose. Je l’adore.) I’m very intrigued by this heavily-hyped brand!

SAIE MASCARA. So, so many of you have raved about this product. (It’s clean, too!)

SUPERGOOP GLOWSCREEN. Perfect for mornings when I am going for a run first-thing and want SPF and just a TINY bit of oomph.

OPALESCENCE WHITENING TRAYS. People rave about this whitening system!

FLORAL COSMETICS CASES. This shop just has the prettiest prints!

A couple of truly random items I am loving at Amazon that have made their way onto my list: a striped tee (for men, but looking to wear oversized), a pretty cheese knife set, truck books for my son, decorative playing cards, $21 blue and white striped blouse, blockprint napkins, and a jumbo pack of puffy stickers to preoccupy my daughter.

A propos of nothing: this gorgeous seashell caftan.

P.S. Ice cream moments.

P.P.S. Making peace with leaving New York as I know it.

P.P.P.S. What terms of endearment do you use for your loved ones?

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10 thoughts on “What’s in My Beauty Shopping Cart.

  1. I’m very curious about the Saie mascara (though I have been loving the Armani one you’ve recommended in the past — SO dramatic + good). Love the Glowy Super Gel when I want to look extra dewy!

    I’m also so intrigued by the Opalescence trays — have you tried? My teeth have been better since I gave up wine (!) but I still drink coffee every morning and think I can use an extra boost in this department, esp. as events start back up.

    I have been using Glossier’s Ultralip lipstick/balm hybrid lately (I have it in Portrait and Vesper) and have been loving it (and I was underwhelmed by Generation G, their original lipstick formula). Also still loving Milk Makeup’s chubby lip/cheek stick in Quickie, a berry shade.


    1. I know, will be hard for me to give up Armani to test something else…right now I actually have eyelash extensions (!). I treat myself exactly once a year to a “natural set” and it is kind of the best thing ever. You wake up and look AMAZING with zero effort. People are always like “you look amazing! what looks different about you…?” but can’t figure it out. The perfect discreet boost 🙂 But I only do it once a year because they totally destroy your lashes if you keep it up. Anyhow, after these are done, I want to try the Saie for a minute!

      Have not yet tried the trays but will report back when I do!


    2. Ohhh là là! So awesome! That sounds like something I would definitely consider for a special occasion, like a wedding … love that!

  2. The Elta MD sunscreen is incredible. It’s the only sunscreen my husband will wear. We’re big fans of this stuff over at our house!

  3. I have been looking for a good mascara for sometime now for my very sensitive eyes so, thanks to your recent post, I just ordered the Saie Mascara 101 and the lip gloss duo from their website. Cruelty free is an absolute must for me plus all of the chemicals and “junk” that others are putting in their cosmetics is getting scary. Thank you!

  4. Okay I have been so impressed by all the Saie products I’ve tried! All the natural mascaras I have tested out have been solidly meh but WOW the Saie one is fab. It delivers big volume and doesn’t flake. I’ve been experimenting with the Saie highlighter as a primer under tinted moisturizer and it is angelic. Excited to see how this brand grows!

  5. You will LOVE the Elta MD! I have been using it exclusively for years now and can’t try anything else. It is the only sunscreen I’ve ever tried without a smell, tint, or lingering shine.

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