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What You’re Shopping For: April 2022 Edition, Vol I.

By: Jen Shoop

*Image above via Sea featuring their Vienne dress.

Q: Small 2×3 entry rug.

A: This scalloped jute! Adorable and durable — won’t show dirt the same way fabric ones do. If you want something patterned, check out Annie Selke. She has the most fun patterns that aren’t too pricey. I love prints like this and this.

Q: I need more jackets/sweaters for spring/summer. I don’t have any go-toS. Maybe classic ones I can wear year after year?

A: A lightweight utility style like this will stand the test of time. I have one from J. Crew in an olive green (similar to one linked) that I’ve worn for like a decade straight. Alternately, a quilted jacket from Barbour is a forever piece that feels a bit dressier. I also love a raincoat — in spring/summer, you never know when you’ll be caught! I’ve lusted after the ones from Sutterheim forever, but you can get the look for less with this or this. For spring/summer cardigans, I shared some favorite transitional knits here, but the short list would be this Alex Mill! A great weight and comes in versatile colors. For more of an investment knit, consider Le Lion, Loewe, or Kilte.

I will say that I am totally itching to buy one of these trendy patchwork jackets from SEA or The Great (more picks along these lines here). I don’t know if you will agree, but the last few times I’ve taken a risk on a statement coat, I’ve appreciated my chutzpah down the road. I have this great fur trim utility jacket from Harvey Faircloth (RIP) that I worried would last me a season or two but I’ve worn it for years and years and still get compliments on it. If you love it, you love it! And very few people take big risks on statement outerwear, so you really stand out!

Q: Nice-looking summer sandals for an 18 mo old boy? Would you say fisherman style is most classic look, or something else? Basically, what would Prince George wear?

A: Haha — WWPGW? Well, my son wore these little Sun Sans in the brown color (I also love them in red or navy for boys) and I thought he looked absolutely adorable in them with his jon jons and rompers. I think I devised this look based on old pics of JFK Jr! He wore something similar back when he was a toddler. The Sun Sans are great because they are waterproof and have a pretty sturdy sole. These aren’t sandals, but the other summer shoes micro wore a lot at that age when I wanted him to look a little dressy/polished were Cienta t-straps in navy blue. I know for a fact Prince George wore these, too (and in the navy)!

Q: Dress/outfit for three upcoming work events that can hide #2 bump between weeks 8-13.

A: Congratulations! I’m not sure how dressy/conservative these events are. If they’re more buttoned-up, I would go for a boxy shift that sort of skims the body. I wore these to a few investor pitches while early into my pregnancy with mini and fundraising and got no comments! This Theory is a forever piece (I would wear it in white) and if you do start to show early, you can throw a big, bold scarf around your neck so it kind of flutters around your waist area. This and this are a bit more casual but would disguise a small bump the same way. If you feel a pattern is OK, I love this, this or this. If you’re looking for something on the dressier side, I love this and this. If things are a bit more casual/artsy in your industry, loose-fitting maxi dresses like the ones from Thierry Colson, Mirth, and Julia Amory nip in just under the bust but totally float over the belly and would be a great disguise. This caftan would also be great! Alternately, a long shirt dress that you can sash just under the bust might be good, like this, this, or this.

Q: Graduate school graduation dress – postponed two years so must be extra fabulous.

A: I just wore this festive dress in Charleston and was stopped a few times with people commenting on it! It is so unusual, punchy, fun, festive. Frankly any of her dresses would be appropriate! For something short, I keep coming back to this Reformation in the butterfly print — gorgeous and apt for a moment of transition like yours! Also adore this punchy Farm Rio and this happy Mille. Last but not least, I am in love with some of the youthful, cheery dresses from Pink City Prints, like this and this. They feel on-trend but nostalgic and they just have a different, more unique feel.

Q: White jeans.

A: I am jonesing for a pair of Rachel Comey Legion jeans or The Great Seafair jeans. For a different silhouette, I love Madewell’s Perfect Vintage fit styles, like this, and Khaite’s Abigail jeans enjoy something of a cult following. I also love these ankle flares.

Q: Engagement photo dresses $250 and under.

A: Congratulations! If you want to wear white, a few I love are this, this, and this. (And P.S. – I shared more white dresses in this post.). I also think this simple linen mini is timeless, classy perfection — like something Jackie O. might have worn with leather sandals. If you are more flexible on color, I still love this En Saison dress. So pretty in that pale blue (“something blue”)! I wrote about this above, but I keep coming back to this pretty dress — would be gorgeous in the floral. (Plus, personally, I like to wear sleeves in photographs!)

Q: Plane outfits.

A: Layering is key! In the warmer months, I really love to wear nap dresses because they hit at the right length (not dragging on the floor but still long enough to cover your legs), wear like a nightgown, and look adorable. Just layer with a cute cardigan (also love this and this) and pair with closed-toe shoes — I usually wear my Chanel flats (love this pink colorway), but also love these by Margaux. I also always pack a wrap/throw just in case things get really cold on the plane. I have been eyeing these ones from Alice Walk recently! For colder months, comfortable jeans (you know I love this pair from Madewell) with Chanel flats or sneakers (lots of cute sneaks here), a white tee or striped tee, and a sweater, and still the wrap/throw just in case!

Q: Dress to wear mommy and me among cherry blossoms. Hers is the yellow floral La Coqueta.

A: How adorable?! I would probably gravitate towards something yellow or pink in a bigger floral or solid color. This, this, or this could be really pretty if you’re more into yellow. If you’re leaning pink, I love this and this. Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns! I have always been thrilled by the result! Last but not least, this could work perfectly. The scale is a bit more similar which is a bit more risky (sometimes that can just look very busy — I find mixing patterns in different scales is more fool-proof), but I think the colors might work so well together.

Q: A formal clutch bag that goes with a silver satin gown.

A: Get thee to Asha! If you want to make a bigger investment in a cool heirloom-level piece that will be the talk of every party for the rest of your life: Olympia Le Tan!

Q: Toddler boy short/tee pajama sets.

A: We have really loved the ones from Lila + Hayes — micro actually wears these year-round! They are super soft, launder nicely, and are cut a bit looser than a lot of other styles — more like boxers on the bottom — but they aren’t over-long (hit above knee) so they look adorable. Moon and Back, Kissy Kissy, and Lake also have cute shorts sets for boys!

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14 thoughts on “What You’re Shopping For: April 2022 Edition, Vol I.

  1. Thank you so much for the dress options for graduation! I find people at my school took themselves too seriously and the CeliaB feels like the perfect amount of fun to stand out!

  2. Was going to ask for white jean recs so thank you to whoever asked that q and thank you for answering!!!

    If I may throw a question in for a future edition – I’m looking for sandals that are between dressy and everyday, with not too high of a heel (I’m 5’10” and not in the business of making myself taller!) I have hermes dupes that I wear to death over the summer but need something with a little more oomph for other days/evenings!

    1. Hi Molly! I am currently obsessed with these two pairs of sandals, both of which look far more expensive than their price tags suggest —

      A. Emery: — these look like they could be by Hermes or something. Just gorgeous and so sophisticated.

      Kaanas: — these are VERY similar to a VERY popular pair of strappy sandals by The Row that the fashion world went wild for…so cute with dresses or jeans

      Hope this helps!!


  3. Oh my! I just LOVE this “I have this great fur trim utility jacket from Harvey Faircloth (RIP) that I worried would last me a season or two but I’ve worn it for years and years and still get compliments on it”.
    I dream of that coat!

  4. Oh my gosh that sparkly Asha clutch is sooo beautiful! Thank you so much, it’s perfect for the dress I’m thinking of and I had never heard of this brand. Will be carrying to Oxford Polo Ball and Garsington Opera Festival.

    1. So chic — j’adore!! I feel like it will go with so much in your closet, even after wearing the silver gown! xx

  5. Great questions! I have one for the next post. Do you have a gift idea for a couple who was just married in Mallorca, Spain? It was the second marriage for both and in their 50’s.

    1. Hi Mel! I will add this to an upcoming shopping query post! Thanks for entrusting me with this!


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