What Words Do You Avoid?

By: Jen Shoop

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In 2023, I made a conscious effort to replace “but” with “and.” This was a micro-manifestation of a philosophy I’ve been cultivating in recent years: multiple things can be true at once. In a year I dedicated to “flow,” the substitution felt like a small linguistic way to make space for multiplicities in my every day life, and a meaningful step towards accepting that “not everything resolves to a fine point.”

I was astonished by how frequently I paused to correct myself, and how profound the small shift often felt. “But” denigrates, interrupts, and dismisses an often very valid first clause, e.g., “I feel frustrated by xyz, but it’s just the way things are.” Why not “I feel frustrated by xyz AND I understand that it’s the way things are”? In our true and feral inner worlds, we feel lots of things — often conflicting ones — at once. Why not embrace language in better parity with my authentic emotional life?

Back in my product design days, we often talked about fostering a “yes, and” mentality versus a “no, but” one. We borrowed the framework from improvisational comedy, in which comedians must build on what’s been said before such that the scene can continue to unfold and evolve, often by literally saying, “yes, and…!” When we’d brainstorm together as a product team, we’d censor any “no, buts” from the conversation in order to foster a more generative, playful, collaborative environment — and the result was often stunning.

Something small but parallel often took shape when I’d replace “but” with “and” in everyday conversation. It almost felt like I was granting myself micro-permissions. Whenever I’d swap “and” for “but,” it was like saying: “Yes, you can feel that way,” or “no, you don’t need to reform or revise your first reaction.” The shift invited true ampersand thinking: a language of abundance, and “both-ness.”

Try it on tomorrow and see what you think.

What other words have you trained yourself to avoid? Why?


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14 thoughts on “What Words Do You Avoid?

  1. Late to the game here, but “these ones” is a wording pet peeve of mine. Once someone pointed it out to me, I started hearing it everywhere (I’m almost sorry to share it!). Every time I hear or see it, I want to shout “just say these!”

    1. UGH, their products are always spendy but so good. I happily splurge on the floss, and now we use their toothbrushes too…


  2. Not a word so much, but the reply ‘of course’ versus ‘you are welcome’. I’m not certain why this presents such a pet peeve. Think it may be from associating with an individual who used it often in a way that felt less genuine and almost condescending. I have such an aversion to the expression and avoid using it as part of my vocabulary.

    1. 100% — Landon read this comment out loud to me and said how much he agreed. We are also really conscious of saying “thank you” instead of “no problem” when someone apologizes. Really important to do in front of our kids, too — so meaningful to accept the apology with earnestness and gratitude versus brush it off / act like it doesn’t matter.


  3. ‘”THAT” and “JUST”. I am conscious when I use these words. I tend to overuse them and often a substitute will better refine the meaning I am after.
    While we’re on the subject of words, a big thank you for expanding my vocabulary over the years. I find myself frequently looking up a word you’ve used after reading your posts. Then I will try to use the word in conversation or in my writing to solidify it in my brain. It’s fun and it makes a difference!

    1. Aw, thank you so much! I do the same thing when I find a new word I love!

      “That” and “just” — totally agree!


    1. Same! I’m trying to replace “should” with “might.” (I SHOULD fold the laundry vs. I MIGHT fold the laundry…) “Might” feels more flexible and and short-circuits my internal voices of pressure and judgement surrounding any given decision.

      1. Love this replacement, and the notion of “short-circuiting my internal voices of pressure and judgment.” Amen! xx

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