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Weekend Vibes: Widening the Margins

By: Jen Shoop

My Latest Snag: A Look-for-Less Hunza G.

This past week, I ordered both Hunza G’s Xandra bikini and this $36 similar Amazon style, and I actually ended up returning the Hunza G and keeping the Amazon! Here’s why: I preferred the weave/material of the Hunza G, which felt slightly more supportive and contouring, but I am just not comfortable in a lower rise, cheekier bottom. I think the lower rise / cheekier rear can be counterintuitively more flattering, but I kept asking myself: “Will I just be adjusting these all the time while swimming with the kids / helping them order their milkshakes / etc?” I decided the answer was yes. Perhaps if I were vacationing somewhere with my husband, I might pack it, but I knew I wouldn’t get much wear out of it at the pool with the children this summer. The Amazon pair, by contrast, has a very similar look, but the material is slightly stretchier/looser and the waist goes up much higher. I feel better-covered in it.

I want to provide a counterpoint, though: I know many Magpies swear by the Xandra and I do think, when I reviewed pictures of myself, that it made me look good! One Magpie said it doesn’t “dig in and accentuate problem areas,” and I know what she meant! It kind of lays on top of your body in a nice way without cutting in anywhere.

You can see the difference below — the first two higher-waisted ones are the Amazon pair, and the second two lower rise ones are Hunza G. BTW, it’s vaguely mortifying to share swimsuit photos of myself but ILY and I’ll embarrass myself to give you a realistic picture of the fit.

Also, I was kind of obsessed with the outfit I put together here. I’m wearing this linen button-down and these wide-leg crops (I truly love them) with my silver birks (a bestseller this week!)

This Week’s Bestsellers.

blog bestsellers magpie


*Full review of this book here. What did you think?

**See how I styled this jacket here.

Weekend Musings: Widening the Margins.

Earlier this week, I was lamenting to a friend about the particular density of admin tasks these past few weeks — so many end-of-year celebrations calling for logisticizing and running out for cupcakes and ensuring swimsuits are packed and new goggles are ordered; imminent camps with myriad forms and labyrinthine requirements; summer activities calling for new gear to be purchased from niche storefronts; guests asking for details! All an abundance of riches, of course, and I frequently remind myself: “I get to do these things.” But you know how it is: you’ll be barely doggy paddling through your day, just keeping your head above water, and you receive the fifth email from your child’s school/camp/program letting you that you need very specific gear for this week’s activities, or a form signed by your physician, and you absolutely lose your mind. In my case, I was particularly fixated on discovering that I’d need to purchase my children gear for their upcoming week-long camp. I had read the paperwork thoroughly (I’d thought) and had seen no mention of this, and had assumed the gear would be lent them to the children. It was the straw the broke the camel’s back. For some reason, I was overwhelmed by this particular task: I was dreading going to Dick’s or whatever sporting good store is closest to us and fretting over when I might take the children between this week’s camp and evening commitments, an event we’re hosting this weekend (and related prep — trips to various markets I’d already meticulously shoe-horned into the day between drop-offs and pick-ups), and Father’s Day plans.

I was commiserating with my girlfriend on this front when I realized: I need to widen my margins. If buying sports gear for my children is sending me over the edge, I need to drop or simplify a few things. After all, it’s exciting to have the chance to introduce my children to new things! I know they’ll love it! I’m fortunate we get to do these things! What was wrong with me?

So — what does it mean, to widen the margins?

It means saying no to anything I can this week. It means ordering the gear for delivery. It means rescheduling a routine check-up for a week later. It means ordering dinner. It means putting more money in the meter than I think I’ll need, or rounding up when estimating how long I think a task will take, just so I’m feeling less breathless moving between my daily tasks. It means asking for help. It means forgiving myself when I missed the 6:49 a.m. email that let me know I should send my children in to camp that day wearing swimsuits. (“It looked so fun!” whined my daughter, who was unable to participate in the water play because I’d not seen the email. “I know, and we’ll remember on Thursday. Will you help me get your suit out now?”)

How do you widen the margins? Any suggestions?

Shopping Break.

+This Rails sundress is SO pretty. If you look up close, you’ll notice it’s patterned eyelet! So sweet.

+These black raffia sandals are ridiculously chic.

+FUN pants.

+This tint is a “color corrector” that you can use on dark spots, hyper-pigmentation, dark circles under eyes, etc. VERY intrigued.

+Ordering this gorgeous structured/belted LBD. WOW. Love it so much.

+A great $13 pool cover-up — it’s a gauzey material!

+This chic wine bucket is MELAMINE. So smart for outdoor dining / pool / etc! Cute gift.

+These sunglasses look much more expensive than they are — under $50!

+I mentioned these freezable snack packs earlier this week but I’m really impressed with them! You can collapse them and then place in freezer overnight, and then fill with your child’s snacks. We’ve been using them for summer camp, filling with yogurt pouches, cut fruit, etc, and it’s so nice to know they won’t be HOT by the time the children sit down to snack! I also bought these ice packs for their lunch boxes.

+Love this heart tag necklace from Dorsey.

+Cute oversized beach towel.

+A great backpack for #momlife. I wore my backpack A LOT when my children were younger and I needed to be able to hold one toddler’s hand and push the other in a stroller.

+Love this colorblocked sweatshirt.

+Just bought a couple of little organizational tools for my daughter, including this headband organizer and this art caddy. I’m trying to find an appropriately sized bin for her growing collection of LOL Surprise Dolls…

+Fun beverage dispenser for a summer gathering.

+I love mascara so much. This one is currently on its way to me.

+Another Zara slam dunk.

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8 thoughts on “Weekend Vibes: Widening the Margins

  1. My husband and I frequently lament at how narrow our margins are. We refer to it as everything being held together by scotch tape and chewed up gum. One thing goes wrong – a sick visit to the pediatrician, a forgotten lunchbox, a babysitter canceling – and the whole thing falls apart. The only solution I’ve found for this is to ask for more outside help. Local grandparents are a godsend and have saved us practically weekly in the last few months. I am hoping that as our children grow, these margins naturally widen!

    1. I think you are right — margins will naturally widen when there aren’t so many discrete, tiny tasks and moving parts to stay on top of. When they are young, the needs and cycles of those needs are SO dense.

      I feel the same way. Sometimes a random wrench in plans will completely throw me for a loop! Solidarity!!


  2. I love this post! I noticed the link failed to work for the colorblocked sweatshirt and gingham rug. Do you mind sharing? Thanks!

    1. Agree – you look great! Gold star for bravely posting swimsuit pics. I too cannot get onboard with a “cheeky” cut. I actually LOVED the cut of that white suit from 1998 that you used the other day. Modern swimwear designers, take note!!

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